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Finding optimum oil and gas sites with 40Geo drifting data buoys

40Geo captures geographical information from hard-to-reach areas with drifting data buoys to aid decisions about when and where to situate oil and gas operations. Using the RockBLOCK 9602, the team can extract close to real-time data under any circumstances, unaffected by location, weather or cellular coverage.


November 23, 2022

How RockBLOCK helps deliver medical care via drone

Cancer patients on the Isle of Wight, located just off the south coast of the UK, sometimes experience issues in receiving their chemotherapy treatment. Transporting the chemotherapy via drone – using the RockBlock technology – reduces the transport time to 30 minutes.


October 12, 2022

Why it’s time to get TSAT secure

Most power utility, oil and gas and water management companies have approximately 10-20% of remote sites that are ‘off grid’. These sites reach beyond traditional cellular and fibre connectivity and require an alternative, reliable, satellite-based solution.. TSAT’s private satellite network is the optimal solution for highly secure, remote monitoring, controlling, and surveillance of smart power grids.


August 3, 2022

Effortless cloud-based fleet tracking with v2track

When you combine the tracking and communication capabilities of the RockAIR, RockSTAR and RockFLEET devices with V2Track’s innovative and constantly improved software solution, you have an end-to-end solution for fleet tracking, anywhere in the world.


July 18, 2022

Satellite-Enabled Tsunami Early Warning System

As a critical communications network, there was never any question that ASC’s early warning system would need to utilise satellite connectivity, both for the coverage requirements and network reliability. Commercial terrestrial power and communications networks tend to perform poorly in a disaster – either through overuse or damage to their infrastructure.

Scene of Thai beach at sunset


July 1, 2022

Enhanced real-time tracking and communications with TracPlus

TracPlus is the trusted real-time tracking and communication platform used by first responders, government agencies, militaries, and other critical operators around the world. Their platform has been developed to deliver situational awareness to first responders, irrespective of who owns the asset, what the asset is, who provides the tracking, or what the platform or signal type is – be it radio, cellular or satellite.


February 4, 2022

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