IsatData Pro Terminals

Inmarsat IsatData Pro (IDP) is a message-based satellite IoT service. It’s a highly cost-effective
way of sending and receiving small amounts of IoT data; ideal for fixed IoT applications such as
Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Renewables, Agriculture, and Environmental Monitoring.

It’s unaffected by weather conditions, and IDP terminals draw very little power, running on
battery power for several years. IDP is a low latency (15-60 seconds) service with almost global
coverage; only the polar regions are not served.


Bytes Send


Bytes Receive


Seconds Latency*

*Depending on message size


IsatData Pro (IDP) Coverage

Inmarsat’s satellites are positioned in geostationary orbit. At 35,786 Km up, they move at the same speed as the Earth rotates, so appear stationary to us – hence the name! At this distance, they can ‘see’ a lot of the Earth’s surface, so a small number of satellites are needed to provide close to global coverage. Inmarsat currently operate six satellites, which deliver coverage everywhere with the exception of the polar regions.

There are several benefits of GEO satellites. Once you’re connected to the satellite, if your asset isn’t moving around, the connection will be extremely stable. If it *is* moving around, you will need an auto-pointing or omni-directional antenna that can adjust to your asset’s position relative to the satellite. The devices we’ve featured on this page have omni-directional antennae built in.

GEO services tend to be lower cost than comparative LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite airtime plans, so it’s often a very cost-effective option.

IDP Coverage Map

Benefits of IsatData Pro (IDP)

IDP is a message-based airtime service, which is a very cost-effective way of using the space segment. Utilizing the tried and trusted Inmarsat satellite network, it's secure, reliable, and scalable.

Talk to our team if you'd like some advice on whether IDP is the best satellite airtime service for your requirements; we have 20 years' experience in satellite IoT, and we're here to help.

99.9% Service Availability

Inmarsat IsatData Pro utilizes the L-band radio frequency, which is licensed (so you don't have to worry about congestion slowing down transmissions), and unaffected by weather conditions.

Low Operating Costs

IDP ensures predictable data usage with minimal overhead, pooling data within each rate plan to avoid unexpected costs. There's great flexibility for IoT solutions, scaling from initial pilots to large deployments.

Energy Efficient Terminals

As a message-based service, IDP is event-driven, which means it's not only low cost (sending only what you need, when you need it), it also draws much less power than 'always on' solutions.

15-60 Second Latency

Latency - the time it takes for the message to leave the terminal and travel via the satellite to your server - is just 15-60 seconds with IDP - depending on the message size. This is very fast for a GEO satellite network!

Broad Coverage

Inmarsat's satellite network covers most of the planet, with only the polar regions excluded. This means you can access the service without roaming charges, as long as you have line of sight to a satellite.

Comparing Satellite IoT Connectivity

It’s tricky to compare airtime services because so much depends on how much data you need to send, but as a rough guide, we’ve put together the following comparison points. Get in touch if you’d like any help deciding what will work best for you.

Inmarsat IDP
Iridium SBD
Iridium Certus 100
Inmarsat BGAN M2M
Connection Type:
Typical Connection Speed:
6.4 / 10 kB per Message
270 / 320 B per Message
22 / 88 Kbps
448 / 464 Kbps
Satellite Orbit:
Geo-stationary (GEO)
Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
Geo-stationary (GEO)
Very Low
Very Low
Total Cost of Ownership:
Very Low
Power Usage:
Very Low
Very Low
Connection Frequency:
On Demand
On Demand
Frequently Connected
Frequently Connected
Great For:
Small amounts of data from individual sensors
Very small amounts of data from individual sensors
Fixed or mobile IoT applications which require IP connection
Fixed IoT applications with larger amounts of data to transfer via an IP connection

How can we help?

If you’re developing a remote IoT application and need to explore your connectivity options, Ground Control can help. We design and build our own satellite IoT hardware and services platform, Cloudloop, and work with trusted third parties when they have a great product, like the Orbcomm devices we’ve featured on this page.

We can offer you expert, impartial advice on the best satellite network and device for your requirements. Just complete the form or email, and we’ll come back to you within one working day.

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