+1 Local Phone Numbers for Iridium Satellite & Certus Phones

+1 Local Phone Numbers for Iridium Satellite Phones + Certus Phones

Also Worldwide Local Phone Numbers Available – For All Iridium Phones From Any Iridium Provider

Iridium +1 local number service is $9.50 USD a month and $1.99 per minute (US-based phone number).

Which Countries Have Local Number Service With Iridium

Argentine Republic, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Slovak Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the US.

All incoming calls to an Iridium satellite phone are free. However, the calling party will be paying expensive international calling rates if they’re even able to call an international number. Many phone providers simply block international calls if there’s no international plan in place.

As such, it shouldn’t be hard to see why adding a local number to a satellite phone is necessary – especially if the subscriber intends to receive calls from parties that may be potentially blocked with their phone provider.

All Iridium satellite phones have large, somewhat intimidating international numbers. They look like this: 011-881-772520732. Broken up, the 011 is the prefix for making an international call, the 881 is the ‘country code’ of all iridium satellite phones, and the actual phone number is the last 9 digits. Altogether, the entire phone number is an intimidating 15 digits long.

The advantages of having a +1 local number:

  • This number is seen as a typical, a non-intimidating US phone number (and now other countries too).
  • Callers won’t have trouble calling because their phone provider ‘blocks’ international calls.
  • Callers are not charged international rates, only standard long-distance charges.
  • Subscribers may still offer the Iridium number for those they don’t wish to provide their local number.
  • A web interface lets you point the local number to any satellite phone at any time.
  • The web interface provides access to detailed call records, and you can set up auto-reports.
  • Management tools let you add any number of satellite phones to the account.
  • You can use your cell phone number and receive calls over satellite using call forwarding.