Iridium GO! GPS Tracking

The Iridium GO boasts an impressive feature – its built-in GPS tracking system. With just a click of the Quick GPS send button in the Iridium GO App, users can transmit their GPS coordinates to any email or text address. Alternatively, users can choose to have the device transmit its current location at pre-set intervals, ranging from every five minutes to once a week.

To configure the recipients who will receive the GPS tracking information, users can simply enter in a browser connected to the Iridium GO, including a laptop, and log in using the credentials “guest” for both the username and password. From there, they can click on the “Location Options” tab to access the GPS tracking options offered by Iridium GO Mapping solutions. Click on the ‘Location Options‘ tab and the Iridium GO GPS tracking options are shown:


Two GPS Options – Quick GPS and Tracking

Quick GPS recipients are those who’ll be notified when the ‘Quick GPS’ button is pressed inside of the Iridium GO application. Below is the Iridium GO main screen and the Quick GPS send button.


Auto-GPS tracking recipient is the second GPS option and the most powerful. This option enables auto-tracking, where the Iridium GO transmits its location every five minutes (or other frequency chosen). In this setting, there’s only one recipient email or one texting phone number that can be entered.

With either the Quick GPS or tracking is activated or active, the email from the Iridium GO will look like this:

Subject: SMS from
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 00:42:36 +0000
I am here Lat+35.505917 Lon-120.692330 Alt+1147ft GPS Sats seen 07 Sent via Iridium GO!

Clicking on the link above takes you to the Iridium page that shows you the below image.


Maritime Iridium GO Tracking & Mapping

For about $33 a month, you can purchase a subscription to to track your vessel in any ocean anywhere on the planet. also offers a host of other features such as forcasting maps, Ispobar maps, forcasting alerts among a few. Using the low-cost Iridium GO Unlimited SMS and Data Plan, detailed vessel tracking and mapping is now an affordable resource to all.

For more information on PredictWind, please visit their website at If you order, please let them know Ground Control sent you.

Another Iridium GO option for tracking is TRACKAmap for $144 a year or $25 a month (as of April 2023). For more information and to purchase the service, please visit their website at

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