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Snowmobile clubs: upgrading tracking and messaging solutions

Snowmobiling is a cherished pastime for many Canadians, made possible by dedicated volunteers working tirelessly to groom the trails. Here’s how these volunteers are tracked and fairly compensated for their invaluable efforts.

Snowmobile tracks in Canada

September 7, 2023

Ocean-based carbon removal to combat climate change

How Running Tide is leveraging satellite IoT – specifically, the RockBLOCK 9603 – to move carbon from the fast carbon cycle to the slow carbon cycle, helping to combat climate change.

Running Tide Carbon Capture Buoy

July 19, 2023

RockBLOCK Plus empowers monitoring of distressed vessels

Discover how Barnacle Systems revolutionizes the monitoring of abandoned and wrecked vessels with their BRNKL Rapid Deploy units, equipped with the reliable RockBLOCK Plus satellite connectivity.

RockBLOCK Plus deployed on a hazardous vessel

July 18, 2023

How satellite-connected sensors are aiding precision farming in Kenya

Agritech company Synnefa is transforming productivity and reducing waste in farms across Kenya through comprehensive sensor data collection and analysis. Here’s how satellite IoT is helping expand their reach.

Synnefa Farm Shield

February 24, 2023

BGAN M2M’s role in soil moisture monitoring to help combat climate change

As well as optimum vegetation and crop management through soil moisture monitoring, measuring soil moisture also helps to inform our understanding of how the natural environment responds to climate change. Here’s how the BGAN M2M service is supporting this initiative.

Sourhope Soil Moisture Measurement with BGAN M2M

February 9, 2023

Real-time oceanic and meteorological telemetry with RockREMOTE

MTE’s Viking Buoy has been deployed across North America to deliver maritime IoT insights for the scientific research community. Here’s how upgrading to the RockREMOTE and Certus 100 service has helped further their mission.

Viking Data Buoy

January 16, 2023

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