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SCADASat provides a private satellite network operating a direct communication channel between a process control center and remote locations, specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the SCADA and utility industries.

By locating a private TSAT3500 HUB at a control centre, complete independence of any public infrastructure is obtained, and secure and reliable communication is assured.

Private Satellite Network for SCADA Applications

TSAT’s highly unique private satellite network solution features an industry leading mini VSAT hub that is specifically engineered to support mission critical applications (SCADA / Telemetry) in the energy and utility markets. The ruggedized and utility hardened-hardware is designed to provide years of reliable operation in remote locations and harsh environments.

The new SCADASat by TSAT solution – the TSAT 3500 – comes in three variants: a desktop version, 1u rack mounted, and an outdoor option.

  • Dedicated, low-cost VSAT HUB
  • Compliant with legacy and IP SCADA protocols
  • Ideal for a range of SCADA and Telemetry applications
  • Flexible, scalable configurations.

Low Capital Investment and Scalability

The SCADASat solution is the lowest cost for establishing a private satellite network specifically engineered for SCADA and M2M telemetry making it suitable for even small single-site installations. There will be room to grow to any size over time on the initial equipment.

The SCADASat solution uses spectrum and bandwidth resources efficiently, so that recurring costs are minimized. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the SCADASat is low, making this a viable option even for single-site installations, with the ability to scale up as needed.

  • Ultimate in security – a closed “private” satellite network
  • Satellite bandwidth efficient – fixed low communication cost
  • Network management tools designed for SCADA and M2M
  • Data rates supported from 8kbps to 832kbps
  • Modular and scalable to meet network requirements
  • Integrates with existing TCP-IP and Serial SCADA M2M devices
  • Provides a fully routed IP Infrastructure supporting Peer to Peer connections
  • Enhanced security – 256 AES encryption (option)
  • Cyber secure feature set: VLAN (Virtual LAN) support, file system encryption, secure Linux login to avoid unauthorized access, SW/FW upgrade over-satellite authentication
  • Easily upgrade from existing private wire / LTE network
  • Own and control your own network and satellite segment
  • Topology: Star (FDD) and Mesh (TDD)
  • Data transmission speeds: 8kbps to 832kbps
  • Frequency range: L-band 950-2150MHz
  • Power supply: BUC +24V, 3A max; LNB 18V, 0.5A max
  • Serial interfaces: RS232, 422 or 485, 1 x USB-C; 2 x DB9 for hub and 19” remote; 1 x RJ45 for desktop remote with 2 serial ports
  • Network interfaces: 2 x RJ45 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): Hub and 19” remote – 177mm x 482.6mm x 44mm / Desktop remote – 177m x 133mm x 44mm
  • Operating temperature: 0° to +50°C
  • Power supply: Hub and 19” remote – 24 to 48VDC / Desktop remote – 24VDC from 100-240VAC/50-60Hz power adapter
  • QoS: DSCP – DiffServ (differentiated services) based IP prioritization
  • VoIP: Extended and verified multi-simultaneous IP voice-calls over satellite (including RT-to-RT calls)
  • Roll-off factor: The 3500 is extended to support roll-off down to 0.1 (previously 0.3), which allows for more effective use of space segment
  • BoD: Extended to configure max/min throughput, as well as dynamic adaption to actual throughput.
  • TCP, UDP, RIP, ICMP, ROHC, GRE, Static Routes, ACL, IPv4
  • Circuit switched
  • Leased line, dial-up and multidrop (grouping)
  • RP570, ADPL 180, Comli, Sinaut S1, Modbus RTU/IP/ASCI, DNP-3.0, WITS, Serck Proteus
  • IEC-60870-101 and 104, IEC-61850 etc.

SCADASat complies with IEC 61850 standards and AES-256 encryption and authentication. Further, it’s isolated from the Internet or any other network. A SCADASat satellite network rides over a dedicated space-segment of one or more satellites for redundant fail-over reliability, including remote-site to remote-site (point-to-point) mesh type communication.

Cyber security features include: VLAN (Virtual LAN) support, file system encryption, secure Linux login to avoid unauthorized access, and SW/FW upgrade over-satellite authentication.

Powerful Network Management Tools

Windows based Graphical User Interfaces allow for easy network administration and diagnostic tools for SCADA and M2M telemetry.

Client HQ Teleport Dish

Talk to us about your critical telemetry needs

The SCADASat solution is intended for critical infrastructure where the telemetry provided is essential for operations. Having a primary or secondary connectivity solution independent of any public infrastructure, which is as secure and reliable as connectivity solutions get, has been a game-changer for many of our customers.

To talk through your particular requirements, please call or email us, or complete the form; we will provide objective, expert advice based on 20+ years of delivering remote connectivity.