BGAN M2M Equipment

For IP SCADA and M2M applications

Delivered by Inmarsat's L-band satellite network, BGAN M2M ensures seamless monitoring
and control of assets, in even the most remote areas. From gigabytes to megabytes, diverse
data volumes are supported via a variety of rugged, small form factor terminals.


Empowering Businesses with BGAN M2M

Energy & Utilities

Telemetry SCADA, smart grid and metering, remote control of devices and systems, grid monitoring


Monitoring – environmental conditions, weather stations and floods, forest fire detection

Oil & Gas

Well head and pipeline monitoring, telemetry, remote diagnostics, off-shore connectivity

First Responders

Emergency response communications, remote surveillance, mobile connectivity for field operations


BGAN M2M Coverage Map

With global coverage provided by four geostationary satellites, BGAN M2M ensures uninterrupted connectivity worldwide, excluding extreme polar regions. This store-and-forward L-band satellite service, supports near real-time visibility of critical data with latency as low as 800 milliseconds.

Designed for long-term machine-to-machine (M2M) usage, delivering reliable two-way IP data connectivity, BGAN M2M boasts an impressive 99.9% uptime. With remote terminal management capabilities, lightweight yet robust hardware, and standard IP connectivity, BGAN-M2M is a seamless plug-and-play solution for a wide range of M2M and IoT applications.

More Details on BGAN M2M Coverage

BGAN M2M Service Plans and Pricing

For more information about our BGAN M2M Service Plans, please visit our dedicated BGAN M2M airtime page.

1 MB
2 MB
5 MB
10 MB
15 MB
20 MB
Price Per Month (USD):
Included Data:
1 MB
2 MB
5 MB
10 MB
15 MB
20 MB
Activation Fee (USD):
Overage Fee per MB:
Minimum Contract Term:
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month

Benefits of BGAN M2M Service

Looking for the perfect IoT connectivity solution? Discover the advantages of BGAN M2M and find out if it's the right fit for your needs; likewise, please reach out for expert advice.

IP-Based for Easy Integration

BGAN-M2M offers seamless integration with standard IP connectivity, enabling "plug and play" for a wide range of conventional M2M and IoT applications and devices. With simple set up and speeds of up to 448kbps, BGAN-M2M powers robust data transmission.

Unrivalled Reliability

Built upon Inmarsat's L-band satellite network, BGAN M2M offers 99.9% uptime, everywhere - except extreme polar regions. In addition to L-band carrying limited amount of information compared to capacity Ka-band and Ku-band, it is also far more resilient to weather conditions, ensuring better stability.

Cost-Effective and Flexible

Every third-party device we ship undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its functionality and comes equipped with the latest firmware. Additionally, our team is available to provide assistance, whether in-person or remotely, for site selection and installation needs.

Product Testing and Installation

We test every third party device we send out to make sure it's working, and it has the latest firmware installed. We can also help you in-person or remotely with site selection and installation.

Cloudloop Platform and Applications

Cloudloop empowers you with complete control over your devices and data. With user-friendly APIs and an intuitive online platform, it streamlines the management of your data, devices, and subscriptions, making it easier than ever before to manage your costs.

Expertise and Support

Our expertise in solving complex IoT problems in a cost-efficient manner has earned us the trust of our clients. According to our 2022 customer survey, 66% of our customers rated our customer support as above or well above average.

Comparing Satellite IoT Connectivity

Comparing airtime services can be a bit tricky since it largely depends on how much data you want to send. But to give you a rough idea, we’ve gathered some comparison points for you to consider. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance in figuring out what option suits you best.

Iridium SBD
Iridium Certus 100
Inmarsat BGAN M2M
Connection Type:
Typical Connection Speed:
270 / 320B per Message
22 / 88 Kbps
448 / 464 Kbps
Satellite Orbit:
Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
Very Low
Very Low
Total Cost of Ownership:
Very Low
Power Usage:
Very Low
Connection Frequency:
On Demand
Frequently Connected
Frequently Connected
Great For:
Very small amounts of data from individual sensors
Fixed or mobile IoT applications which require IP connection
Fixed IoT applications with larger amounts of data to transfer via an IP connection


How does BGAN M2M handle data transmission and what are the data rates?

BGAN M2M utilizes a network of four geostationary satellites to handle data transmission. This two-way IP data service enables reliable and secure communication between remote M2M devices and the central server or control center. Operating on a store-and-forward principle, BGAN M2M collects data from remote devices, stores it in the terminal, and then transmits it to the central server or control center via satellite. This ensures reliable data delivery, even in areas with intermittent or unstable connectivity.

Data rates and volume vary based on the selected terminal, but BGAN M2M can achieve standard IP data speeds up to 492kbps with latency as low as 800 milliseconds; and streaming speeds from 32bps to 800kbps with BGAN HDR.

What power supply and installation requirements should be considered for BGAN M2M devices?

BGAN M2M devices are designed to operate with minimal power consumption, but a stable power source is essential. Depending on the specific device and application, power supply options can include direct connection to a power outlet, battery power, or solar solutions. When choosing a BGAN M2M terminal, it is important to consider the power requirements of the device to ensure the terminal aligns with the available power capacity or your able to implement appropriate power management strategies. For instance, the Hughes 9502 consumes only 3W during transmission, while the Cobham Explorer 323 requires 27W.

In addition to power supply, it is crucial to consider environmental factors during installation. BGAN M2M devices are built to withstand harsh conditions, but businesses should take into account factors such as temperature, humidity, and potential physical hazards. For optimal performance, the installation must confirm unobstructed line-of-sight to one of Inmarsat’s I-4 satellites. This may involve mounting the BGAN M2M terminals and/or antennas on poles or buildings.

If you have specific questions or require assistance with power supply and installation considerations for your BGAN M2M deployment, email for impartial advice.

What IoT use cases benefit from BGAN M2M connectivity?

Simply, BGAN M2M is an ideal solution for robust and dependable machine-to-machine connectivity in remote and challenging environments. With the ability to handle data volumes ranging from megabytes to gigabytes, BGAN M2M caters to a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:
• IP SCADA for data backhaul
• Telemetry SCADA
• Pipeline and compression monitoring
• Well site automation
• SmartGrid, smart metering and recloser control
• Railways for trackside monitoring and crossings
• Fixed and mobile monitoring for remote video surveillance, telemetry and tracking
• Road signage
• Weather and environmental monitoring
• Out-of-band management to primary site communications

For real world examples, read our case studies leveraging the BGAN M2M service here.

Is it possible to integrate BGAN M2M devices with existing IoT platforms or systems?

Yes, BGAN M2M devices can be easily integrated with existing IoT infrastructure. Devices support standard IP connectivity, making it straightforward to establish communication with other IoT devices and systems. They can transmit and receive data using common IoT protocols such as MQTT or HTTP, enabling interoperability and data exchange with your existing infrastructure.

BGAN M2M terminals provide a simple Ethernet interface for connecting to a machine/device or IoT gateway, and depending on your security requirements, inter-connectivity can also be achieved – using a cloud-based service, VPN or even custom APNs.

To explore the possibilities and discuss your unique setup and requirements in detail, please reach out to us at Our knowledgeable Architecture Team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

How does BGAN M2M ensure data transmission security and encryption?

Ground Control enhances the inherent security of satellite data traffic by providing multiple layers of additional protection for our BGAN M2M subscribers. Our security measures include firewall controls, data encryption, VPNs, and the option for private network solutions through MPLS installation or leased-lines.

To find out more, simply visit our BGAN M2M Network Security and BGAN M2M Firewall Traffic Rules pages.

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