BGAN Standard Plus Pricing

BGAN Standard+ is the affordable BGAN Internet service! Standard+ is our most popular plan is available to all BGAN terminals and avoids the high internet service costs from traditional BGAN plans where costs are about $5 per MB transferred.

BGAN Standard+ Tiered Pricing – Usage Only Billing – Annual Plan


The Standard+ Tiered Pricing Annual Plan never suspends unless the subscriber requests a usage cap on each month to stay below a maximum monthly bill. The most that can be charged in any month for internet service is $4,145 USD, but many request the cap be set at 1 Gigabyte or 5 Gigabytes so that the monthly bill is never more than $1,135 or $2,145 respectively. This is the BGAN plan to choose when transferring a lot of data since the per-MB cost is far lower than Standard BGAN service that averages about $5 USD per MB transferred. On Standard+, the cost per MB can be below $0.15 cents per MB.

Standard+ plans bill the subscriber a fixed rate on the tiers below for total usage over 20 MBs during any calendar month resetting on the last day at 11:59:59 PM GMT (A calendar month is January, February, March, etc.). The Standard+ plan’s base-rate of $63 is paid annually the first year ($756) and then goes month-to-month at $63/month thereafter. Service includes 20 MB each calendar month. If over 20 MB are used during any calendar month, Ground Control will bill the subscriber a fixed flat-rate at one of these tiered levels below:


  • Usage from 0 Megabytes to 20 Megabytes in a month is included in the $63 monthly subscription fee
  • Total monthly usage from 20 to 100 MBs billed at $245 USD or $2.45 per MB with 100 MBs used (Tier 1)
  • Total monthly usage from 100 to 250 MBs billed at $420 USD or $1.68 per MB with 250 MBs used (Tier 2)
  • Total monthly usage from 250 to 500 MBs billed at $695 USD or $1.39 per MB with 500 MBs used (Tier 3)
  • Total monthly usage from 500 to 1,000 MBs billed at $1,135 USD or $1.13 per MB with 1,000 MBs used (Tier 4)
  • Total monthly usage from 1,000 to 5,000 MBs billed at $2,145 USD or $0.43 per MB with 5,000 MBs used (Tier 5)
  • Total monthly usage from 5,000 to 10,000 MBs billed at $2,795 USD or $0.30 per MB with 10,000 MBs used (Tier 6)
  • Total monthly usage from 10,000 to Unlimited Use is billed at $4,145 USD (Tier 7).

The maximum monthly charge using Standard+ Internet would be tier 7 or $4,145 USD. Tiers are NOT combined. The monthly Internet usage can only fall into one tier (above 20 MBs). You may CAP monthly maximum usage at 500 MB or a greater tier so as not to enter a higher tier for fixed costs. Please let us know. A security deposit up to $4,000 may be required on this plan (see additional plan details below).

Standard+ plans are ideal for heavy users, as well as emergency use when service is really needed some months, but other months where service is not used don’t see (much of) a bill. Public service agencies as well as many organizations and professionals can predict fixed costs and have a reliable non-suspending Internet and Phone anytime.

Additional BGAN Standard Plus Service Plans

Multi-Month Quarterly
Multi-Month BiAnnually
Multi-Month Annually
Pricing (USD):
$12,640.00 for 3 months' use
$23,337.00 for 6 months' use
$42,949.00 for 12 months' use
Included Data:
Overage Fees:
Standard+ 500 MB
Standard+ 1 GB
Standard+ 5 GB
Standard+ 10 GB
Standard+ Unlimited Internet Use
Pricing Per Month (USD):
$1,350.00 ($2.70 per MB)
$1,660.00 ($1.66 per MB)
$2,625.00 ($0.52 per MB)
$3,269.00 ($0.33 per MB)
Included Data:
500 MB per month
1 GB per month
5 GB per month
10 GB per month
Minimum Contract Term:
1 month
1 month
1 month
1 month
1 month

BGAN Standard+ Consumer Grade Plan Details

  • *Please note that Inmarsat reserves the right to slow speeds up to 128 Kbps if over 30,000 Megabytes are used in a month, however, the service will never be suspended
  • Phone calls billed $0.99/min to any landline or cell phone worldwide
  • SMS texting billed $0.50 per outgoing text
  • Free incoming calls and texts, however the calling party will be charged at their provider’s rates
  • Free activation; no security deposit required (except for the Usage-Only BGAN Service – BGANBWLPSTNDPLUS – where a security deposit of up to $4,000.00 may be required)
  • Inmarsat has stated that Standard+ plans are for land based subscribers only
  • Note that when signing up, usage may start at any time during the month, but it ends/renews on the last day of the month at 11:59:59 PM GMT
  • Standard+ Plan tiers reset on the last day of the month at 11:59:59 PM GMT time. Usage after that time counts toward a new month
  • If running low on MBs, subscriber may top up in-month with any Standard+ plan or purchase additional months for an extended usage period (monthly plans only

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We offer highly competitive rates thanks to our long relationship with Inmarsat, the satellite service provider. You'll get access to our subscription and device management platform, Cloudloop, and you'll also receive free telephone support for life.