Iridium GO! Service Plans

Ground Control offers a monthly Iridium GO! service plan with data minutes included, and a variable rate for voice calls. Please contact us if you’d like any help choosing the best option for your needs – we’re here to help.

Iridium GO! Monthly Service Plans

  • Phone rates listed are TO any standard landline (PSTN) or mobile phone worldwide
  • Free incoming calls and incoming SMS messages
  • Free activation applicable to all plans
  • Phone Usage to other Iridium Phones billed at $0.60 cents per minute
  • Iridium GO! paired smartphones may call any landline or cell phone in the world, from anywhere on the world
  • The Iridium GO! App assigns a smartphone a satellite phone number that can be used for making/receiving calls
  • Those calling your mobile phone number will NOT be able to reach you when using the GO! unless you add a local number – additional service
  • While Incoming calls are free, callers are charged by their phone provider for making an international call unless you add a local number
  • Monthly service activation may be pro-rated for the 1st calendar month
  • Cancel monthly service anytime with at least 7 days’ notice. Service term ends each calendar month
  • A valid credit card must be on file for payment of monthly service fees, phone costs and other usage
  • Voice and data Internet minutes are billed in 20 second increments
  • Iridium GO! monthly plans if cancelled, will have to pay a $250 reactivation fee, or purchase a new Iridium GO! Sim Card. Note that the old phone number and email address are not carried over
Iridium GO! "5" MONTHLY Service
Iridium GO! "75" MONTHLY Service
Iridium GO! "150" MONTHLY Service
Iridium GO! Unlimited Data/SMS MONTHLY Service
Price Per Month (USD):
Inclusive Data:
5 data minutes per month
75 data minutes per month
150 data minutes per month
Unlimited data minutes per month
Overage Fees:
$0.99 per minute
$0.75 per minute
$0.45 per minute
Call Rates to Mobiles or Landlines (USD):
$1.05 per minute
$1.05 per minute
$1.05 per minute
Call Rates to Iridium Phones (USD):
$0.60 per minute
$0.60 per minute
$0.60 per minute
SMS Messaging (USD):
$0.13 per outgoing message
$0.06 per outgoing message

Why buy your Iridium GO! airtime from Ground Control?

When you buy Iridium GO! airtime from Ground Control, you’re not just buying the ability to use your Iridium GO! device. You’re also gaining access to Ground Control’s team of experienced satellite communication experts.

We will help you if you have any difficulties using the service, and help you optimize your usage to ensure that you get the best value for money. We have been Iridium partners for over 15 years, and you’re in very safe hands.