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  Mobile Command Communications - Specialty Vehicles
Page updated February 8, 2019
Ground Control has partnered with a U.S. based company that specializes in mobile command trailers. Our partner will help you design an innovative solution using the latest technological improvements in the industry. With years of experience, we can help you reduce your overall costs and most likely exceed your expectations for vehicle functionality.

We Specialize In These Vehicle Types
Mobile Command Posts / Centers
Communications Trailers
Disaster Recovery Vehicles
EOD Bomb Trucks
Incident Command Units
SWAT Vehicles
Broadcast Vehicle

Full Functionality
Innovation starts with a clear understanding of your organization's requirements in order to help you achieve your goals and operational requirements. From there we will offer many features which may not have been considered, but are often essential for mobile platforms. Many have relied on our vehicles, and many have been more than satisfied. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative for exploring the development of a specialty vehicle for your organization.

Questions? 800-773-7168 (U.S.) | +1-805-783-4600 (int) |


Quality Is Paramount
The mission is to make sure that every specialty vehicle built is guaranteed to meet your expectations of form, fit and function.

Single Source
We have the ability to provide a single-source Turn-Key solution to include engineering design, manufacturing, interoperability solution and integration. Engineered vehicles can build on any chassis such as Freightliner MB-65 stripped, M2-106, M2-112; Ford; Dodge; Isuzu; Hino; International; Peterbuilt;  and more.

Superior Construction
Many trailers are constructed in both modular and walk-thru designs. An all-aluminum modular bodies constructed entirely of aluminum plate and extruded structural members comprised of aircraft grade aluminum.  Fully assembled, the internal structure included in the walls, roof, & floor forms a unitized roll cage throughout the entire body.  The exterior body skins are bonded to the interlocking framework using a proprietary method specifically designed for aluminum to aluminum bonding.  All interlocking structural members are welded for strength.  Our units are designed for improved durability and longer operating life, high corrosion resistance and are extremely strong.


No rivets are used in our construction to attach the outer skin to the structural frame, which provides the end-user with a smooth wall conducive to high-grade finishes and application of decals.  Our engineered specialty vehicles are custom built for each customer specifically to their requirements. 

The roof construction incorporates an anti-torsion web to enhance the bend resistance and capable of supporting the weight of personnel, satellite dishes, camera tripods, cable and other mission critical equipment.  The roof rails are designed with a groove to allow the top of each side panel to slide into the roof rail to form a water tight seal.  The front and rear wall exterior panels are flanged over the top of the roof sheet to form a water tight seal.  Front and rear roof corners are square to match vertical body corners.

All door extrusions and compartments are custom-built with .125” aluminum to provide our customers with unmatched durability.


A wide range of insulation and interior wall finishes can be used based on the particular use and requirements of the vehicle.  All electrical installations are professionally engineered to meet the most severe user requirements.

Our specialty vehicles are designed to take on the most demanding operational environments.   Our experience is superior in conversion of an existing truck body, and in terms of vehicle strength, durability and finish.

The alternative use of sandwich panel and vacuum formed construction as used in the construction of normal freight trucks and riveted .090 skin to top hat rails as utilized in busses is not recommended due to strength limitations when access doors and heavy equipment are installed into mobile command vehicles, emergency response, hi-end mobile medical units, communications, and law enforcement units.



Mobile Command Post Interior

Overall Cost Savings
We reduce 20% of the cost of manufacturing specialty vehicles by leveraging our Service Delivery Model, a unique set of processes that help us turn your requirements into detailed specifications and engineering packages that meet your expectations of strength, precision, and quality.

For more information, please email


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