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Ground Control Teleports
Our iDirect teleports for North America are state-of-the-art and is used
by several Fortune 500 companies for their private satellite infrastructures.
  Napa California Teleport
Servicing Galaxy 18 @ 123° West Longitude
  Woodbine Maryland Teleport
Servicing SES2 @ 87° West Longitude
  Teleport Dishes   Teleport Dish  
  Powerful redundant arrays maintain connectivity on Galaxy 18.   24/7 staffing for telemetry tracking and control of SES2.  
  Server Rackspace   Co-Location Racks  
Co-location space in the teleport is temperature and humidified controlled for optimal equipment performance.
Co-Location facilities are fully environmentally controlled with fire detection and suppression systems.
  Multiple Fiber Paths   Fiber Paths  
The Napa teleport is connected by two completely separate primary fiber paths to multiple backbones.
The Woodbine Teleport uses a powerful SONET Fiber ring for maintaining connectivity in case of fiber cut.
  Generator Backup   Diesel Generator backup  
Two diesel generators provide for weeks of electrical power for potential long term power outages.
1500 KVA emergency power provided by three 12 cylinder 18.1 liter kVA synchronized redundant diesel generators.
  Battery Backup   Battery Bank  
An industrial quality UPS backup battery bank will supply instant and sustained power for maintaining 100% uptime.
There are several banks of high-kVA uninterruptible power systems available for protecting against brief power outages.
  HVAC Fire System   HVAC fire suppressant  
An HVAC fire suppressant system eliminates oxygen in a server & co-lo rooms to douse any size fire, without damage to sensitive electronic equipment.
The fully redundant HVAC system includes two 80 ton glycol chillers and dry cooling fans for the main building.

Two Teleports = Dual Matrix Service for Mobile Systems
  Dual Matrix Service
A Fully Redundant Satellite Infrastructure

Ground Control's two North American teleports service two different high-performance satellites that operate independent of each other. With the Dual Matrix Service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at any time, no matter the plan they subscribe to. more
Dual Satellites
Dual Teleports
Dual Hubs
Dual Networks
Dual Backbones

One Mobile Dish

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