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  IP Video Streaming Over Satellite - North America
A Full-Speed Unshared iDirect Ku-Band Satellite Stream For All Applications
Ideal For Live Broadcast Video Streaming or Heavy Data Transmissions
  Unshared VSAT Service
For any Ku-Band iDirect Satellite System Running iDirect Series Satellite Routers - Router list
Also Available for Ground Control's line of Fixed and Mobile Ku-Band iDirect Satellite Systems

Ground Control offers unshared dedicated data channels over satellite link to the Internet backbone through both of our North American Teleports. These unshared full-speed channels are perfect for reliable streaming of video or other large data transmissions over satellite from any location in North America. Since the satellite channel is unshared, speeds are predictable and packet loss and drop-outs are mitigated. Best of all, there is no overhead cost, which means if you purchase a fast connection, you will see those speeds. Finally, if you have multiple satellite systems at different locations, you can place any or all of them on the same CIR On-Demand network at no additional cost (great for multi-camera solutions).
Live Event Solutions - Ground Control's Recommended Live Event Solution
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Looking for a single-source solution to broadcast your live event to the world?

Dedicated Satellite Bandwidth for 1080P
Optional Mobile Satellite Equipment - 5 Minute Setup
Use Your Own iDirect Equipment
One Call And Your Event Goes Live to the Internet

Satellite Equipment for Video Streaming

Flyaway Toughsat System  
Case Based Flyaway VSAT System
The "Flyaway" case-based Toughsat is a full size Toughsat .98 or 1.2 meter system that is easily moved and setup on the ground by one person for establishing a Wi-Fi access point. It's small enough to fit in the back of an SUV.

Flyaway Toughsat System  
Fly-And-Drive Mobile VSAT System
The same Flyaway shown above has universal bracketing that allows the dish to be mounted on top of most vehicle roof racks.

Toughsat On Trailer  

Roof Mounted Mobile VSAT Solutions
Ground Control has a full line of mobile satellite dishes that can create a high performance, high-speed data connection for broadband Internet and phone as well has high-speed streaming for live video broadcasting from anywhere in North America.

Communications Trailers  
Multi-Purpose Communications Trailer
The Toughsat T-100 Communications Trailers will establish up to a half-mile Wi-Fi access point for any in-range device. These trailers are perfect for providing a large area with high-speed connectivity.

VOIP Phone  
VoIP Phone Service over Satellite
Our satellite network is ideal for VoIP phone communication. Talking parties are often unaware they are speaking over a satellite link. We configure and test each phone for plug-and-play simplicity. We offer 1000 minutes (16.6 hours) for $49.95 per month and issue local numbers no matter your location in the globe.

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