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SatFi Coverage Map

Septermber 2015: Roaming is not currently available when traveling to the following countries and surrounding ocean areas: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador (this is shown in the light blue line above). Your phone will not work in these areas, however Globalstar is working toward resolving this.

September 2015: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and parts of Antarctica are currently experiencing technical issues impacting connectivity and service levels. Issues are identified, and Globalstar is working to resolve them.

The Caller I.D. and SMS text messaging for Sat-Fi are NOT available outside the Home Zone. Voice calls and data transmissions for Sat-Fi will work the same as regular voice/duplex outside the Home Zone according to the map above.

For more information on the Globalstar Coverage Map, please visit this page.

The Globalstar constellation of LEO (low earth orbit) satellite is made up of 32 satellites traveling at 876 miles above the planet. The satellites utilize "bent-pipe" architecture, so the system's software resides on the ground and not on the satellites which makes for fast and easier systems maintenance and upgrades. On any given call, several satellites transmit a caller's signal via CDMA technology to a satellite dish at the appropriate gateway where the call is then routed locally through the terrestrial telecommunications system.

Globalstar LEO satellite have an inclination of 52 degrees, therefore the satellites do not cover polar areas due to the lower orbital inclination. Please watch the video below for a demonstration.

Globalstar Satellite Constellation

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