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What Does a Clear View of the Sky Mean?

Not having a clear view of the sky can disrupt your satellite transmissions, leading to reduced accuracy & reliability. Here’s how to check that your antenna is located appropriately to avoid these pitfalls.

Diagram showing how obstructions can prevent a clear view of the sky


February 16, 2024

IP vs Messaging for Satellite IoT Data Transmission

We discuss the cost and efficiency considerations of choosing between IP and messaging for satellite IoT data transmission, and the importance of selecting the most suitable method based on specific applications.

TCP IP vs Messaging

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January 23, 2024

The vital role of LEO satellites in safe and secure UAV drone operations

UAV operators seeking to pilot drones BVLOS need to have complete trust in their communication channels. Increasingly, LEO satellites are used as a failover. Our blog post explores why, how and where.

RockBLOCK used in UAV / drone for BVLOS

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January 5, 2024

Military Satellite Communications: From IDSCS to Space Force and Beyond

With their reliable, ubiquitous connectivity, satellite communications have become increasingly indispensable in modern warfare.

Satellite over Earth

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December 8, 2023

Satellite asset tracking for construction projects

Asset tracking is key to the construction industry, from preventing theft through to improving worker safety; and satellite is key to achieving these goals in remote construction sites.

Satellite asset tracking for construction - thumbnail image

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December 7, 2023

Will satellites guide Santa’s sleigh tonight?

Not enough thought is given to the practicalities of Santa’s epic sleigh ride, in our view. Have you ever wondered how many carrots a reindeer actually needs to fly around the world, and how Santa keeps track of that? Our infographic lays bare the communication challenges that Father Christmas has to solve, and how.



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