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Flyaway Case Keeps Communications On-The-Move
September 2009
For our clients who need communications on the fly, Ground Control has developed a new transportable case system for its line of Mobile Satellite Systems (MSS). While, many of our customers have a dedicated vehicle that allows them to permanently install their MSS of choice, more and more users find it critical to be able to move their MSS... more

Remote Monitoring Solutions - SCADA over Satellite
February 19, 2009
Ground Control is introducing the RANGER & IOTA products from Wideye for remote sensing equipment using a low profile satellite terminal in unmanned outdoor (extreme weather) environments. This low power solution allows companies to reach any place on the planet with an stable Internet connection. No place is too remote to monitor. more info

BGAN Satellite Update
January 5, 2009
On January 7th, the BGAN satellite I-4 F2 covering the Americas will turn on in it's new orbit. This new position (98 degrees longitude) is much higher in the sky and will make pointing a BGAN system much easier, especially for in-motion systems that no longer need to look at the horizon for the satellite. While there were be a short outage, the new service is expected be up within an hour.

BGAN 3rd Satellite Launch a Success
August 2008
Inmarsat launched the 3rd and final satellite on August 18, 2008 for global coverage for the existing BGAN subscriber base. This is the first global satellite system where one laptop sized terminal can obtain high-speed Internet Access no matter where they travel on the planet.

Broadband Global Area Network
Ground Control is now global with the offering of BGAN service. Laptop sized terminals as well as in-motion broadband Internet on cars, trucks or RV's give you connectivity while on the move. More on BGAN service.

AvL Mobile Satellite Systems Supported
Ground Control is please to offer the premium line of AvL mobile satellite systems that will work with most every business grade satellite service on a mobile dish. More on AvL systems.

Ground Control MSS Featured on NBC Affiliate KSBY TV
When Hurricane Katrina left thousands without power and network connections, Ground Control was there to help.

FAILSAFE On-Demand Service Now Available
Are you looking for a backup satellite solution? Ground Control's Failsafe On-Demand service is now available for customers who need 100% network uptime, all the time: Click here to learn more.

Ground Control Systems supplies ADESA, Inc
Ground Control Systems, one of the leading providers of VSAT solutions and services, is providing Galileo broadband satellite services to ADESA, Inc., the nation’s largest publicly traded provider of wholesale vehicle auctions and used vehicle dealer floor plan financing.

Ground Control Wins State of Illinois Satellite Internet Contract
The State of Illinois will pay up to $3.8 million over a five-year period to Ground Control to supply satellite connections to schools in rural parts of the state.

Ground Control Granted Multiple Award Schedule
Ground Control is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a multiple award schedule which allows them to give federal agencies, state and local governments pre-approved products and services at discounted rates.

Mobile Satellite Technology used by Escambia Sheriff's
Using Ground Control mobile technology, the Escambia County, FL., Sheriff's Office SWAT team responds to an emergency call involving a shooting victim and possibly an armed and barricaded suspect.

Media Release - Columbia Recovery News Video
KSBY TV News (NBC affiliate) interviews Ground Control about their part in the efforts to recover the Columbia spaceship.

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