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InSpatial provides operators an efficient and cost-effective way to remotely monitor oil well and pump systems. Operators can reduce man hours, travel, lower the risk of a spill, and know right away when a well goes down.

From the Middle East, South America and throughout North America, InSpatial is designing and implementing the most advanced satellite/wireless oil well and pump monitoring systems, covering thousands of well sites around the world.

For locations out of cellular network range, InSpatial’s satellite based solution utilizes the Iridium 9602N modem, and the cost-effective Iridium SBD service, to ensure customers have full access to well conditions and production information across the globe.

InSpatial’s products have been adopted by some of the world’s largest oil and gas producers, OEMs, service providers and National Oil Companies (NOCs) to accurately monitor multi-site well and pump operations globally.

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  • Well Monitoring


  • Oil & Gas

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Our team provides technical experience and know-how to enable businesses to adopt satellite successfully, and we share this openly via opensource code, and example code. Our products enable rapid hardware prototyping, and simple APIs within our platform Cloudloop to transfer data to AWS.

We have the scale to access great pricing, and we promote self-service through the Cloudloop platform.

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