Long Range Cordless Phones In Case


These rugged handset phones connect to the public telephone network over our satellite network, and connect up to 2 miles from the base station (or up to 5 miles using the high-gain antenna). Make or receive phone calls from anyone with crystal clarity or communicate with other handsets much like a Walkie-Talkie.

This turnkey solution includes four handset phones, all of which may have their own unique phone number, or share a phone number with other phones. All phones may be talking simultaneously over one satellite connection without issue.

  • No user training. Operates like any phone. Optimized for use over our satellite network.
  • Crystal clear, low-latency communication using Ground Control’s VoIP Phone Service.
  • While system includes 4 handsets, up to 90 handsets may be supported on a PRO basestation.
  • Handsets may transfer a call to another handset, or conference in another handset.
  • Handsets operate for 50 hours on standby, 6 hours total talking time (4 hour recharge).
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Holding, Call logs, Speed Dial, Call Transfer, Phone book.
  • Handset/Cradle pull-out shelf’s use 1.5 RU of space.
  • Belt Clips for handsets with quick-release button.
  • All weather handsets operate up to 2 miles or 12 stories from the base station.
  • Base Station supports up to 4 separate phone lines with “local” numbers.
  • Incoming calls may ring one phone, or a group of phones (admin defined).
  • Handsets may communicate with each other independent of the base station.
  • Text Messaging, including texting local handsets.
  • Adjustable Ringer, Vibration, Silent mode.
  • Additional 9″ whip antennas extend range of handset phones.
  • Many other configurable options if needed. Please read the users’ manual (below)

This 1.5 RU Rackmount phone solution may be added to any of our mobile satellite rackmount cases such as our Toughsat line of mobile dishes, as well as our fixed satellite systems. These long-range cordless phones are pre-activated, and pre-reconfigured with included VoIP equipment and phone service. The are fully operational when shipped, and there is nothing needed to configure other than turning the phones on.


Requires No Training – Use Like Any Phone – Local Phone Numbers

Press the “Talk” button on the Durafon Pro handset phone to hear a standard dial tone. Placing a call is as easy as entering the phone number. With the VoIP service from Ground Control, each phone can be issued a local phone number from most any location on the globe. Make and receive calls from anyone. All phones are registered and pre-tested over our satellite network before they ship. When the satellite dish is online, the phones are ready to use.


Phone Service Provided by Ground Control

Our VoIP phone service is optimized for our satellite network. Make and receive calls just as you would with any phone on any desk. The cost is $49.95 USD per month per phone line and includes 1000 free minutes (16.6 hours) each month, and then $0.04 cents per minute to any in-country phone number.

The Durafon solution may have 1, 2, 3 or 4 phone lines. A phone number may be dedicated to 1 handset (up to 4 handsets having their own number)…. OR, phones may be “party” configured to share 1 to 4 phone lines, where these numbers will ring all phones at once. A calling handset phone will pick up the first available unused phone line. You may have both “dedicated line” and “party” configurations on a single base station. Here is more information on VoIP Phone Service Over Satellite offered by Ground Control.


Connect Up To 2 Miles From Base

These phones are the highest powered cordless phones available in North America, extending range up to 2 miles from the base station. The connection penetrates 12 walls or 12 floors (stories), so the base station can be outside while you work inside. Each phone includes an additional 9″ whip antenna that helps extend existing range. Antennas are easily swapped with a quick-twist. The optional $250 high-gain base-station antenna extends the range up to 5 miles.


Highly Secure

The DuraFon Pro handset phones utilize Digital Spread Spectrum (DSS) with Frequency Hopping of 100 channels per second over 128 channels to maintain clarity and privacy. In addition, the base unit provides individual handset with one of over 65,000 random security codes to ensure that another system’s handset is unable to link to another (non-related) base unit.


Long-Range Distances

The Durafons are the longest range cordless phones available for North America. While range may be slightly affected by environmental conditions, below are some advertised guidelines:

  • 12 floors of building penetration
  • 250,000 sq. ft. in a warehouse or retail store
  • 3,000 acres on a farm or ranch.


TurnKey – Commissioned – Configured – Tested and Working

Ground Control tests each system to confirm proper operation before it leaves our doors. There is no user operation other than turning the handset phone on. The base station automatically activates when satellite dish is online. There is no training needed for using the phone service.


Industry Uses – Primary and Secondary Communication

  • Construction work site that needs phone connectivity
  • Utility Work site. Stay connected during power outages
  • First Responders expanding interoperability communication to any location
  • Emergency Staging Areas – keep all personnel connected
  • Media Events – connect all team members to each other and outside world
  • Exploratory expeditions
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas


User Programmable PBX

While we configure the phones to your specifications, you may reconfigure them at any time for a new situation. Phones may have their own phone number, and/or a group of phones may share one or more phone numbers. Please read the User Manual below for a complete feature list of PBX integrated functions, or contact support@groundcontrol.com for configuration information.


Add Additional Phones

A single Durafon Pro base station can handle up to 90 handsets…and up to 6 base Durafon Pro base stations may be in close proximity to each other without interference. Ground Control can customize a solution to your exact requirement with any number of phones required. The number of shelves that can be placed in a standard vehicle installation is only limited to the available space on your own rack, or we can custom build one or more large cases to hold any number of systems. Please contact Ground Control to create a customized solution.

1.5 RU Rackmount Pull-Out Shelf Case Includes:

  • Durafon Pro Base Station – Supports up to 4 phone numbers / lines.
  • 2 Cisco ATA VoIP Adapters (that support up to 4 phone lines).
  • 4 cordless long-range phone handsets with 4 extra batteries.
  • (May have up to 90 handsets with Durafon Pro)
  • 4 recharge cradles with extra battery recharge slot.
  • 4 extended range 9″ whip antennas.
  • Optional High-Gain 5-Mile Antenna (Standard on T-100 Trailer Installations). $250
  • Optional 6RU Rackmount Case with shelf (if not purchasing with Toughsat). $295

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