RockREMOTE Rugged


RockREMOTE Rugged is the waterproof, reliable solution to your remote IoT challenges, keeping your data flowing even in the worst weather conditions, and with no reliance on cellular / fiber connectivity.

Securely connecting remote IoT assets using IP or message-based protocols, and providing diverse connectivity through Iridium Satellite or LTE networks, RockREMOTE is ideal for fixed or mobile environments anywhere in the world.

RockREMOTE Strengthened for Harsh Environments

RockREMOTE Rugged is designed for permanent outdoor installation in harsh environments. Using Iridium’s truly global Certus 100 service and an omni-directional antenna, it’s perfect for critical communication in remote and mobile situations.

With no need to point your antenna in a specific direction, and a constellation of 66 rapidly moving satellites, RockREMOTE can reliably transfer your remote IoT data even with a poor or changing view of the sky.

The powerful Linux-based operating system offers containerized hosting for edge-computing applications. Comprehensive remote management (including diagnostics and firmware updates) is provided by Cloudloop.

RockREMOTE Rugged Use Cases

  • Enhancing sensor data transmission in data buoys and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs)
  • Real-time transmission of images from remote camera traps to combat poaching
  • Efficient monitoring and management of heavy machinery in agriculture, construction, and mining sectors
  • Transmitting SCADA system data from remote utilities and renewable energy sites
  • Safeguarding pipelines by enabling safety monitoring, leak detection, and reducing unexpected maintenance expenses
  • Effective monitoring and management of valuable mobile assets like generators in remote locations
Key Features
Iridium Messaging Transport
  • Intuitive local web UI and RESTful JSON API
  • Automatic WAN failover
  • Configurable Firewall
  • Hosted applications (Edge computing)
  • Remote Management with Cloudloop Device Manager (CDM)
  • Over-The-Air firmware updates
  • Protocol facades for MQTT and FTP
  • IP67 rated: designed for permanent outdoor installation in harsh environments
  • Omni-directional, with no antenna pointing required; ideal for fixed deployment in hilly or woody locations, or for on-the-move applications
  • Simple to deploy, IP-based over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Dual mode Iridium Certus satellite network combined with LTE

Physical & Environmental

  • Size: 9.8″ x 3.8″ x 2.4″ (250mm x 97mm x 61mm)
  • Mounting: Fixings for deck/bulkhead and pole mounting
  • Antenna Size: 7.5″ x 3.7″ (diameter) (191mm x 95mm), pole mounted
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)
  • Operating Temperature: -40F to 158F (-40C to +70C)
  • Ingress Rating: IP67
  • Vibration Rating: EN 300 019-2-5, EN 300 019-2-7


  • Iridium: Certus 100: IP (22/88 kbps) and IMT
  • Cellular: LTE Cat 1 & Cat 4
  • GNSS: GPS, Glonass, Bei-dou, Galileo, QZSS
  • WiFi: 2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac


  • Iridium: TNC cable assembly to supplied Certus antenna
  • Cellular, GNSS, WiFi: SMA connector to external antennas
  • Ethernet: M12 connector, supplied hybrid cable
  • Serial & GPIO: M12 connector
  • SIM: Field accessible Certus & Cellular SIM slots


  • DC Input: 10-30V DC protected
  • Power: 0W (sleep), 5W (idle), 9W (average transmit)
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, IC

These are a few sample airtime plans. For full details of our Iridium Certus 100 airtime, please visit our Certus 100 Service Plans page, or contact us for a customized quote.

5 MB
50 MB
200 MB
Price Per Month (USD):
Included Data:
0 MB
5 MB
50 MB
200 MB
Overage Fee / MB:
Minimum Contract Term:
3 Months
3 Months
12 Months
12 Months

Taking full advantage of IMT, the latest Iridium network service evolution, Ground Control has developed a Satellite IoT delivery network. It’s designed to deliver large message payloads for a wide range of IoT applications in a highly cost effective way.

It provides an end-to-end solution comprised of:

1. An MQTT application deployed on the RockREMOTE Rugged terminal; this provides the interface for your remote application to submit and receive data payloads
2. The Iridium IMT satellite service
3. An MQTT server application, delivered via Ground Control’s Cloudloop platform, which enables your IoT service application to submit and receive data payloads.

Learn more about Iridium Messaging Transport

The following items are supplied with your RockREMOTE Rugged device:

  • RockREMOTE Rugged unit with Iridium SIM card installed
  • Omnidirectional Certus 100 antenna
  • 9 meter (29.5 ft) antenna cable assembly
  • DC power cable assembly (2m / 6.6 ft for RockREMOTE Rugged with IP67 connector)

Optionally, you may also have been provided with:

  • An appropriate antenna mounting bracket (see Accessories)
  • LTE, WiFi and GNSS antennas

RockREMOTE Rugged and accessories

Iridium Certus 100 Coverage

In Low Earth Orbit (LEO) the Iridium satellite constellation is able to deliver many benefits for IoT applications, not least reduced ping time. As these satellites are much closer to the Earth’s surface, the latency – ping time – is typically less than one second.

Utilizing omni-directional antennas, data will be accepted by the closest satellite and then ‘handed off’ as appropriate to the next. Using a mesh of 66 satellites in total, the Certus 100 service bridges the gap between narrowband and broadband, with an IP connection enabling higher throughput speeds of 22 Kbps up, 88 Kbps down.

Iridium’s truly global (including both poles), low-latency Certus 100 service is perfect for machine-to-machine, tracking, telemetry, condition monitoring and SCADA applications. Used for tracking and IoT applications alike, this service works anywhere on Earth without expensive roaming charges or the need for multiple service agreements.

Iridium Coverage Map – Real Time Tracking

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The RockREMOTE is designed to connect your remote IoT assets using IP or message-based protocols. It uses LTE networks where available, and the Iridium satellite network when your device is out of cellular coverage.

The new rugged form factor is in response to customer feedback and is now in full production. To get a quote, or talk to us about whether this is the right device for your IoT connectivity, complete the online form or call / email us.
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