Ground Control BGAN Prepaid Internet Service Plans

BGAN Prepaid Vouchers

BGAN PrePaid SIM Cards and Voucher Unit Plans

Prepaid BGAN vouchers units with Ground Control work with all BGAN terminals. Service is global, easy to understand, very competitive, and we use the latest network hardware for superior performance.

  • Free incoming calls
  • Free incoming SMS messages
  • Refillable and renewable SIM card
  • Free activation

All services deduct from unit balance at the following rates:

  • 1 Megabyte transferred = 9.1 units
  • Voice to Fixed calling per minute = 1.0 unit
  • Voice Call to Cellular per minute = 1.2 units
  • Voice Call to other BGAN terminals per minute = .76 unit,
  • Voice to voicemail per minute = 1.0 unit
  • SMS Text per message = 0.5 unit.
  • Important. Extensions and reloads must be made at least two business days before the validity period expiration date. No exceptions.
  • Purchase is of a BGAN SIM card, that is activated with prepaid service, and often installed and fully tested with purchased equipment.
  • To check available prepaid unit balance, dial 591# from any connected phone (or from the US, dial 011 870 77 200 0591 from any landline phone).
  • With Ground Control’s prepaid SIM cards, all prepaid plans may be renewed or topped up at any time.
  • When a BGAN prepaid card is topped up, the valid period is extended to the new plan’s valid period, or the existing old plan’s valid period, whichever is longer.
  • Available ‘unused’ units do rollover to the new voucher purchased.
  • Unused units that expire at the end of a voucher prepaid period are not recoverable.
  • There is a 30-day grace period after all units are used or the valid period expires, after which the card is deactivated but still usable.
  • Free shipping of prepaid SIM cards to anywhere in the world via first class postal mail. Expedited shipping is available.
  • Streaming services are allowed but only at activation of a prepaid card. There are no additional costs for activating streaming services.
  • Please request voicemail services be activated. There is no activation cost. BGAN voicemail instructions.
  • *Incoming calls are free. However, the calling party will be charged to call to your satellite phone.
  • First-time activations require a one-time $40 activation fee. Renewals or top-ups don’t require an activation fee as long as they’re active (or in grace period).
  • You may purchase just the BGAN SIM card(s) from Ground Control for existing BGAN terminal(s).
  • BGAN terminals using Ground Control prepaid service will operate in any country with the four Inmarsat satellites without any plan changes.
  • Phone Rates For Calling Standard and Non-Standard Phones.
  • Questions? Please email us now at or call us at +1-805-783-4600 (USA), +44 (0) 2380 00 3888 (UK and International).

Streaming Services – Unshared BGAN Data Channels

If Streaming Services are required, please let us know when purchasing. By default, streaming services are deactivated on prepaid voucher SIM cards to avoid a subscriber inadvertently activating this expensive service.

Streaming services are simply an unshared channel over the satellite link to the Internet backbone. This service is most often used by live news broadcasters to help reduce video and audio dropouts during a live transmission.

BGAN streaming services burn through voucher units by the minute, as opposed to standard BGAN service that burns through units by the amount of data transferred.

To check available prepaid units, dial 591# from any connected phone.


Global Coverage and Service

With Ground Control service, BGAN terminals may connect anywhere on the globe except for the North and South Poles. If you’re within one of the three colored regions, you may connect at broadband speeds, as well as make and receive phone calls from anywhere.

BGAN Coverage Map

BGAN Ready Cases

Place your BGAN terminal inside of a hardened all-weather case. Includes everything needed to make your global mobile office.

BGAN Hardened Ready Cases

BGAN Optimized Laptop

BGAN service is comparatively expensive at $6 per megabyte transferred. Our optimized laptop controls usage so you don’t pay for background data you’re not aware of. Cost is $750 per laptop.

High-Performance Optimized Laptop