BGAN Range

Portable Global Satellite Internet & Phone

Connect any laptop, smartphone or any wireless device to a BGAN portable satellite terminal for Internet and phone from anywhere on the planet.

BGAN terminals are small enough to fit inside of a laptop case yet deliver usable Internet speeds of up to 492 Kilobits per second.

BGAN is the hands-down winner for carry-portable global high-speed Internet and ease of operation by anyone… ANYWHERE.

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Key Features

  • Compact. All terminals will fit into a laptop case.

  • High-speed IP data (internet) to any connected device. BGAN service plans.

  • Works with standard phones or smartphones (with some BGAN terminals).

  • Can use internet and phone service simultaneously.

  • Incoming calls are free, only outgoing calls are billed.

  • Self-contained, runs on internal battery for hours.

  • Optional public/static IP that can be used worldwide.

  • Voicemail, call hold, call waiting.

  • Performance live video streaming services up to 650Kbps.

  • SMS text messaging - free incoming SMS.

  • Optional firewall controls for any BGAN.

  • Battery life on any BGAN terminal is normally 36 hours of idle use.

  • All terminals may connect to 12-volt power with optional DC vehicle port adapter.

  • All terminals work with different international AC wall power (US, UK, EU, AU standards).

  • A BGAN terminal is capable of operating in all countries, and we ship worldwide.

Hughes 9502

All-weather powerful terminal

The 9502 places a 24x7 Ethernet port in any location on the globe to monitor & control any device, pumps, valves, monitor as water levels, weather stations, or connect point-of-sale retail hardware, etc.

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Hughes 9502

Service and equipment are ideal for Ethernet, M2M, SCADA, and serial communication using one network - one provider - globally. Now anything located anywhere can have a live 24x7 Ethernet port with full IP communication.

Cobham Explorer 323

Provided as rugged one-piece unit the Explorer 323 has been designed to be easily mounted on a vehicle for on the move applications.

Cobham Explorer 323

Small and Lightweight On-the-Move BGAN Terminal

The smallest and cheapest BGAN satellite terminal in the Cobham mobile range, the Explorer 323 provides internet connectivity, voice communication and email when on the move.

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Satellite Internet Hotspot

The iSavi Global Satellite Internet Hotspot provides up to 384Kbps internet speeds for any wireless-capable device, as well as voice phone for all smartphones using the included app.

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iSavi Portable Satellite Terminal

Pointing the iSavi and connecting to the internet can be done by anyone. You may control the terminal using the free iSavi voice app for your iPhone or Android smartphone, or simply log into the terminal’s web UI (user interface).

Explorer 710 BGAN Terminal

This terminal has the unique ability to separate the antenna from the transceiver with an optional antenna cable so the transceiver can be inside while the antenna is mounted outside for any extreme conditions.

Explorer 710

The flagship Explorer BGAN terminal

The Explorer 710 is the most powerful, feature-rich BGAN terminal on the market today. The successor to the popular Explorer 700 BGAN, the 710 is ideal for power users and live video broadcasters.

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Total Broadband Freedom

BGAN (pronounced ‘Be-gan’) is short for ‘broadband global area network”. Basically, BGAN terminals are the size of a laptop and connect to the internet through a satellite connection no matter where you are in the world.

There are about 18 kinds of BGAN terminals, most of which are small enough to fit inside a laptop case. They all do pretty much the same thing – high-speed internet and phone. Connecting your computer to a BGAN terminal is done with a simple Ethernet cable or, as with some terminals, through a Wi-Fi connection – great for when you want to be inside while the terminal is outside, or you have a smart device where Wi-Fi is required.

A clear view of the sky

To connect to the satellite, a BGAN terminal must have line-of-sight to one of the four BGAN satellites, meaning there can’t be any trees, walls, or buildings between the terminal and the satellite. Often, a BGAN terminal is placed outside but in can be inside and point through a window if the satellite can be seen.

If you’re within one of the four colored regions, BGAN service will operate on the same service plan with Ground Control. More on BGAN’s global coverage area.

These four satellites (owned by Inmarsat) are in stationary orbit around the planet, so no matter where the BGAN is, it can connect. Only the extreme polar regions are unable to connect because the satellites are below the horizon and can’t be seen.

With Ground Control service, BGAN terminals may connect anywhere on the globe except for the north and south polar regions. If you can see the sky, you may connect at broadband speeds, as well as make and receive phone calls from anywhere.

Each BGAN SIM card is issued an ‘international’ phone number and incoming calls are free – however, the calling party is charged for making an international call. BGAN voice calling is superior to handheld satellite phones because the antenna is much larger and, unlike some satellite phones that connect with moving satellites, BGAN connects to a single stationary satellite avoiding call drops in increasing the overall call quality.

BGAN terminals don’t require an external power source for idle operation with an average of 36 hours per charged battery. These systems are field proven and have been invaluable communications tools to thousands of professionals and organizations worldwide for years.

Pros of BGAN

- BGAN terminals provide broadband internet and phone from almost any location globally
- BGAN terminals work in locations where there is no wireless (cellular) internet service
- BGAN terminals are very portable and will easily fit in a laptop case
- BGAN terminals can provide Wi-Fi for any in-range device, such as smartphones
- BGAN terminals work on land or sea on the same service plan.

Cons of BGAN

- BGAN service is expensive. It costs about $4 to $6 per megabyte transferred. Ground Control can help you optimize your sends
- BGAN terminals are relatively expensive and cost anywhere from $1,600 to $10,000 - sometimes more
- BGAN terminals need to be manually pointed, although pointing is easy once learned.


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