BGAN Service Provided by Ground Control


BGAN SIM Cards Overview

Every BGAN terminal is activated by a BGAN SIM card that slides into a provided slot on any BGAN terminal. Like the SIM card of a cell phone, it’s the card itself that holds the account information and not the BGAN terminal.

BGAN SIM cards are included at no additional cost when a BGAN terminal is ordered. You may purchase ‘blank’ – or ‘uncommissioned’ – BGAN SIM cards from Ground Control for $5 each (with free international shipping) and hold that SIM card to activate any time in the future. Just email and ask us to ship you some BGAN SIMs.

All BGAN SIM cards from Ground Control can be used at any time in the future, even after the current plan on the SIM has expired. Ground Control can always reactivate that SIM card to any of the plans we offer, even if the plans differ from plans purchased before.

BGAN SIM cards allow a BGAN terminal to connect to the internet (via Inmarsat).

BGAN Systems are Fully Configured and Tested 

When you purchase your BGAN equipment and service from Ground Control, we activate your SIM card to your chosen plan, install it, and then confirm it can connect to the internet when pointed. We also confirm the phone service works. When you receive your BGAN terminal, it’s ready to use out of the box.

SIM Card Works with any BGAN Terminal

Simply insert the SIM card into your BGAN terminal and turn it on. It’s that simple. There’s more than one kind of BGAN service (Standard BGAN, BGAN Voucher, BGAN Link, BGAN M2M) and each have their own unique SIM cards.

Using More Than One BGAN SIM Card

You can swap SIM cards with any BGAN terminal at any time. This is helpful for keeping accounts separate or for having a back-up card in case service suspends for going over limits or reaching the end of the subscription plan. Swapping SIM cards is as easy as inserting the card into the terminal and turning it back on.

SCAP Accounts - Pooled SIM Cards

These are BGAN SIM cards that may be pooled under one account, meaning that a single pool of available megabytes may be used by all SCAP SIM cards connected to it.

This is an excellent cost-saving tool for organizations that have multiple BGAN terminals. SCAP works because active users may use available megabytes that aren’t used by less active users, as opposed to each user having their own individual BGAN account. SCAP accounts also have extra management benefits like placing limits on individual cards. More on BGAN SCAP accounts.


Dynamic vs Static-Public IP Addresses

All BGAN SIM cards start off as dynamic, which means their assigned IP address changes each time they connect to the BGAN network. However, a BGAN SIM card may have a static-public IP address where the assigned IP address is permanent and unchanging. This is useful for VPNs and other applications that rely on public IP addressing.

The general rule is if you don’t know what a static IP address is, then you most likely don’t need one. More information on BGAN static IP addresses.

Need to Refill Your BGAN Card? 

With Ground Control, you can add funds to your existing BGAN SIM card by calling us.