BGAN Voicemail

Accessing Your BGAN Voicemail Box

To access voicemail on your BGAN terminal, dial one of the following access codes:

  • Full number: 00 870 772 001 899
  • Short code: 570
  • IsatPhone Pro users can press 1: hold down the 1 key until the call is initiated

Depending on how your mailbox is set up, you may also need:

  • The phone number supplied to you by your service provider as part of your subscription.
  • Your mailbox PIN. You choose your PIN when you first set up your mailbox. See setting up voicemail for the first time on this page.

Enter the phone number and mailbox PIN if prompted. You’ll hear the automated greeting when you have successfully accessed voicemail.

Setting up voicemail for the first time

The first time you access voicemail, you’ll be led through the setup procedure by the automated voice. As part of this procedure, you’re asked to select your preferred language, enter a PIN number, and record a voicemail greeting.

Note, your account can’t be set up if you don’t complete this initial procedure. You must use the terminal or handset associated with your subscription to set up the account.

Step 1

Access voicemail from your satellite phone using one of the access codes shown in accessing voicemail above.

Step 2

When prompted, select your preferred language from the list presented. Following this selection, the rest of the voicemail application will be presented in your chosen language. English is the default (key 1). See set preferred language on page 10 for a full list of language options.

Step 3

You’ll be asked to enter a new 4-digit PIN followed by the # key – referred to as the ‘hash’ key by the automated voice (also known as the ‘pound’ key in some countries).

You’ll be asked to confirm the 4-digit PIN followed by the # key. If the PINs you entered match, you’ll be informed that the PIN has been changed. You must enter a PIN when setting up voicemail for the first time. Subsequently, you’ll only be asked for your PIN when you call from a phone other than your own terminal. If you want to disable this feature, you can do so at any time after completing the initial set up. See ‘Changing the PIN skip settings’ on page eight for details.


Step 4

Finally, you’ll be asked to record your greeting. Say the greeting that you want callers to hear followed by the # key. You can elect not to record a greeting, in which case voicemail identifies you to your callers by your phone number. Once the # key has been pressed, you have the following options:

#1 Use this greeting and proceed with the setup procedure
#2 Listen to the greeting
#3 Re-record your greeting

The automated voice confirms that the setup procedure is complete, informs you if there are any voicemail messages for you, and offers you further management options.


Useful Keys

During message playback, your options are as follows:
# – Save the message and listen to the next message
1 – Listen to a message again
2 – Delete the message
3 – Listen to the message details (caller number, date and time of the call)
4 – Mark the message as new. Next time you access voicemail, this message plays as a new message.
5 – Get the caller’s phone number (if supplied) sent to you as a text message
7 – Rewind whilst listening to the message
9 – Fast forward
*7 (asterisk 7) – Listen to the previous message. This will work even if you have deleted the
previous message.
*0 (asterisk zero) – Pause the message for up to 35 seconds. Press 8 to resume.

Voicemail messages can be left and listened to either from an Inmarsat satellite phone or from a non-Inmarsat number.


Listening to voicemail messages from a satellite phone

Access voicemail by dialing the full number (00 870 772 001 899) or the short code (570); quick dial (1) can be used from the IsatPhone Pro. The voicemail system will automatically recognize your number and take you straight to your mailbox.

Enter your PIN. Only required if ‘PIN skip’ is set to off.

You’re told how many new or saved messages you have (if any).

New messages are played automatically unless you have suppressed automatic message play (see ‘Changing the automatic message play setting’ on page seven).

You’ll be told the caller’s number (if supplied), the time and date of the call, and the message itself, unless you have reconfigured your message format (see ‘Changing the message’ content on page eight). The message is saved automatically and the next new message (if any) is played.

After playing all new messages or if you have no new messages, you can listen to saved messages by pressing 1.

You can choose to hear a main menu when you access your voicemail, rather than automatically hearing your messages. See ‘Changing the automatic message play setting’.

By default, message details are played before you hear the recorded message. To change this setting, see ‘Changing the message content’.

Unless you have specifically configured the phone to generate text or voice call alerts to notify you when you have a new voice message, the phone may not automatically send you a notification. See ‘Configuring voicemail alerts’ on page nine. If you haven’t configured notifications, you must access the voicemail system periodically to check if you have any new messages.

Listening to Voicemail Messages from a Non-Inmarsat Phone

Access the voicemail system by dialing the full number (00 870 772 001 899).

You’ll be asked if you want to leave a message or access voicemail.

Select 2 to access voicemail.

Enter your voicemail number (satellite phone number) without leading zeroes or plus sign, followed by the # key.

If you make a mistake during entry of individual digits, use #3 to start again.

Leaving a Voicemail Message

Your callers can leave a voicemail message lasting up to 60 seconds as long as you have room in your mailbox. Your mailbox is able to store 10 messages, but once full, your callers will not be able to leave a message.

To leave a voicemail message:

Your caller is diverted to the voicemail system if you don’t answer the phone. You may use the supplementary ‘call forwarding’ service on your satellite phone to divert calls to your voicemail. Refer to the user guide associated with your user terminal.

If your caller has dialed voicemail using the long number from a non-Inmarsat number, they’ll be asked whether they want to leave a message or access a mailbox.

Select 1 to leave a message. The caller is prompted to enter the number of the person for whom he wants to leave a message. Enter the phone number without leading zeroes or plus sign, followed by the # key.

If the number is valid, the caller continues. If your mailbox has been activated and is not full, your caller will receive a mailbox greeting and is invited to record a message, followed by the # key.

After pressing the # key the caller has the following options:

1 – Deliver the message
2 – Listen to the message
3 – Re-record the message
4 – Continue adding to the message if the maximum length of the voicemail message (60 seconds) hasn’t been exceeded
5 – Discard the message
8 – Request more time. An additional 35 seconds is provided.
* 9 (asterisk 9) – End the call

The caller has three attempts to leave a message after which the voicemail system alerts them that they have failed.