VSAT User Portal – iDirect Service

Ground Control provides online access to your VSAT accounts for a wide array of insightful information that can help you track usage and system locations while troubleshooting issues before they become a problem. Please write to support@groundcontrol.com for your login credentials into your VSAT portal.

Portal Features

  • Graphical bar charts that display usage (received/transmitted/combined) over any period of time

  • Historical usage, broken up into time slices to narrow in on problem high-usage times.

  • List of satellite modems with online status light - quick one-button detail view of any system

  • Detailed single-system bandwidth usage reports TCP Rx/Tx, UDB Rx/Tx, Other Rx/Tx

  • Modem Settings - Static IP, Netmask, Usable IP addresses, DHCP enabled/disabled, Max Speeds, CIR

  • Current Activity - Signal-to-noise ratio and bar chart that shows data transfer speeds over last two hours

  • Current Location - GPS location shows VSAT location on map (Google Maps)

  • Important documents and files download page

  • Communication Errors - time-stamped LLC and SCPC errors

  • Connection quality graph - signal-to-noise ratio over the last two hours

  • Power level graph - shows transmitter and receiver power in dBm over the last two hours

  • Reports - Download daily modem usage or modem usage summery from any time span - All systems - Excel .CSV file

  • Portal User Profile - Update account settings such as name and password

Portal Screenshots