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Hughes 9450 Brochure
9450 Brochure
Using Phone At River
Convoy in the desert
Moving along a mountain ridge
Phone and Internet on the vehicle lid
Crossing a river
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Desert Trek with BGAN
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Video with BGAN
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Stopping to make a call
  Hughes 9450 M2M Capable of using BGAN M2M Service
In-Motion or Parked BGAN Terminal
  Photos - Specs - Manuals
Hughes 9450 BGAN
Hughes 9450E-C11 BGAN In-Motion M2M
Ethernet Only - Operates Worldwide
 Price: $5,995 USD with Bolt Mount Kit
 Price: $6,295 USD with Mag Mount Kit

  Complete kit includes the C11 - 10"
  diameter antenna. Contents Photo
9450 Bolt-Mount

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9450 Mag-Mount

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The 9450 is the first In-Motion BGAN terminal that can use the popular BGAN M2M Service.

Hughes 9450 Brochure & Specs

Low Cost 24x7 Tracking
Now for a low $23.99 per month, you can track your mobile assets real-time, and since this is a high-speed capable data connection (with speeds up to 464 Kbps), you can control equipment attached to the BGAN terminal. Ground Control even offers an inexpensive fleet management portal that maps out all activity of your fleet.

BGAN M2M satellite service is designed for low-bandwidth device communication with amazingly low communication costs of 1 to 2 cents per Kilobyte transferred. Using the Hughes 9450 In-Motion BGAN Terminal, any mobile device can be monitored, controlled, or operated anywhere on the globe with a very low monthly service fee using BGAN M2M Service ($23.99 SD per month is the 2 MB plan).

BGAN M2M Service Features
BGAN M2M service is a full-time 24 x 7 full-speed 400 Kbps open TCP-IP Internet connection.

BGAN M2M operates like any Internet connection an can be used for for in-motion use.
Minimum billing increment is 1 Kilobyte mag glass (and not 100 Kilobytes as with standard BGAN service).

BGAN M2M does not charge for network overhead communication, such as a connection charge.
High-speed data capable with up to 464 Kbps speeds - no bottlenecks if speed is needed.
Global Coverage - Monitor global assets with one BGAN M2M service provider - Ground Control.
Teleport firewall stops all unauthorized incoming traffic from entering the satellite link by default.
A whitelist of IPs (provided by client) opens authorized traffic TO the BGAN terminal. info
Fully TCP-IP routable to any allowed IP address on the Internet.
Protocols supported - TCP, UDP, ICMP, SKIP, GRE, ESP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS.
Realtime communication with latency (ping time) from 1200 to 1800 milliseconds.
SMS Control - The Hughes 9450 may be controlled with SMS messaging via Wide-Beam.
Designed for low-bandwidth M2M, SCADA or any device that needs to be monitored or controlled.
Public / Static IP addresses available and necessary if remote access to connected equipment is needed.


Hughes 9450 Features
Easy to use and operate. Simply turn the unit on to connect to the Internet.
In an emergency, up to 464 Kbps download, 448 Kbps upload Internet speeds are available.
Connectivity can be via Ethernet cable, and/or wireless.

Simple 2 piece design - mag-mount antenna, controller.
Easy to transport. Place system in a small suitcase for use anywhere.
May use Standard BGAN or BGAN M2M Service for Low-Speed M2M connectivity
Directly connect any standard corded or cordless phone into the RJ-11 phone jack
SMS messages are $0.50 cents w/free incoming messages.

Phone voicemail, phonebook, web portal for customization.
Onboard router includes port forwarding, MAC filtering, Firewall tasks.
Remote access of system - Capable of tracking and fleet management applications.
Integrated web console for system status, parameters.
Ports include 4 Ethernet (RJ-45 w/POE), 2 phone (RJ-11).

18 and 42 month (3 year and 5 year) Extended Warranties are for the 9450.

Many more features - Please review the Hughes 9450 Terminal Brochure

Connectivity On The Move
While BGAN M2M service is designed for tiny amounts of data to be transmitted many times daily, the Hughes 9450 can in an emergency offer speeds of up to 464 Kbps while on the move or parked. This is unique with other satellite tracking solutions that do not have a real-time high-speed connection to their equipment.

Phone Service Available
The 9450 will allow a standard phone (battery operated) to plug directly with no configuration. Every system has a unique phone number that can make or receive phone calls with any phone on the planet. It is truly a traveling mobile office.

Anything Is Now Trackable
Trucks, Trailers, All of mobile assets can install a Hughes 9450 and be monitored and controlled anyway that can be designed over an open full-time Internet connection. Consider maritime applications as well.

BGAN Inmarsat Coverage Map Global Coverage & Service
With Ground Control service, BGAN terminals may connect anywhere on the globe except for the poles. If you are within one of the three colored regions, you may connect at broadband speeds, as well as make and receive phone calls from anywhere. more

 Hughes 9450 M2M Technical Specifications
Device Capabilities Internet, Email, Phone, FTP, FoIP (Fax), ISDN, SMS Text, Video Streaming
Internet Speeds (shared service) 464 Kbps speeds (both directions)
Global Voice 4 Kbps 3.1K audio (Uses any standard phone)
ISDN 64 Kbps
Streaming CIR 1:1 Speeds Options of 32, 64, and 128 Kbps (both directions)
SMS Texting Up to 160 characters
Wireless No wireless
Operational Satellite Look Angle BGAN satellite must be at least 5° from the horizon
Tracking Max Speed Vehicle Turning Rate < 40° /sec
Cable to Controller Length Up to 8 meters.
Water and Dust Rating IP 56 (antenna)
Operational Temperature -13° to 131° F (-25°C to 55°C)
Ice Buildup Non-operational at 25mm of ice
Storage (survival) Temperature -40° to 80° C
Max Power Consumption - Operating 65 Watts (35 Watts on idle)
DC Input Power 12 or 24 Volt Vehicle Power
Humidity 95% non-condensing at 40°C
Antenna Dimensions 119mm high x 252mm dia for Class 11 Antenna
Weight 2 Kg for Class 11 Antenna
Antenna Cable Length Tracking antenna, 8 meter RF cable. Note: Antenna cable length can be changed, but the maximum loss must be less than <10 dB at 1.6 GHz.
Controller (Transceiver) Dimensions 281mm x 232mm x 46mm
Static / Public IP's Optional. Up to 11 may be ordered

Hughes 9450 Contents Hughes 9450 BGAN Terminal Complete Package Includes:
► A compact 12" Inch antenna - All weather design
► Transceiver with 4 Ethernet ports and 2 phone ports
► 8 meter antenna cable
► Magnetic mounts (with the Mag-Mount selection)
► Power cable
► Quickstart Guide, Users Manual, Installation Manual on Thumbdrive
Click here for larger photo

Hughes 9450 Documentation
Hughes 9450 Brochure Hughes 9450 Installers Manual
9450 Brochure 9450 Users Guide 9450 Installation

BGAN Management Portal - Track All - Monitor All - Control All
$19 per terminal per month - No term contracts
Ground Control's Terminal Management Portal will track, monitor and control one or more BGAN terminals from a secure intuitive web interface. This highly functional portal shows terminal GPS locations, service usage, geo-fencing operational borders, wake-up and sleep commands, a historic log file for all activity, and many other features.
BGAN M2M Tracking Portal
The BGAN Terminal Management Portal is $19 per month per terminal. There are no term contracts, or minimum number of terminals required. You may add and remove terminals at any time. More information on the BGAN Terminal Management Portal.

BGAN Optimized Lapotp Long-Range Cordless Phones
Add cordless phones to your BGAN terminal that can stay connect up to 2 miles away (3.2 km). These phone can make or receive calls, and talk to each other independent of the base-station. $1,995 for portable case solution.
Long-Range Cordless Phones.

Why Choose Ground Control?
While there are other resellers you could choose to purchase your BGAN equipment and service from... with Ground Control, you are working with a BGAN Internet Service Provider. We also provide a no-cost BGAN Firewall option for high-security, and Auto-Registration pre-configuration for one-button activations... and many many other benefits. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative to help you find the most cost effective satellite communications solution for any situation.

For an overview of BGAN, please read the BGAN FAQ.
  BGAN In-Motion Comparision  
Hughes 9450 Photos    
Hughes 9450 Contenta   Hughes 9450 Tranceiver
The contents of the Hughes 9450. Noted that the Mag-Mount feet are an optional item. Note the name "Hughes" is no longer stamped on the white domed antenna. Click image above for larger photo.  
The Transceiver of the Hughes 9450. There are 4 LAN ports that have PoE (Power over Ethernet) ability. Click image above for larger photo.
Hughes 9450 Class 11 Antenna
  Hughes 9450 Antenna Cable
The Class 11 domed antenna for the Hughes 9450 Terminal with the rubberized Mag-Mount feet attached. The feet will quickly allow the Hughes 9450 to be placed on top of any vehicle roof. Removal is fairly easy, but does take a bit of effort to pop a first end off the roof.
The flexible antenna cable is 8 meters long, and thin enough to fit in many car door jambs.
Hughes 9450 Mounting Kits   Hughes 9450 Bolt Kit Mount on Vehicle
The Bolt Kit (on left) is standard with all Hughes 9450 systems. The Mag-Mount Rubberized feet are an optional item.
Here the Hughes 9450 is bolt mounted to a flat plate mounted on the back of a crane type pickup truck.

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