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Toughsat Series Mobile VSAT

Ground Control manufactures the Toughsat Mobile VSAT systems at our plant in California.

Toughsat XP Toughsat Flyaway Toughsat T-100 Trailer
Toughsat XP Toughsat Flyaway Toughsat T-100 Trailer
The Toughsat XP is for roof-mounted mobile VSAT connectivity. Easy broadband Internet and Phone to any rig from anywhere.
The Toughsat Flyaway is a one-person setup and easily transportable mobile VSAT solution that can be used in any environment.
For park-and-play easy of use, we recommend the T-100 Trailer that offers up to a half-mile Wi-Fi hotspot for broad coverage in any event.
Mobile Satellite Contoller TS2
The Ground Control Toughsat TS2 - ACU (Antenna Control Unit)
controls all of our Toughsat mobile VSAT solutions.
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