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Mobile Satellite Internet Communications Trailers & Vehicles
T-100 Toughsat Communications Trailer
T-100 Communications Trailer
Multi-Purpose WiFi Hotspot

Ground Control's T-100 will create a half mile broadband hotspot via our Toughsat series mobile dish with room to spare for your electronics. This system is self contained and will operate up to 10 hours on a tank of gas.

T-50 Toughsat Communications Trailer
T-50 Communications Trailer
Cost Controlled Solution

Ground Control's T-50 Communications Trailer is a bare bones system for mounting with any of our Mobile Satellite Systems. $7,999 is the cost without the satellite dish system. Installation is free.

Specialty Command Vehiles
Custom Specialty Vehicles & Trailers
All Configurations for All Organizations

Design a mobile command center on any chassis to your specific use requirements. We have partnered with a company that specialize in custom designed mobile command centers for organizations throughout North America

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