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October 21, 2020

Introducing Intelligent Cellular ‘i-Cell’

Ground Control welcomes its newest cellular offering – the i-Cell range.

The Smart Solution

The sun is soon to set on the second- and third-generation (2G and 3G) networks around the world. In response, we’ve developed a smart solution to automatically switch from 2G to LTE spectrum encompassing eUICC technology.

We’ve already developed a number of products in the i-Cell range that have been rolled out in beta to a number of our customers – the response has been phenomenal. With the third product just released, we thought it was high time we started to shout louder about this amazing step in cellular technology.

The i-Cell range of cellular communication products are ideal for utility, IoT, retail, and many other applications – thanks to its compact size and cost effectiveness. These next-generation products support all the new features specified by 3GPP to boost IoT applications, such as power-saving mode (PSM) and extended discontinuous reception (eDRX), which, along with proprietary firmware from Wireless Innovation, allows the modem to wake up periodically to deliver data and then go back to sleep, providing ultra-low power consumption for long-term battery applications.

Products Available

  • i-Cell D-Sub 2G/LTE – The i-Cell D-Sub 2G/LTE modem supports worldwide LTE CATM1 and NB-IoT communications, as well as providing legacy 2G quad band support. It features a maximum downlink and uplink data rate of approximately 300Kbps.
  • i-Cell OEM Communicator – Connect your information via the cloud from low-rate, ultra-low power to video streams with i-Cell Communicator, the Swiss Army Knife of IoT.
  • i-Cell 1140 2G/LTE – The iCell1140 is designed to fit the standard Elster A1140 meter range, and interfaces with the proprietary interface via an RJ12 connector.


The i-Cell range utilises the Telit ME910 module for its D-Sub product. This features eDRX and PSM support, a highly compact 28 × 28 mm LGA form factor, and maximum downlink and uplink data rates in the range of 300Kbps. The overall range also uses Telit connectivity solutions for SIMs and data plans. Find out more about our work with the Telit here.

Ground Control will project manage and deliver the complete solution, from the delivery of the hardware and the integration to the customers’ equipment, so they can understand the latency they can work with and the required space segment to meet the required latency.