Reliability That Doesn't Sacrifice Speed
Ground Control’s Galileo platform delivers the application performance and speed you have come to expect from your terrestrial connection coupled with reliability that only a satellite network can provide. Galileo uses low overhead to reduce the effects of satellite latency to a minimum and provides an excellent platform for numerous applications that simply won’t work on other satellite networks. Check out some of Galileo’s features:

Galileo provides high-speed connectivity and terrestrial-like performance utilizing patented signal processing technologies. A transparent protocol proxy reduces the effects of satellite latency while maintaining complete TCP/IP standard compliance for Internet traffic.

Unlike consumer-grade satellite systems Galileo uses unique stabilization technology to ensure your applications will work as seamlessly as they do over a terrestrial line. Galileo supports a broad range of applications, including VOIP and VPN solutions that are typically not supported over satellite.

Galileo has maintained an industry leading 99.95% network uptime since 2004. One of the few satellite systems backed by a Service Level Agreement, Galileo means guaranteed uptime or your money back.

Galileo is available in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and select Caribbean Countries.

Ground Control’s experienced team will assess, install, service and integrate a comprehensive Galileo solution according to your existing requirements and long term business strategies.

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