Partner with Ground Control

Our inspirational partner channel

Ground Control’s connectivity solutions facilitate incredible initiatives all over the world, from preventing poaching to putting out wildfires; supplying more green energy to the grid to improving fleet safety.

And a substantial proportion of those initiatives are delivered by our vibrant, creative, partner channel. We’d love to have you join them.

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What we do

We find better ways to connect customers with their data, however remote and difficult to access it might be.

With over 20 years’ experience in satellite and cellular connectivity, we take pride in pairing our customers with the most appropriate device and airtime for their needs.

We are proud to design and build some of the most reliable and innovative devices on the market, and we also work with leading manufacturers and multiple airtime providers to ensure that customers get the best possible solution.

Where appropriate, we can offer installation and support services for our Channel partners’ customers, or we can train you to deliver these services – that’s up to you.

What type of partners do we work with?

You are great at bringing together unique products and solutions from a range of vendors that delivers real transformation to your customers. Whether it's connecting devices and people remotely or enabling customers to track assets globally, we have built up an enviable range of solutions that address key needs within multiple sectors that enables us to work together and delivers the changes required by your customers.
If you're writing software programs for monitoring, tracking and reporting, and want to integrate with Ground Control's hardware to give your customers an end-to-end solution, please get in touch. Our software partners add huge value to our proposition by creating industry / use-case specific applications that take our data and do something creative with it.
Distribution partners are key to our growth, helping us access new markets and regions. Our distribution partners supply a broad range of connectivity and IoT devices to resellers and SMEs across many regions, so if you want to work with a company that manufactures a range of leading devices, from satellite modems to integrated tracking units, let's talk.
Introducing Cloudloop

Our device management platform

One of the key reasons for partnering with Ground Control is the ease in which you can manage your devices and airtime, using our online platform Cloudloop.

With Cloudloop you can remotely activate, deactivate and suspend devices, get itemized billing for each device, and set automatic alerts if pre-set usage thresholds are reached.

If you’re a developer, the opportunities are even greater. You will be able to access the Cloudloop data and combine it with your proprietary data to deliver actionable insights to your customers.


What we offer partners

Cloudloop data management platform

Cloudloop simplifies device activation, management and billing, with an open API architecture enabling integration with third party apps.

Comprehensive onboarding

Extensive product and services training forms part of our onboarding program, ensuring you will have the knowledge, capabilities, and confidence to grow your business with us.

Account management

Access to a team of pre-sales, business development and support individuals who will work with you to ensure you have everything you need to achieve success.

Marketing support

We offer tiered marketing support, starting from a joint case study with social and press outreach, through to partnering on regional events, customized marketing collateral, and more.

Who partners with Ground Control?

Become a partner

Our team provides technical experience and know-how to enable businesses to adopt satellite successfully, and we share this openly via opensource code, and example code.

Our products enable rapid hardware prototyping, and simple APIs within our platform Cloudloop to transfer data to AWS.

We have the scale to access great pricing, and we promote self-service through the Cloudloop platform.

Call or email us, or complete the form, and we'll be in touch!