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BGAN Rentals - Global Internet, Texting & Phone

Ground Control offers many BGAN terminals for rent worldwide.
Explorer 510 BGAN Rental Link   MCD-4800 Rental   Hughes 9211 Rental Link    
Explorer 510 BGAN Rental - $10 per day

Rent the Explorer 510 BGAN terminal, the smallest of and most rugged of all BGAN terminals for the same daily rate of the IsatHub iSavi. The larger class 2 BGAN provides professional grade BGAN service for up to 464 Kbps Internet speeds. The 510 works with your smartphone via installed Apps to let all of your programs work from anywhere on the globe.

  MCD-4800 Rental - Global Hotspot

Rent the auto-acquire no-pointing MCD-4800 land or sea satellite Internet connectivity. The MCD-4800 is a one-button WiFi hotspot that will work on moving or stationary platforms anywhere in the world. Ideal for those that don't wish to point a BGAN terminal. WiFi range is up to 100 meters away for any in-range wireless device. Requires no training or certification to use since it only has one button to power up or down.

  Hughes 9211 BGAN Rental - $20 per day

The Hughes 9211 is a class 1 BGAN terminal that offer streaming speeds of up to 650 kbps often used for live video offer a variety of professional grade BGAN global satellite terminals that are rugged tough. BGAN terminals can be used by anyone and deliver broadband Internet speeds of up to 492Kbps from anywhere on the planet. These portable global WiFi hotspots also provide standard phone service - Very Cool Tech!

Hughes 9202 BGAN Rental   Hughes 9450 BGAN Rental   Explorer 710 BGAN Rental    
Hughes 9202 BGAN Rental - $10 per day

Rent the Hughes 9202 BGAN terminal for class to 464 Kbps speeds and ease of operation. This case includes an analog phone and Ethernet cable to keep an Internet connection secured if WiFi is disabled. The Hughes 9202 BGAN terminal has been a favorite of our customers for many years and is ideal for a portable mobile office.

  Hughes 9450 BGAN Rental - $20 per day

Rent the Hughes 9450 Auto-Acqure for Internet on-the-move. This terminal offers speeds of up to 464 Kbps down by 448 Kbps up. If you need Internet while traveling, this terminal will fit the bill.

  Explorer 710 BGAN Rental - $20 per day

Rent the Explorer 710 BGAN terminal. This class 1 BGAN terminal is capable of streaming speeds of 650 Kbps. An excellent portable solution for live broadcasters that need bandwidth.

IsatHub iSavi Rental Link   Explorer 300 Rental Link        
IsatHub iSavi Rental - $10 per day

Rent the ultra-portable IsatHub iSavi satellite terminal for $10 a day + service. This terminal offers Internet speeds of up to 384 Kbps to run all of your Apps including phone and SMS texting. An excellent rental for anyone traveling anywhere on the planet. While the iSavi is not as rugged or as reliable with its smaller antenna, it has proven out for many a customer.

  Explorer 300 BGAN Rental - $5 per day

Rent the Explorer 300 BGAN terminal for $5 a day. + service. This terminal offers Internet speeds of up to 384 Kbps down by 240 Kbps up. Connecting is with Ethernet cable only, which is included as this terminal does not have WiFi. The Explorer 300 is an incredibly reliable terminal world-wide use.


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