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High-speed portable satellite services

Global Xpress is a super-fast, Ka-band broadband satellite network from Inmarsat that will offer downlink speeds of up to 50 Megabits per second download and up to 5 Megabits per second upload over the compact user terminals.

Inmarsat is investing $1.2 billion (USD) in infrastructure, including 3 new Inmarsat-5 (I-5)
satellites constructed by Boeing, the United States aerospace manufacturer.

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The New I-5 Inmarsat Satellites

Inmarsat will place three Inmarsat-5 satellites, based on its proven Ka-band 702HP satellite generation to provide the space infrastructure for the Global Xpress network. Much like the I-4 satellite infrastructure, the I-5 satellites will provide a global reach.

Global Xpress Satellite

Each Inmarsat-5 satellite will carry 89 Ka-band beams and will operate in geosynchronous orbit with flexible global coverage. The satellites are designed to generate approximately 15 kilowatts of power at the start of service and approximately 13.8 kilowatts at the end of their 15-year design life. To generate such high power, each spacecraft’s two solar wings employ five panels each of ultra triple-junction gallium arsenide solar cells. The Boeing 702HP carries the xenon ion propulsion system (XIPS) for all on-orbit maneuvering.

Global Xpress - The Future Of High-Speed Connectivity Is Here

Global Xpress Mini Coverage Map
Global Xpress Coverage Map
Global Xpress has global coverage using the new I-5 satellites. more

When operational, the Inmarsat-5 satellites will provide Inmarsat with a comprehensive range of global mobile satellite services including mobile broadband communications for deep-sea vessels, in-flight connectivity for airline passengers and streaming high-resolution video, voice and data.

Leveraging Boeing's expertise in government environments and applications, the Inmarsat-5 satellites will provide Inmarsat customers with an array of secure voice and high-speed communication applications between land, sea and air services and multinational coalitions. The Inmarsat-5 spacecraft will be compatible with the Ariane, Sea Launch, Proton and Atlas launch vehicles.

The world's first geosynchronous communications satellite, Syncom, was built by Boeing and launched in 1963. Today, nearly half of the 275 commercial satellites in orbit worldwide were built by Boeing at its Satellite Development Center in El Segundo, California; the site of the world's largest satellite manufacturing center.

Global Xpress Land Terminals

Inmarsat’s Global Xpress partner companies will manufacture commercial land satellite terminals from 0.6 to 2.4 meters (either in a manual configuration or a fully automatic/automatic acquire configuration) covering the fixed, transportable, ‘flyaway’ and ‘manpack’ terminal types.

The Skyware Technologies Atom 65 Global Xpress Flyaway terminal is easy to setup by one person.

Global Xpress Flyaway Satellite Dish Setup

Global Xpress Mobile Ku-Band Satellite Dish

The range of terminals has been specifically designed for operation in the Ka-band and will utilize a new Core Module developed by VT iDirect (“iDirect”). Working together, iDirect’s Core Module and the partners’ terminals will provide state-of-the-art capabilities, fully consistent with the Global Xpress objective of delivering up to 50Mbps downlink speeds with 60cm aperture terminals.

Maritime Market
Broadband options for any vessel, anywhere

Since 1979, Inmarsat has provided global mobile satellite communications to customers across the maritime sector. Over this period it has developed a reputation for reliable, highly available voice and data communications, keeping vessels in touch with shore, and each other, wherever they are in the world.

Global Express Maritime

Global Xpress will revolutionize broadband services in the maritime world - while maintaining the outstanding quality, global coverage and seamless mobility customers have come to expect from Inmarsat. Global Xpress will complement the existing suite of maritime services, giving customers the flexibility and choice of services to fit their needs and requirements.

With superior engineering and quality, and backed by the L-band resilience of FleetBroadband, the Global Xpress solution will exceed the levels of service offered by existing broadband VSAT services. Global Xpress will offer significantly better throughput, at prices comparable with today's slower VSAT services.

Global Xpress will be available globally through smaller antennas than today's standard VSAT Ku antennas. This will enable many more ships to take advantage of the superior speeds and service.

As the need for better crew benefits grows, Global Xpress will be ideally placed to provide a high-quality user experience for browsing, voice and media services. In addition, integrating the ship into the corporate office as a part of the enterprise will become reality, and not just a sales pitch. The advent of modern electronics many ships' systems can be monitored in real time - and Global Xpress will be best placed to meet customer requirements in terms of throughput and cost.

Global Xpress is the broadband of the future for maritime customers, offering speed, quality and service at a level beyond what is available today. Customers' needs and requirements will be paramount, and Inmarsat intends to provide a quality user experience at a cost-effective and acceptable price that today's VSAT services cannot match.

Mission Statement

One broadband service, one provider, one world

The global market for broadband services is expanding rapidly as corporate and government users continually extend their online and networked activity. The definition of 'broadband' is also evolving; throughput speeds that once seemed super fast can now be found routinely in the workplace or at home.

Global Xpress is Inmarsat’s visionary response to this rapidly changing scene. As the next stage in the evolution of remote communications, our new Ka-band satellite service will support broadband connections at speeds comparable with terrestrial networks. And it will do so from compact, highly portable devices – while further enhancing Inmarsat’s reputation for outstanding quality, global coverage and seamless mobility.

A revolution in mobile satellite communications

Inmarsat is a pioneer in global mobile satellite services. We’ve been the market leader since 1979, launching a range of trusted L-band voice and data services for users on land, at sea, and in the air. Our services have won awards, delivered essential communications to many businesses and organizations, and helped to save thousands of lives.

This experience and expertise will feed into the development of Global Xpress. From 2013, it will address the established and growing markets for VSAT services in the maritime, energy and government sectors, with further growth potential in the aeronautical sector. Global Xpress will deliver seamless global coverage and unprecedented mobile broadband with downlink speeds up to 50Mbps to customer terminals from 20cm-60cm in size.

Global Xpress will be the first service to offer global mobile broadband coverage, delivering unparalleled speeds and bandwidth to customers in remote locations around the world. It will be faster and less expensive than current Ku-band market offerings, delivered to smaller and cheaper terminals and be the first offered on a seamless, global, end-to-end basis, with high quality of service.

Users of existing Inmarsat global services will be able to take advantage of unique hybrid packages that use both Inmarsat's L-band and Global Xpress networks. Offering unprecedented scalability, these will also ensure increased resilience and reliability in remote and harsh environments.

Global Xpress is the next chapter in Inmarsat’s 31-year history of innovation.

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