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Mobile Warranty
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Toughsat Warranty Overview

Every Ground Control Toughsat mobile system is designed to operate in extreme conditions be it freezing, blistering hot, overly humid, windy, or in a downpour. We want you to be comfortable in knowing our product will work when you need it most.

Standard Warranty

Toughsat XPs are protected with a standard 1 year parts and on-site labor limited warranty. Our field technicians located in hundreds of locations throughout North America will drive to your rig's location (in most locations) and perform needed repairs, all on our dime.

Extended Warranties Available

12 Month Extended Warranty - Add 1 extra year of Parts & Labor to the standard warranty for either the Toughsat mobile satellite systems.

24 Month Extended Warranty - Add 2 extra years of Parts & Labor to the standard warranty for either the Toughsat mobile satellite systems.

Lifetime Electronics Warranties Available

For a small monthly fee of $24.95 placed on your monthly VSAT service, Ground Control will replace any failed radio electronic component of your satellite system, which includes any iDirect Evolution, or Galileo satellite gateway router, the LNB, and the 3, 4 or 6 watt BUC (transmitter). As long as the radio insurance fee is current with an active iDirect account with Ground Control, any radio equipment that fails to operate through standard use will have that part replaced.

Questions? 800.773.7168 (U.S.) | +1.805.783.4600 (int) |

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