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Inmarsat Satellite Network

"Inmarsat owns and operates the world’s most reliable global satellite networks."

Enabling the connected world

Inmarsat’s mobile satellite telecommunications networks provide essential support for business and mission-critical safety and operational applications for organisations worldwide. With a spectrum portfolio that includes L-band, Ka-band, and S-band, Inmarsat offers a comprehensive range of solutions.

With over 40 years of experience, Inmarsat has been a pioneer in global mobile satellite communications. It constructed the first-ever satellite network for global mobility and continues to provide innovative solutions to meet the most challenging connectivity needs of its customers, regardless of their location around the world.

“Inmarsat’s broad range of voice and data satellite communication services delivers global coverage on land, at sea and in the air.

It supports mission-critical business and government applications as well as essential maritime and aviation services.”

More About Inmarsat

Inmarsat operates across multiple sectors, including Maritime, Government, Aviation and Enterprise.

The company is also a driving force behind technological innovation: each year, it invests more than USD$600M to stay at the forefront of technology and has also built up a powerful international network of pioneering technology and manufacturing partners.

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Seamless, reliable and high-speed global inflight connectivity has modernized aviation, with the promise of further exciting changes to come. With 30 years’ experience as a pioneering aviation services provider, Inmarsat is trusted by airlines, OEMs, the business aviation community and the industry’s safety and regulatory authorities to keep both the cockpit and cabin connected at 35,000 feet.

Inmarsat’s networks, wholly-owned and operated, are tailored specifically for aviation and have become the industry standard for passenger satisfaction, customer loyalty, operational efficiencies, and safety-critical services. These networks are continuously updated to meet the needs of the aviation industry in the present and future.


Inmarsat’s expertise in mobile land markets is unparalleled among satellite operators. They offer top-of-the-line mobile satellite connectivity solutions for mission-critical applications, remote communication needs, and IoT monitoring, ensuring reliable connectivity wherever it is required.

Emerging digital technologies are changing the way industries respond to global challenges such as discovering new energy sources and increasing food production. But some of the locations best placed to benefit from these smart technologies are remote and lacking in terrestrial connectivity.

Organisations who grow, mine, extract, and then transport goods or materials trust Inmarsat to keep them connected and help them to respond to challenges and succeed in the new era of the connected world.



Governments worldwide rely on Inmarsat to ensure communication certainty across air, land, and sea. Inmarsat offers global mobile communication services that are critical to government operations and must work flawlessly.

Inmarsat’s satellite constellations are inter-networked and overlapping, combined with secure satellite access stations, paired redundancy, and automatic back-up switching, providing the most reliable global satellite communication network with an unmatched 99.9 percent reliability.

With ownership of its satellite network and ground stations, Inmarsat’s global team of engineers can build custom solutions that other providers cannot offer, providing governments with unparalleled communication solutions.


Inmarsat has powered connectivity at sea for over four decades and has redefined what it means to stay connected on the open water.

From container ships, LNG carriers, and offshore supply and fishing vessels to passenger liners and leisure yachts, Inmarsat provides end-to-end satellite communications that drives operational excellence, crew welfare and safety to help seagoing vessels stay connected when it matters most. Inmarsat solutions are trusted by hundreds of thousands of mariners every single day to provide a critical lifeline when disaster strikes.

Inmarsat’s high-speed connectivity opens up a new world of digitalisation at sea with an ecosystem of cutting-edge applications designed specifically to meet the needs of customers. Whether it’s streamlining vessel operations, optimising route planning, or enabling passengers and crew to phone home, Inmarsat delivers a reliable, truly global service across the world’s oceans.


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