Hughes 9450-C10 Range


Designed for Government, first responders, public safety, mobile healthcare, and remote mobile fleet personnel working across a range of industries, the 9450 range paired with the C10 antenna provides high performance on-the-move connectivity in the most demanding environments.


In-motion, flexible and fast BGAN Terminal

The Hughes 9450E-C10 is a highly competitive mobile terminal, ideal for government, first responders, public safety, mobile healthcare, and remote mobile fleet personnel in industries such as utilities, oil and gas, forestry, cable, and telecommunications. Corporate disaster planners and remote field personnel can collaborate reliably and efficiently with various agencies and headquarters staff using video, voice, and data simultaneously.


Simple, quick, and flexible options are available for installation on any vehicle. The antenna may be permanently mounted for fleet-style installation or the optional magnetic roof mount can be used for rapid installation and removal.

The Hughes 9450E-C10 terminal is IP-based and offers selectable, dedicated Quality of Service (QoS) levels. It also has four (4) Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet.

Key Features
Tech Specification
  • Voice and data communications on-the-move
  • Simple two-piece design, antenna, and controller / transceiver connected with 8-meter antenna cable
  • Connection via Ethernet or Optional Wi-fi and Phone ports
  • Up to 492Kbps speeds with C10 Antenna. Class-1 BGAN terminal
  • SMS messaging will work with connected smartphones
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Easy to install antenna using bolt mount or optional mag mount
  • Service using Inmarsat BGAN or BGAN M2M (for low bandwidth applications) provided by Ground Control
  • Onboard router includes port forwarding, MAC filtering, Firewall tasks
  • Remote access of system – capable of tracking and fleet management applications
  • Capabilities: Internet, email, voice, FTP, FoIP (fax), ISDN, SMS text, video streaming
  • Internet Speeds: 492Kbps (Rx), 492Kbps (Tx) – Class-1 BGAN
  • Streaming (CIR 1:1): 32, 64, 128, and 256 Kbps (both directions)
  • Wifi: Optional 802.11 WiFi Hotspot
  • Environmental: IP 56 (antenna)
  • Storage (survival) Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
  • Ice Buildup: Non-operational at 25mm of ice
  • Max Power Consumption: Operating 65 watts (35 watts on idle)
  • Weight: 5.5 Kg
  • Global Voice: 4Kbps, 3.1K audio via RJ11 phone port (on supported terminal variant)
  • ISDN: 64Kbps
  • SMS: 160 characters
  • Cable to Controller Length: 8 meters
  • Operating Temperature: -13°F to 131°F (-25°C to 55°C)
  • Humidity: 95% non-condensing at 40°C
  • Power: 12 or 24VDC vehicle power
  • Antenna Dimensions: (H) 152mm x (Ø)477mm
  • Controller (Transceiver) Dimensions: 281mm x 232mm x 46mm
100 MB Prepaid SIM
300 MB Prepaid SIM
1200 MB Prepaid SIM
3 GB Prepaid SIM
Pricing (USD):
Inclusive Data:
100 MB ($5.25 per MB)
300 MB ($4.89 per MB)
1,200 MB (4.70 per MB)
3 GB
Valid For:
90 days
1 year
1 year
1 year

Rent a Hughes 9450 Auto-Tracking BGAN Terminal with everything needed for $20 a day with free rental days depending on the service plan chosen. Just call or email us and we’ll do the rest.

Rental 9450 system includes: Hughes 9450 domed antenna with mag-mounts, 9450 rransceiver, 10 meter antenna cable, DC vehicle power cable, AD/DC power supply, Ethernet cable, Quickstart guide, USB flash drive for manuals packaged in a hardened Pelican case.

Rent a BGAN terminal

*For full details of our BGAN airtime options, please visit our BGAN services plans page.

Inmarsat BGAN Coverage

The Inmarsat constellation consists of 14 satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO), roughly 35,786km above the Earth’s surface – operating in the L-band, Ka-band and S-band.

The Inmarsat-6 satellites are dual-band satellites supporting both L-Band and Ka-Band frequencies. These include I-6 F1, launched 22nd December 2021 and I-6 F2 successfully launched on 17th February 2023. The latter is said to have enabled Inmarsat to support four times the amount of network traffic, meaning faster speeds, continued reliability of service and greater coverage.

Since a BGAN terminal uses the L-band for reception and transmission (the L-band has a very long wavelength), it is able penetrate through clouds and other atmospheric condition far better than large satellite dishes.

BGAN and BGAN M2M Coverage Map

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Simple, easy to use two-piece design, the Hughes 9450-C10 Range is ideal for anyone requiring connectivity on the move including first responders, public safety, mobile healthcare, and remote mobile fleet personnel and more.

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