Toughsat XP

Professional Grade Mobile Internet

Toughsat XP is Ground Control’s flagship professional series mobile satellite system, incorporating the best of our experience into a complete system with a powerful feature set that operates in normal or extreme environments.

With simple operation at the click of a button combined with our premium grade iDirect service, the solution provides the speeds and bandwidth needed for robust Internet and communications making it the perfect in-field communications solution.

Contact one of our solution experts to discuss how we can solve your communications needs.

iDirect Service Plans

Key Features

  • Complete, ready-to-go system including all components required for operation
  • System includes: Mobile Dish, TS2 Controller, iDirect Satellite Gateway and 6 watt BUC
  • Easy and quick to deploy and stow, including one-button operation
  • No requirement for specialist training or knowledge to operate
  • Rapid satellite lock and connectivity establishment
  • Establishes a local area wireless network (100-foot radius) automatically
  • Auto-stow feature – dish will automatically stow if rig is moved or dish goes off signal
  • Operates globally in northern or southern hemispheres
  • Uses Ground Control as the service provider or any iDirect service provider worldwide
  • Bundled with our high-performance iDirect service providing 20Mbps x 5Mbps internet speeds
  • Service pricing available for Public Safety Organizations. SAFECOM-complaint.
  • Ideal for our VoIP phone service. Connect one or 10 phones that work like any phone
  • Optional antenna booster extends wireless connectivity up to half a mile.
  • Connect up to 256 devices with Integrated full feature 4-port router
  • SNG rated to stream live video at guaranteed 4 x 4Mbps with our streaming services
  • Powerful TS2 Antenna Controller Unit with intuitive web-based interface for system configuration, diagnostics and control
  • Black anodized billet aluminum construction, UV-resistant plastics, sealed all-weather electronics
  • Removes vehicle clearance issue with stow heights below 12 inches
  • Modular design – components easily replaced in field
  • Manufactured by Ground Control at our plant in California
  • Standard 12 month warranty – parts and on-site labor
  • Extended and lifetime radio electronics warranties available
  • 24-7 US-based technical support from Ground Control included
  • Optional UPS. A back-up battery for stowing the dish if power is shut off or disconnected

Tech Specification

  • Max Satellite Speeds (6-watt BUC) Rx/Tx: (G-18)20 / 5 Mbps, (SES2) 5 / 2Mbps
  • Satellite Gateway: iDirect Evolution X7 Router
  • Public IP Address: Included
  • Toughsat ACU Type: Rackmount 1RU with front panel control. 12″ depth
  • Integrated Router: Cisco Linksys with 4-port LAN.
  • Integrated Wireless Access Point: 802.11 ‘G’. 100-foot radius standard
  • DHCP: Wireless and 4-port LAN
  • Wireless Security: WPA (TKIP) WPA2 (AES) + WEP 64 and 128bit
  • NAT: Supported by included router
  • Firewall: Supported by included router
  • Port Mapping and Port Triggers: Supported by included router
  • QoS, ToS, MAC Address Clone, RIP v1 RIP v2: Supported by included router
  • Networkable clients machines: Unlimited
  • ACU Power (includes dish, router, and Wi-Fi: Average 15 watts, max 40 watts
  • Reflector: 1.2 or 0.98 square meter effective area
  • Mount Geometry: 3-axis motor drive (elevation, azimuth, and skew)
  • Deployment Sensors: GPS and tilt sensor +- 0.1°
  • Maximum Mount Rotation: (Azimuth) 410°, (Elevation) 165°, (Polarization) +/-95°
  • Transmit Power: 6 watts
  • Frequency Receive: 10.96 – 12.75GHz
  • Frequency Send: 13.75 – 14.50GHz
  • Stowed Dish Dimensions (1.2m): (LxWxH) 67.5″ x 48.3” x 12” (172 x 123 x 30.5cm)
  • Stowed Dish Dimensions (.98m): (LxWxH) 59″ x 39″ x 12”(150 x 74 x 30.5cm)
  • Mounting Plate (1.2 and .98m): 22” x 57” (56 x 145cm)
  • Base Plate (attached to mounting plate): 14” x 16” (35.6 x 40.7cm)
  • Deployed Max Height (1.2m / .98m): 68” (173cm) / 52” (132cm)
  • Weight (1.2m / .98m): 133lbs (60.4kg) / 125lbs (56.7kg)
  • Boom Radius Sweep (1.2m / .98m): 61” / 53” from center with 5” min. ground clearance
  • Wind Deployed (1.2m / 0.98m): 50mph (80kph) / 75 mph (120kph)
  • Wind Stowed: 140mph (225kph)
  • Max Operational Temperature (at 100% humidity): -20°F to 140°F (-28°C to 60°C)
  • Max Survival Temperature (at 100% humidity): -60°F to 160°F (-51°C to 71°C)
  • Environmental IP Rating (Antenna): IP-66
  • Power: 100 to 240V AC, 50 to 60Hz
  • Power Plug Types Available: US, UK, EU, AU, and Brazil plug types
  • Dish Electronics: 15 watts average draw, 40 watts Max
  • iDirect Router: 75 watts average draw


Press a button on our manufactured Toughsat Satellite Internet System from Ground Control and minutes later you will be online with up to 20Mbps x 5Mbps speeds using our iDirect service from us or any iDirect provider worldwide.

Satellite internet, unlike cellular, has no dead zones even in disaster areas. If you can see the sky, you may connect for high-speed internet and phone. Ground Control has been a leader in auto-deploy satellite antennas with thousands of organizations since 2002.


Simple Operation – No Certification or Training Needed – Globally

After pressing the ‘Deploy’ button on the Toughsat TS2 controller, the dish will raise and auto acquire the satellite signal and in minutes will automatically create a broadband Wi-Fi hotspot. Connect any wireless-capable device such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or VoIP phones. No other interaction is required and no training or certification is required for use. To stow the dish, simply press the ‘Stow’ button.

Dual Matrix Service: A Fully Redundant Satellite Infrastructure

Ground Control’s two North American teleports service two different high-performance satellites (Galaxy 18 and SES2) that operate independently of each other. With the Dual Matrix service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at any time, no matter the plan they subscribe to.


  • Dual Satellites
  • Dual Teleports
  • Dual Hubs
  • Dual Networks
  • Dual Backbones
  • One Mobile Dish


Installation and Support

With hundreds of Ground Control certified field service technicians in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, we can easily install and maintain your equipment anywhere. We are a single-source provider of both equipment and premium grade service, and since we’ve been manufacturing mobile systems for a decade, you can trust that we deliver the best value for your organization.


VoIP Phones and Phone Service

Standard phone service includes 1000 free minutes each month with super low-latency (500-650 milliseconds) and a ‘local’ number to make and receive crystal-clear calls over our iDirect satellite service.


Red Phone

Critical voice communications to other Red Phones – Red Phones are able to stay connected to other Red Phones anywhere in North America during the most severe outages of any kind.

Toughsat FAQs

Who manufactures the Toughsat?

Ground Control manufactures the Toughsat line of mobile satellite antenna systems. We’re also the service provider for all mobile VSAT systems. Our manufactured equipment also works with any iDirect provider worldwide.

What is the difference between VSAT and BGAN satellite terminals?

BGAN (short for ‘Broadband Global Area Network’) are small terminals that can fit in a laptop case and can connect with one of four satellites for transfer speeds up to 492Kbps. BGAN charges by the megabyte downloaded/uploaded at about $5 a MB, which is far more than VSAT mobile dish service. The trade-off is that BGAN is very portable compared to VSAT (satellite dishes).

BGAN service also works globally with one service plan, so if you’re a world traveler, BGAN may be a perfect fit. Our satellite systems, on the other hand, can’t be carried in a laptop case and service plans may need to be changed in different countries.

Here’s a blog post that goes into more detail about the difference between VSAT and BGAN.

Who do I buy my monthly access from?

Ground Control. We’re a leader in mobile satellite internet access using premium iDirect service and iDirect satellite routers. If there’s a problem, we’re available for support 24/7. You may also use our line of mobile satellite equipment with any other iDirect provider anywhere in the world.

What is the difference between dish sizes?

A 1.2 square meter satellite dish is slightly elliptical (normally) and has a horizontal diameter of about 4″ (48 inches).

A .98 Square Meter dish has a diameter of about 3′ 4″ (39 inches).

Can I connect any kind of computer to the Toughsat?

Yes. All Ground Control VSAT satellite systems create a standard local area network for any type computer or wireless device. The Toughsat ACU (antenna control unit) will create a 100-foot radius 802.11 wireless ‘G’ access point.

I'm concerned about security with wireless access. Is it secure and can I turn Wi-Fi off?

Yes, absolutely. You may use the robust encryption or you may at any time disable the wireless and limit connections to the network with Ethernet cables.

Can anyone physically install the dish?

No. A certified installer is required since installation is fairly complicated. (This does not pertain to the Toughsat Flyaway that requires no installation.) You can become a VSAT-certified installer for a nominal fee using our online VSAT certification course. Ground Control has professional satellite installers throughout the US and Canada. If you’re using your own provider or are located outside of North America, please contact a Ground Control sales representative for your installation options.

How does the dish find the satellite?

On the Toughsat, simply press the ‘Deploy’ button on the controller (or from any connected computer) and the dish deploys and locks to the satellite automatically in about three to seven minutes. All systems are completely self-contained and don’t need any kind of computer to connect to the satellite and create a local area network. There is no physical labor involved in setting up the dishes or network connection. Once the satellite is found, you’re online. Simply run your web browser or e-mail program.

Can I be traveling down the road and be online at the same time?

No. The Toughsat system requires the vehicle or rig to be parked in order to connect on the satellite. Here are your options if you need an in-motion satellite solution.

How does weather affect the dish?

The larger the dish, the less ‘rain fade’ hinders performance. However, it takes a fair amount of rain to knock off even our smallest dishes. Transmission may be irregular if signal quality dips, which is rare and happens only in a severe downpour. Wind can also be a factor, but our Toughsat mobile systems are designed to withstand enormous wind gusts with its no-backlash braking technology, a great Toughsat feature.

What is AutoStow and how does this feature work?

On the Toughsat, the AutoStow is for when you accidentally drive off and leave the dish up. For autostow to work, the system must be turned on. (Note, we do offer an integrated AutoStow battery if power is accidentally shut off.) If the vehicle moves more than 10 feet, the onboard GPS will recognize the vehicle is moving and automatically stow the dish. Also, if something moves in front of the dish for longer than 10 seconds, taking the signal offline, the dish will stow.

While these AutoStow features are not a guarantee for your hardware’s safety, they are a good line of defense to protect your investment. Please note that damage to your antenna caused by a moving vehicle is not covered under your Ground Control warranty.

Will the mobile system fit and operate on my rig, trailer, or vehicle roof?

The system can operate on any mobile platform that gives the dish room to rotate in place. If mounting on top of a truck or trailer roof, please review the dimensions of the Toughsat XP 1.2 and .98-meter dishes. If mounting on top of a vehicle, we recommend using the Fly-And-Drive Toughsat that will mount a Toughsat to most any vehicle roof rack. Ground Control also sells a self-contained multi-purpose T-100 communications trailer that will work with all mobile dishes we offer.

How difficult is it to use the Toughsat?

The Toughsat was designed to remove the complexities of connecting. Simply press the ‘Power Button’ on the ACU and wait a few seconds for the system to boot and the panel lights to stop blinking. Next, press the ‘Deploy’ button and that is it. All mobile systems will automatically go up and lock onto the correct satellite.

Once this happens, the network will activate and you may immediately connect to the internet at high-speed. To stow the dish, simply press the ‘Stow’ button. The dish will stow in about two minutes (Toughsat), and you may then drive away leaving power on or off. (Leaving power on is helpful for bookmobiles that perform frequent stops.)

Is it easy to stow and reconnect the satellite dish when one moves from one location to another?

Yes. Just press the ‘Stow’ button on the front panel (or from any connected browser) and the dish will stow automatically. When you arrive at the new location, simply press on the ‘Find Satellite’ button. There is an optional remote keypad that allows the Toughsat ACU buttons to be placed on the drivers dashboard.

Can the dish be used for TV as well as Internet simultaneously?

On our earlier mobile systems, there was a bracket that could add DirecTV and Dish Network, but satellites constantly change and many have lost their satellite TV because of these moves. If you require TV, we highly recommend the purchase of an inexpensive mobile TV system separate from your internet/data connection.

Can the dish be used as a telephone?

Ground Control sells an excellent VoIP package that’s been optimized for satellite connectivity. You may buy our phones or purchase a $99 VoIP adapter from us and then use it with any standard corded or cordless phone. Many of our customer have had success using Skype over our network as well.

How fast are the upload and download speeds?

Our fastest iDirect solution is 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up. We also offer dedicated ‘unshared’ channels that offer speeds of 20Mbps down and 7Mbps up. For more information on our service packages, please call a Ground Control representative or review our North American iDirect services or find our services Internationally.

Can I get a Static/Public IP address?

Yes. One publicly routable IP address is standard with all accounts, and more are available from Ground Control.

Does the Ground Control satellite network support VPN?

Yes. Our iDirect services work with with many VPNs. We also sell the Encore series of VPN devices if you are looking for a proven VPN solution over satellite.

How often may I use the dish?

As much as you like. If the dish is locked on satellite and your computer is turned on, you’re online.

Does the system work anywhere in North America or other parts of the globe?

Yes. However, service is dependent on the coverage area of the satellite you’re connected to. Please review coverage maps of service in your region. The map will show where the signal strength is stronger and weaker. Larger dishes and radios are able to connect in regions that have a weaker signal.

Can the system be installed where my rig is currently located?

Yes, this is how installations are normally done. Ground Control will dispatch a certified mobile installer to your rig location.

Are there firmware upgrades?

Firmware upgrades are always free and easy to perform. With the Toughsat, upgrades are done by pressing one button from any connected browser. We also offer auto-updating that requires no user interaction.

Do you offer support for mobile systems?

Absolutely. We offer 24/7 support for all iDirect systems and our support staff is based here in the United States. It’s always free for service subscribers, and we even give you an 800 number to call us. Online mobile satellite support is available.


download.svgToughsat XP Brochuredownload.svgToughsat TS2 Controller Specificationdownload.svgToughsat User Manualdownload.svgToughsat XP 1.2m Roof Mounting Templatedownload.svgToughsat XP .98m Roof Mounting Template

Useful Links

Toughsat XP Photos

Toughsat XP

Fly and Drive

The Toughsat fly-and-drive system allows the Flyaway case to be easily mounted on any roof rack. The Toughsat is video streaming capable for live events with a streaming services.

Toughsat XP

Flyaway Case-Based

The optional Flyaway case-based Toughsat is a complete Toughsat system in three pieces that can be transported and operated by a single individual.

Toughsat XP

Rooftop VSAT

The Toughsat does not require a lot of space on top of a roof. Deployed, the boom can clear air conditioners, or other installed equipment.

Toughsat XP

Stowed Height

The Toughsat XP .98 and 1.2 meter dishes both stow below a height of 12". Good for rig clearance issues. Flimsy roofs are easily reinforced with 2 lengths of aluminum quarter angle.

Toughsat XP

1.2 Meter Dimensions

The Toughsat XP 1.2 Meter system uses 67.5 inches of space on top of a vehicle roof. Stow heights are less than the XP .98 meter at below 12" (30.5cm).

Toughsat XP

.98 Meter Dimensions

The Toughsat .98 meter (both the XP and SP) has a very small footprint on top of any rig or vehicle roof. Stow heights are below 12" (30.5cm).

Toughsat TS2 ACU

TS2 Controller

The Toughsat TS2 ACU operates silent with no fan. The iDirect Evolution X7 satellite router is also silent, and is standard equipment. (Rackmount 1 RU for X7 iDirect satellite modem is not shown).

Toughsat TS2 ACU

Antenna Control Unit

The Toughsat TS2 ACU (Antenna Control Unit) has easy one-button "Deploy" and "Stow" buttons for simple operation. Also, the full function integrated wireless G router with a 4 port Ethernet hub on the back of the ACU.

Toughsat XP

Weather-Proof Connectors

Weather proof, easy twist submarine rated connectors, internal weather proof electronics housing, stainless steel & aluminum construction, are just a few of the environmental upgrades for Toughsat to travel and operate anywhere.

T-100 Trailer

Communication Trailer

Both the 1.2 and .98 meter Toughsats stows to a height below 12" (30.5cm). The T-100 communication trailer is totally self contained with an onboard 1000 or 2000 watt generator.

Toughsat XP

Toughsat in the Media

This bus uses two Toughsat systems for redundant connectivity to two different satellites, and for added speed using a dual WAN.

Toughsat XP

Toughsat in Education

These Toughsats are mounted on 5th wheel trailers to create mobile classrooms.

Toughsat XP

Toughsat in Emergency Situations

Ground Control has special 10 unlimited use days per month plans for emergency personnel. We understand that the dish is not used every day, and we price it as such.

Toughsat XP

Toughsat and First Responders

The Toughsat series is popular with many emergency responders in North America. High-speed Internet and multiple VoIP phones create a fully functional remote command station in minutes.

Toughsat XP


The TOUGHSAT XP's operate in extreme environments from most any parked location on the planet. The .98 meter system shown above can stay operational in wind speeds up to 75 mph (120 kph)

T-100 Trailer

Communication Trailer

The Toughsat XP 1.2 Meter dish is mounted on one of our T-100 Communication trailers that enable the wireless signal to reach out half a mile in any direction.

Toughsat XP

Integrated WiFi

The Toughsat has an integrated Wi-Fi access point for any in-range wireless enabled devices. Shown above is a Toughsat XP 1.2 meter dish. Credit to Montana Satellite Services - Toughsat dealer - installer.

T-100 Trailer

Twin T-100s

Side-by-side are the 1.2 meter Toughsat XP and the .98 meter Toughsat XP on our T-100 communications trailers. The XP systems are designed to be mounted on a vehicle or truck or trailer roof.

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