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BGAN Terminal Firmware - Current as of February 26, 201
All BGAN terminals have firmware that BGAN manufacturers update from time to time. Ground Control ships all equipment with the most recent firmware. You may check to see your firmware version from the your BGAN terminal's web interface.
Updating firmware is as simple as running the executable file below to a connected terminal. For the latest version of Firmware, please visit Inmarsat BGAN Firmware Page.

Terminal Version Description OS Size File
Ground Control
Gen 2 Models Only
8-10-16   PC .7 MB Download .zip
9201   PC 4.69 MB Download .zip
9201   Mac 3.58 MB Download .zip
9202 Oct 2017 - Fixes Hardware Issue PC 5.50 MB Download .zip
9202 Oct 2017 - Fixes Hardware Issue MAC 4.59 MB Download .zip
9211 Feb 2018 - Fixes known bugs PC 5.10 MB Download .zip
9211 Updated Feb 2019 MAC 4.18 MB Download .zip
9250   PC 4.56 MB Download .zip
9250   Mac 3.80 MB Download .zip
9350 C-10/11   PC 5.18 MB Download .zip
9350 C-10/11   Mac 4.03 MB Download .zip
9450 C-10/11 Updated Feb 2019 PC 5.27 MB Download .zip
9450 C-10/11 Updated Feb 2019 Mac 4.34 MB Download .zip
9502   PC 4.57 MB
Release Notes
9502 Remote Upgrade.
Current (Use SMS command to remote upgrade the 9502. No added cost to upgrade over the air.) n/a n/a

Auto-Upgrade 9502 .pdf

Cobham Satcom (formally Thrane & Thrane)
Explorer 100/110 2.11.3   PC/Mac 12.6 MB Download .zip
Explorer 300, 500 3.05   PC/Mac 5.55 MB Download .zip
Explorer 325 1.25 Updated Feb 2019 PC/Mac 6.83 MB Download .zip
Explorer 510 1.04 Updated May 2018 PC/Mac 48.7 MB Download .zip
Explorer 527 3.02   PC/Mac 4.78 MB Download .zip
Explorer 540 M2M 1.02 Updated Sept 2017 PC/Mac 40.4 MB
Explorer 700 3.09   PC/Mac 5.43 MB Download .zip
Explorer 710 1.08 Updated August 2018 PC/Mac 56.2 MB Download .zip
Explorer 727 1.25 Updated Feb 2019 PC/Mac 7.13 MB Download .zip
IP Handset 1.17   PC/MAC 10.9MB Download .zip
AddValue - Wideye
Saber 1 Remote Ver. 62.4.6   PC/Mac 8.25 MB Download .zip
Saber 1 14.5.1   PC/Mac 7.83 MB Download .zip
Saber Ranger R072.4.6   PC/Mac 8.07 MB Download .zip
Saber Ranger M2M R02.0.0   PC/Mac 11.4 MB Download .zip
Safari In-Motion R02.0.0   PC/Mac 8.65 MB Download .zip
iSavi R02.0.1 Updated Feb 2019 PC/Mac 9.13 MB Download .zip

BGAN Terminal Web Interface
All BGAN terminals can be accessed directly by typing in its local address from any connected browser. Web Interface screens provide everything required to monitor and manage your BGAN connection.
 BGAN Terminal    Access Web Interface URL
 Portable BGAN Terminals
Wideye Sabre 1
Wideye Ranger
Explorer 100/110
Explorer 300
Explorer 500
Explorer 510
Explorer 540
Explorer 700
Explorer 710
Hughes 9201
Hughes 9202
Hughes 9211
Hughes 9502
MCD-4800 The Football
MCOM1-H Flyaway GO-Kit
 In-Motion BGAN Terminals - Vehicle Mounted
Wideye Safari
Explorer 325
Explorer 727
Hughes 9350-C10
Hughes 9350-C11
Hughes 9450


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