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IsatHub Service Plans
Inmarsat IsatHub Brochure
IsatHub Brochure
Wideye iSavi IsatHub
Lightweight and Compact
iSavi on a vehicle hood
Make calls over your Smartphone
iSavi IsatHub with Laptop Laptops Can Connect
IsatHub Pointing Indicators
Easy-Pointing with Visual Indicators
IsatHub Battery Life
Battery Life and Charge Port
IsatHub Battery Removed
Battery is a stand, and easily removed
iSavi Checking Email
Check Email Anywhere
iSavi Taking Pictures
Share Pictures From Anywhere
iSavi with a Laptop
Broadband Internet & Phone Anywhere
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  iSavi Wi-Fi Satellite Hotspot   
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Manufactured by Wideye Addvalue - Global Smartphone and Laptop Broadband Internet & Calling From Anywhere
IsatHub iSavi Satellite Terminal
IsatHub iSavi
Global Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot
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 IsatHub iSavi - For the IsatHub Network  
 Complete Wideye iSavi Package - picture
 MPN: SH-100 & SAVI-9TE00-01
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The IsatHub iSavi Global Satellite Hotspot is Broadband 384 Kbps Internet and phone for smartphones, tablets and laptops. IsatHub uses BGAN service from Inmarsat, used by professional organizations and governments for highly reliable portable Internet connectivity.

IsatHub At-A-Glance Features:
Broadband Internet via WiFi
Voice calling on your smartphone
SMS instant messaging
Use all Apps like email, iMessage

No Cellular Service Required! Global Connectivity Today
The iSavi uses the Inmarsat IsatHub network for global connectivity for any smart device or laptop. Simply point the iSavi toward one of the three satellites using the intuitive pointing lights, and the iSavi connects with the Inmarsat network and starts a Wi-Fi network for your smart devices to connect to. Use all your apps on your smartdevice that connect to the Internet.

iSavi on the IsatHub Network
No Cellular Towers Needed! Broadband Internet, Email, Texting, Phone Service, are all available anywhere you travel. All of your applications installed on your laptop or smart devices may connect at broadband speeds to the Internet. This new ultra-portable satellite technology uses BGAN service create a global WiFi Hotspot from most anywhere on the planet.
IsatHub Network Brochure - Wideye iSavi Brochure

iSavi iSatHub

IsatHub Video

  IsatHub Network & iSavi Terminal Features
  Broadband Internet - of up to 384 Kbps download, 240 Kbps up, for any connected device.
  Phone - Make or receive phone calls on your smartphone with a new satellite phone number, or use.
      this service for a local number, or to forward your cellphone to this local number.
  Email - Send and receive email with your existing email software.
  Instant Messaging - Use your existing messaging software, such is iMessage, or the built in SMS tool.
   Wi-Fi Hotspot - up to 100' (30 meters) from the device. Connect from inside a building.
Lightweight - The iSavi terminal weighs 1.9 lbs (850 grams).
Ultra-Portable - The iSavi physical dimension are 7.1" x 6.7" x 1.2" inches (179 x 170 x 30 mm).
Global Coverage (except the extreme polar regions) - Travel Anywhere- IsatHub Coverage Map
Low Cost Service - Service is less than BGAN rates. IsatHub Plans
  Connect multiple devices to the WiFi Hotspot - No limit to the number of devices that my connect.
  Little or no training needed to operate. Quickstart guide helps first time users.
  IsatHub Voice App - Make and receive calls from anyone (with a new satellite phone number).
  May also make voice calls via VoIP - Call any phone worldwide with applications such as Skype.
  Easy pointing terminal antenna with visual & audible pointing indicators.
  Network availability is 99.9% of the time. Inmarsat reliability!
  Up to 24 hours standby, 2 hours transmit (at max power if transmitting 100% of the time).
  No roaming charges.
  Voicemail, Contact Lists.
  Advanced Screens - Wi-Fi security, MAC address filtering, device passwords, etc.
  Usage Controls - Set the number of Megabytes to be used in any session with Control App.

IsatHub Questions - Answers to the most common Questions for the IsatHub iSavi.

The feature list is long so we recommend reading the IsatHub Documentation for more information.

Internet Connectivity - A Global WiFi Hotspot
Internet speeds with BGAN Internet service offer speeds of up to 384 Kbps down, and 240 Kbps up. Connectivity is via WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and unfortunately there are no LAN ports (Ethernet RJ-45) for a physical direct connection. Connecting your smart device, tablet or laptop is as easy as connecting to any WiFi Hotspot. Multiple authorized devices may connect and share the Hotspot. Estabilishing the Internet connection with the iSavi requires downloading the free IsatHub Control App to your smart device. This App is available from Apple or Google Play.

Voice Calling
IsatHub Voice is another free app available from Apple or Google Play that enables you to use your smart device to make and receive voice calls through iSavi's satellite phone number. Calls made to your satellite phone are free, however the calling party will be paying for making an "international". You have the option of adding a local phone number to your iSavi IsatHub so anyone can call you. You can also forward your cell number to this local number when you know you will be out of cellular coverage. More Info

SMS Texting
Existing SMS texting Apps should operate over the IsatHub connection. SMS Messaging is also available in the IsatHub Voice App using your new satellite phone number. You can send a free SMS message from here to any iSatHub satellite phone phone.

Email - File Attachments
Since all Apps on your smart device will be supported, you don't need to change any settings to check and receive your mail using your mail client app. Send and receive files via attachments. Use Email as you would with any WiFi connection.

iSatHub iSavi Coverage Area - One Plan for Global Access
Inmarsat Coverage Map

The Inmarsat Constellation of Geostationary Satellites
If you are within the colored regions, you have coverage with the iSavi Wireless Satellite Terminal

Service Plans for the iSavi is provided by BGAN
Service for the iSavi uses BGAN service plans. Click here for IsatHub iSavi Service Plans.

 IsatHub iSavi General Specifications
Internet Speed Standard TCP-IP 384 Kbps down, 240 Kbps up
Frequencies Satellite Transmit: 1626.5 – 1660.5 MHz and 1668 – 1675 MHz
Satellite Receive: 1518 – 1559 MHz
GPS Frequency: 1574.42 – 1576.42 MHz
Satellite Phone App Calling via Smartphone App - Standard Circuit Switched PSTN Call (not VoIP).
IsatHub is issued international satellite phone number with (870) country code.
Available free from iTunes and Google Play app stores
Web Interface Type in or the word "isavi" into any connected browser to access iSavi web interface.
Control App Available free from Apple App Store and Google Play Store
Voice App Available free from Apple App Store and Google Play Store
Transmit/Calling Time
2.5 hours using the standard battery (at full transmit power)
Standby Time
24 hours idle standby time - using the standard battery
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with up to 30 meters range (100 feet). Default is 802.11b ...May be changed from iSavi Web Interface.
AC Power
100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz; (comes with international AC adapter kit)
DC Power (vehicle adapter)
Standard Battery is Li-Ion rechargeable with a capacity of 3 Amp Hours.
Optional High Capacity 6Ah Battery will be available
Dimensions L x W x D
7.09" x 6.7" x 1.18" inches (180 x 170 x 30 mm)
Operating Temperature
-20 °C to +55 °C, -4°F to +131°F. Terminal has temperature warning if overheating.
Storage Temperature
(before battery depleted)
1 month: Over 104° F (+40°C)
6 months: Over +95°F (+35°C)
1 year: Between -20 °C to +35 °C, -4°F to +95°F
Terminal Weight 1.98lbs (900g) Total - Transceiver = 1.41lbs (640g) and Battery Pack is .57lbs (260g)
Humidity 95% RH (non-condensing at +40 °C or +104°F)
Ingress Protection IP65 Compliant
Power Adapter 110/230 volts AC, o/p +18V, 65 watt
1.9 lbs (850g)
iSavi iSatHub
Supported Languages
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic
(Quickstart Booklet is written with all 8 languages... Apps may choose from the above languages)
Interface - Device Ports Power Port
USB Mini Port - For use for Firmware Updating only
Security Wi-Fi Password Control - MAC Address Filtering
Firewall pre-set selections - Configured from Web User Interface
Voice Connectivity SIP server using IsatHub App on Smart Devices
Manufacturer The Wideye iSavi manufactured by Addvalue out of Korea
Control App Operating
System Requirements
iOS 6 or higher (on an iPhone 4 or iPad 3 or higher) Android 4.1 or higher.
Compliance FCC, CE, Industry Canada (IC), RoHS2 Compliance, WEEE, CMPCS MOU-ITU Registry, Inmarsat Type Approval, UL/IEC, UN, CE (battery pack safety).

IsatHub - iSavi Documentation

IsatHub Brochure Icon iSavi Brochure iSavi IsatHub Quickstart Guide iSavi IsatHub Users Manual iSavi IsatHub Users Manual iSavi Calibration Guide iSavi IsatHub Users Manual
IsatHub Brochure iSavi Terminal
IsatHub iSavi
Quickstart Guide
IsatHub iSavi
User Manual
and Guide
iSavi Quick-Reference
iSavi Calibration Guide Inmarsat Voicemail
Setup & Accessing

IsatHub iSavi Photos    
Wideye iSavi Oil and Gas   IsatHub being held
The IsatHub iSavi is a lightweight portable satellite terminal for broadband Internet and phone service to your smartphone, as well as any tablet or laptop. Any wireless capable device may connect via up to 30 meters away (100 feet) via 802.11 b/g/n
The Wideye iSavi is quite compact at 6.7" x 7.1" (170 x 179 mm) and weighs just under 2 lbs (900g). The two buttons shown above are for power (left) and audible signal tone (right, for pointing assist while in sunlight).
Wideye iSavi in Hotel   Isavi Battery
The iSavi connects with one of three stationary satellites. So long as there is line-of-sight to a satellite, the terminal may be located indoors pointing out a door or window. Stationary satellites are great for maintaining a connection and avoiding disconnections that are prevalent in moving satellite services such as Iridium. Stationary satellites are good for long phone calls.
The iSavi battery is also the "stand" of the terminal. There is a button on one side that when pressed shows an LED battery level indicator. It is recommend to purchase extra batteries if traveling in no power locations. A foldable solar panel is also a good option.
IsatHub Side View   IsatHub Sim Card Slot
The LEDs on the side of the battery show the power level available. On the far right is the Power Port (covered with rubber cap for recharging the terminal.
Under the other rubber cap on the iSavi antenna, is the Micro SIM card slot. Only IsatHub SIM cards may be used with this terminal. Also shown is the mini USB port, which is only for firmware upgrades only.
IsatHub Battery Removal
  IsatHub Battery Button
The IsatHub battery shown here, may be disconnected with a button push and a simple twist. Extra and extended power batteries will soon be available for those that need longer service times.
  A view of the battery release button.
IsatHub Pointing Indicators
  LED Pointing Lights
On top of the IsatHub iSavi are two indicators that visually display where to point the terminal to find the Inmarsat satellite. These two indicators (elevation and azimuth directions) allow for quick and easy pointing of the terminal by anyone.
In direct sunlight, press the button on the side (next to the LEDs) for the audible tone pointer. Press again to "Register" the iSavi with the IsatHub network.
IsatHub Control App   IsatHub Current Usage
The IsatHub Control App provides real-time feedback of signal strength to help you point the terminal with the highest signal strength possible. This technique is much more accurate than the LED lights on the terminal exterior.
The Main Screen of the IsatHub will show the current usage of the current data session. We do recommend disconnecting the data connection when not in use. Disconnecting data while still being "registered" with the network means that you can still send and receive calls, or send and receive SMS texts.
IsatHub Usage Report   IsatHub Cruise Ship
From any web browser, you may connect to the iSavi web interface and review past usage of the iSavi terminal. Detailed session information helps you track how much data you've used at any time. Click for larger photo
The iSavi terminal has shown to operate on the open ocean as long as the waters are fairly calm and the boat is not turning. A connection from a cruise ship balcony does require line-of-sight to a stationary satellite, so it may require going to a top deck. more
IsatHub Battery Indicator   Isat Hub Elevation Marker
Pressing the small button on the battery displays the power level remaining indicator (3 out of 4 LEDs means the remaining power is at approximated at 75% from fully charged).
On the front of the IsatHub is an elevation indicator, which is not necessary to use, however, the pointing assist screens inside the web interface or control app will show you what elevation to set the stand at (if you are placing iSavi on perfectly level ground).
IsatHub Charge Port   IsatHub Top View
Next to the battery level indicator is the charge port under a weather cap.
  A top view of the Wideye iSavi IsatHub satellite terminal.
iSavi IsatHub Medical Use   Wideye iSavi IsatHub Field Use
The iSavi IsatHub is ultra-portable broadband Internet and Phone.   ...That can be set up in a minute, and connect anyone...anywhere.

Isavi - IsatHub Frequently Asked Questions

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