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Flyaway Toughsat Beauty Shot
Public Safety using Toughsat Flyaway
Flyaway on roof
3-piece Flyaway Toughsat System
Moving the Toughsat Flyaway by one person
Flyaway Tougsaht in the back of an SUV
Quick-Connect Cables to the Flyaway
1.2 Meter Flyaway Satellite System
Roof Rack Flyaway satellite solution
Flyaway Toughsat Rackmount Case
Easy to transport Flyaway in SUV or other vehicle
3-Case Flyaway on ground
Roof Rack VSAT mobile Satellite Dish
Ground Mounted Mobile VSAT
Flyaway fits in most vehicles
More Photos
Toughsat Flyaway Case
A Portable Satellite Internet Hotspot - Worldwide - Photo Gallery
Page updated June 16, 2021

The Toughsat Flyaway VSAT, Ground Control's flagship product, is a complete portable auto-acquire satellite system designed for easy deployment and operation delivering speeds of 20 Megabits per second download by 5 Mbps upload using optimized iDirect satellite Internet services. These mobile systems may be used with any iDirect provider worldwide and there is no required certification to operate... This solution is one-button auto-deploy Internet and & phone connectivity from anywhere.

Please Call or Email for Pricing - Systems In Stock

The Toughsat uses our premium iDirect service or any iDirect provider worldwide.

Ask A Mobile Satellite Expert

Flyaway Toughsat Brochure
Flyaway Brochure


Flyaway Mobile Satellite Dish - Toughsat

A Case-Based Mobile Satellite Internet System

Go where cellular access is spotty, slow or just unavailable...

The portable Flyaway Toughsat mobile satellite system, manufactured by Ground Control, is easily transported and deployed from its wheeled cases by one person for high-speed satellite Internet and phone service from anywhere. Our performance iDirect service delivers broadband satellite Internet speeds of 20 Mbps down (Megabits per second) by 5 Mbps up. And since the system includes an integrated Wi-Fi access point, this portable mobile satellite dish becomes a multi-purpose hotspot and phone connection point in minutes. Our pricing reflects complete ready-to-go systems. Please don't be mislead by less expensive solutions that fail to include routers, radios, or other necessary equipment in their pricing.


Flyaway Toughsat Versatility- Easily mount on ground or roof-rack
Ground Mounting
One Person Setup
Roof Rack
All Rack Types
Trailer Mounting
Any Mobile Surface
Permanent Mount
Requires Fixed Kit

The Toughsat Flyaway Installs Anywhere

Ground Mount - Vehicle Mount - Truck & Trailer Mount - All-In-One Mounting Solution

Our Flyaway Toughsat is more than a traditional flyaway VSAT system, in that it is designed mount in ALL locations that mobile VSAT systems could be mounted, such as on ground, on top of a vehicle, truck, trailer, or even transported in the back of an SUV. The multi-functional stabilization brackets work for both ground mounting and roof-rack "fly-and-drive" mounting... even on rental vehicles. And note this stabilizing bracketing is not required for ground mounting if there is no wind, making setup a breeze in minutes.

Since the Flyaway case is impervious to weather, secure it to any mobile surface such as a flatbed trailer. The case lid can be on or off as desired. The electronics are in their own rolling case and can be safely located and stored. A 50 foot cable run can place the electronics anywhere they are needed and the dish removed from foot traffic.

For semi-permanent installations on top of trucks and trailers, you may purchase the inexpensive mounting plate and affix this plate to any rig. Simply remove the 6 nuts that hold the Toughsat to the Flyaway case, and then fasten it mounting plate on the rig. Use the same cables and rolling rackmount equipment and you've got a fully functional "permanent" roof mounted mobile VSAT.

Total location flexibility - It's a Toughsat... and can be operated by one person with one button connectivity.


One Operator Simplicity - No Certification Required

Once the system is assembled (see video above) operation is as easy as pressing the "Deploy" button. The system will deploy, lock on satellite, and in a few minutes create a Wi-Fi access point for high-speed Internet automatically. It's that simple!

Scratch Resistant 3-Piece Black
Flyaway Toughsat Case Solution
The Flyaway cases are made of lightweight, rot-free, weather resistant materials; the positioner case and the modem case each have integrated dolly systems and are light weight and stackable. See more about the Flyaway cases in the video above.


Complete Ready-To-Go Systems Include:

  • The Toughsat XP .98 or 1.2 meter mobile system inside reinforced case (shippable).
  • The Toughsat TS2 ACU (1 RU) with integrated 4-port wireless router.
  • The iDirect Evolution X7 satellite router for 20 x 5 Mbps speeds.
  • Power conditioner (1 RU) for 8 AC plugs. Flyaway may be powered by small 150 watt inverter.
  • 25' (7.6 m) cable run. Place electronics case at distance from dish. 50' and 100' runs available.
  • The rolling rackmount case (6 RU front 6RU back) for system electronics (shippable).
  • A taller 8RU rolling rackmount case available.
  • There is available space in case for customer electronics such as VPN or video encoder.
  • The .98 or 1.2 meter dish with reinforced, double stitched, heavy-duty shippable bag.
  • Fly-and-drive & ground mount bracketing with dolly in a heavy-duty bag (shipping compliant).
  • Quick-release dish - No tools needed for full assembly (if not using ground mount bracketing).
  • Optional Honda EU1000i ultra-quiet 1000 watt or EU2000i - 2000 watt portable generator.
  • Standard warranty - 1 year parts and on-site labor.
  • Extended 12 & 24 month warranties and lifetime radio electronics warranties available. more

Operational Features

  • Heavy-duty all-weather construction, fully designed and manufactured by Ground Control.
  • Bundled with our performance iDirect service providing 20Mbps x 5Mbps Internet speeds.
  • We offer special service pricing for public safety organizations. SAFECOM compliant.
  • The Flyaway Toughsat may be deployed and operated by anyone with little or no training.
  • Establishes wireless "G" network (100' radius) automatically - extend to 1/2 mile with antenna.
  • Works in extreme environments (rain, hail, hot, cold). The case lid is unaffected by weather.
  • Ideal for VoIP phone service with low latency (500-650ms) iDirect. VoIP phone service.
  • The XP is rated to stream live video at 4000 Kbps CIR 1:1 With our streaming services.
  • SNG rated. Perfect for news stations or live event broadcasters.
  • Excellent back-up Internet for emergency organizational use... activate Internet service anytime.
  • Fly-And-Drive bracketing is universal, even for most vehicle roof racks, including rentals.
  • Setup and operation requires little or no training.
  • Can be moved, setup and operated by one person.
  • 150 watts max draw (90w average). Flyaway may be powered by a $50 vehicle mini-inverter.
  • Works with any country power. US, UK, EU, AU, and Brazil power plugs available.
  • .98m dish will withstand winds speeds of 20 MPH (32kph) without added weight. More Info
  • A powerful 6 watt transmitter (BUC).
  • All system bags/cases are under UPS-FedEx-DHL shipping weight limits.

Ground Control is a Single-Source Provider

We bundle the Toughsat Flyaway system with our performance iDirect service for up to 20MB down and 5MB up speeds. However, the Toughsat is capable of operating with many other Ku-band services offered by other providers. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative regarding your project requirements.

   Ground Control Global iDirect Service Plans - Click On Any Region
   You may also use your own iDirect provider with our mobile systems

North America Central America South America Europe Middle East Africa Asia Australia

iDirect Service Banner
Dual-Matrix Overlay Coverage Map
North America iDirect Plans on G18 and SES2
Ku-Band service for Fixed or Mobile satellite systems
   iDirect North America
  Internet Speeds - Megabits per second Monthly Fee
  iDirect 3GB   3 Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload $399/month
more info
  iDirect MAX 3GB   20 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload $559/month
more info
  iDirect 9GB   3 Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload $599/month
more info
  iDirect MAX 9GB   20 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload $839/month
more info
  VSAT Portal - 24 x 7   Track usage, location, and many other aspects
  of a satellite connection.
Free - more Info
  Phone Service Over Satellite
  1000 free minutes per month (16.6 hours).
  Optimized low-latency crystal clear calling.
$49.95 - more Info
  iDirect Public Safety
   Unlimited Use for Public Safety
  3Mbps download / 1Mbps upload - $279
  or 20 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload - $389
  Includes 10 calendar days unlimited use.
$279 - $389
Other Emergency Plans
  Dual-Matrix Service   Dual-Satellite service with one service plan.   
  Use either satellites anytime with 1 button.
more Info
  Streaming Services
  10 x 4 Mbps Max Speed
  Video Streaming Services with 1:1 CIR
  Used by live news and video broadcasters
Starting at $300
Streaming Info
More iDirect Plan Details for North America or Global Map

Public Safety Plans
Public Safety Satellite Plans - North America
Public Safety organizations have access to special unlimited use satellite services at lower prices for both our fixed and mobile satellite systems. Packages include the Red Phone designed for voice communication when everything else is offline. - more

iDirect Service Banner
Global iDirect Coverage Map
Global Ku-Band for Fixed or Mobile VSAT Satellite Dish Service
iDirect Plansspacer
Transfer Speeds
Down x Up Speeds
Service Monthly Price
U.S. Dollars
Satellite Internet Plans
Dynamic Contention
Unlimited Use Internet
Custom Plans
128 x 128 Kbps Min Speed
4,000 x 1000 Kbps Max Speed

Create any upload and download speed and email us for a quote
Please call or email us for a quote
Standard Phone Service
VoIP Over Satellite
Standard phone service (PSTN / Public Telephone Network) over your satellite connection. Uses any standard corded or cordless phone. Service includes 1000 minutes free each month (16.6 hours).
1000 Free Minutes
More Info
Information on iDirect satellite equipment. And Why Choose Ground Control.
► 1 Static IP included with all accounts. Additional Static IPs are available.
► All plans are for one year term that reverts to month-to-month at the end of the term.
► A typical system in will require 1.2 Meter dish with 6 Watt BUC radio - Varies depending on location.
Mobile dishes on the east side of Africa point very low on the horizon and may have more visual obstacles.
Use your existing iDirect satellite equipment with Ground Control.
► Call for installation availability or become a certified installer online with purchase of system & service.
► Satellite service is ideal when paired with VOIP Phone service - crystal clear calling.
► All speeds are listed in Kilobits per second (Kbps).

  Dual Matrix Service
A Fully Redundant Satellite Infrastructure

Ground Control's two North American teleports service two different high-performance satellites that operate independent of each other. With the Dual Matrix service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at any time, no matter the plan they subscribe to. more
Dual Satellites
Dual Teleports
Dual Hubs
Dual Networks
Dual Backbones

One Mobile Dish

Flyaway Toughsat Accessories
VoIP over Satellite Service
VoIP Phone & Phone Service
$49 a month for 1000 free minutes each month
Have 1 to 10 phones that work like any phone on any desk. These phones are optimized and preconfigured to plug-and-play with our iDirect service. We offer several phone hardware solutions and service that is just $49 per month per phone line.
More information on VoIP Phone Service from Ground Control.
Red Phone
Red Phone - Critical Voice Communications (North America)
$49 Annually - Includes Phone - Unlimited Voice Minutes
Red Phones are able to stay connected to other Red Phones anywhere in North America during the most sever outage of any kind using the Ground Control Satellite Network. Unlimited talk time and annual $49 fee includes the cost of the phone - more on Red Phones
Long Range WiFi Antenna
WiFi Antenna - 1/2 Mile Range - $299
These high-gain antennas can extend WiFi range of the Flyaway up to 1/2 mile away to any wireless device. The two antennas affix to bulkhead type N connectors that are easily removed for transportation. Twist caps cover the exposed connector during transportation. An excellent addition for any Flyaway case. Larger Picture
1000 Watt Honda EU1000i Generator - $999
Select the portable ultra-quite generator that is housed inside of the generator cabinet on the T-100 trailer. More Information
Quick-Release Dish
Quick Release Dish - Now Standard Equipment
All Flyaway dishes now ship with the no-tools, Quick-Release dish mounting system.
Flyaway Roof Rack
Flyaway Roof-Mounting Bracketing - Now Standard Equipment
All Flyaway systems also ship with roof-rack bracketing to allow the Flyaway to be mounted on top of a vehicle. Excellent for rental vehicles.
Long Range Phone in Flyaway Case
Long Range Cordless Phones In Case - Up to 90 phone supported
$4,595 includes 4 handset phones in 1RU shelf and base station
This rackmount solution places 4 long-range 2-mile cordless phones inside of the Flyaway Case. This system includes the Durafon Pro base station and 4 handset phones and charge cradles - All pre-configured and ready to use with our Flyaway system. May support up to 4 individual phone lines.
Long Range Phone Information

Toughsat Mounting Plate
Permanent Mounting Plate - $300
Permanent Mounting Plate w/ 50' Cabling - Call
Affix this mounting plate to a truck or trailer roof for a permanent mount for the Flyaway system. Simply remove the 6 nuts that hold the Toughsat to the Flyaway case and secure it to the permanent mount. Please contact Ground Control for roof-mount installation, as some installs will want a certified installer since roof penetration is required.
Toughsat Warranty
Extended & Lifetime Warranties
Ground Control offers extended warranties to our Flyaway mobile systems as well as a $25.95/mo lifetime warranty on radio electronics that includes the satellite router, the BUC transmitter, and the LNB. More.

Main Flyaway Case - All Toughsat Systems
The case dimensions of 1.2 m Flyaway are identical to .98 m Flyaway, only the dish itself is larger.
Transmitter (BUC) Size (XP) 6 watts
External Dimensions L x W x H 61.25" x 21.75" x 16" (155.6 x 55.24 x 40.64 cm) - all cases
.98 Meter Weight (loaded) 149 lbs (67.59kg) - Under UPS/FedEx/DHL shipping weight limits
1.2 Meter Weight (loaded) 160 lbs (72.57kg)
Toughsat XP Details Toughsat XP .98 & 1.2 meter mobile satellite system
 Satellite Dish & Bag
.98 Meter Dimensions 39"W x 4"D (99 x 10.16 cm)
.98 Weight (with dish) 26 lbs (11.79 kg)
1.2 Meter Dimensions 48"W x 5"D (122 x 12.7 cm)
1.2 Weight (with dish) 35 lbs (15.88 kg)
Rackmount Electronics Case (6RU front, 6RU Back 19" wide x 19" deep) - 8RU and 10RU cases available
External Dimensions L x W x H 21.75" x 24.75" x 14 (55.24 x 62.86 x 35.56 cm)
Weight (loaded) 33 lbs (14.97 kg)
Rackmount Components
  TS2 ACU 1 RU (Wireless "G" Router AP w/ 100' radius range)
  iDirect Evolution X7 Gateway - Satellite modem 1 RU
  Power Conditioner 1 RU (with 8 AC plugs)
  2.5 RU available space for customer use (6 RU for back rack mounting)
  25' (7.6 meter) cable run. 50' and 100' cable runs optional.
  Power plug types - US (standard). Optional UK, EU, AU, Brazil
Fly-And-Drive Bracketing & Dolly Bag (same for both .98 and 1.2 meter systems)
External Dimensions L x W x H 62" x 8" x 8" (158 x 20 x 20 cm)
Weight (loaded) 28 lbs (13 kg)
pdf icon Toughsat Flyaway Brochure
pdf icon Toughsat XP Brochure and Specifications
TOUGHSAT XP Satellite Dish Specifications - Link to Toughsat XP Page
NETWORK (iDirect Services)
Satellite G-18 max speeds with 6 watt BUC 20 Mbps Download x 5 Mbps Upload
Satellite SES2 max speeds with 6 watt BUC 20 Mbps Download x 5 Mbps Upload
Satellite Gateway iDirect Evolution X7 router
Public IP Address Included
  TOUGHSAT TS2 ACU (Antenna Control Unit)
Type Rackmount 1RU front panel control. 12" depth
Integrated Router Cisco Linksys with 4-port LAN.
Integrated Wireless Access Point 802.11 "G". 100' radius standard
DHCP Wireless and 4 port LAN
Wireless Security WPA (TKIP) WPA2 (AES) + WEP 64 and 128bit
NAT Supported by included router
Firewall Supported by included router
Port Mapping & Port Triggers Supported by included router
QoS, ToS, MAC Address Clone, RIP v1 RIP v2 Supported by included router
Networkable clients machines Unlimited
ACU Power (includes dish, router & Wi-Fi Average 15 watts. Max 40 watts
Reflector Type 1.2 or 0.98 square meter effective area
Mount Geometry 3 axis motor drive (elevation, azimuth & skew)
Deployment Sensors GPS & tilt sensor +- 0.1°
Azimuth 410°
Elevation 165°
Polarization +-95°
Transmit Power 6 watts
Frequency Receive 10.96 - 12.75 GHz
Frequency Send 13.75 - 14.50 GHz
Power 100 to 240 volts AC, 50 to 60 Hz
Power Plug Types Available US (standard). Optional UK, EU, AU, Brazil
Dish Electronics 15 watts average draw. 40 watts Max.
iDirect Router 75 watts average draw.

Flyaway Toughsat Brochure Toughsat Flyaway User Manual
Flyaway Brochure Flyaway User Manual Toughsat XP Brochure TS2 ACU Specifications

Questions? 800-773-7168 (U.S.) | +1-805-783-4600 (int) |


Toughsat Flyaway Photo Gallery

Toughsat at Airport   Toughsat for Radio
The Flyaway Toughsat is often used with emergency services that need a quick and portable auto-pointing VSAT antenna for both high-speed Internet and voice (phone) communications.
Here the Flyaway is being used by a radio station to stream their program from a festival.
Flyaway SUV   Flyaway System
The largest case of the Flyaway system is 62" (155cm) long and can fit in most SUV storage areas. To save space inside, you can also secure the all-weather case to a vehicle roof rack.
The Flyaway establishes a 100 foot radius wireless "G" access point for broadband connectivity to any in-range wireless device including smartphones and wireless computers. The WiFi range can be extended to half-mile with an optional high-gain antenna the we offer for $300.
1.2 Meter MSS Mobile Satellite Dish   1.2 Meter Flyaway Satellite Dish
The 1.2 meter Flyaway Toughsat XP (shown above) fits in the same sized case as the .98 meter. The 1.2 meter dish is 48" inches or 1.22 meters in diameter. The .98 meter dish is 39" inches or .99 meter in diameter. Both dishes have their own bags.
The 1.2 meter satellite dish in the weather resistant, heavy-duty shippable bag (48" diameter) behind the flyaway case. Note the quick-release dolly wheels for easy movement of the case over even or uneven terrain.
TS2 Controller and iDirect X5 Modem   Toughsat Controller Front and Back
The Toughsat TS2 ACU has powerful tools that maintain connectivity. The iDirect Evolution X7 satellite router is now standard equipment. (Rackmount 1 RU bracketing for the X7 iDirect satellite modem is not shown).
The Toughsat TS2 ACU has easy one-button "Deploy" and "Stow" buttons for simple operation. The web Interface also allows the system to be monitored and controlled.
  Fly-And-Drive Mobile VSAT Satellite Dish
The Flyaway is easily setup on the ground in minutes. Often the ground mounting bracketing is not necessary if there is no wind and the surface is even. Power to the Flyaway may be supplied by an optional 1000 or 2000 watt portable Honda generator, or by a 400 watt mini inverter. more on power
The universal fly-and-drive bracketing may mount the flyaway to most roof-racks, including rental vehicles.
The three piece system (4 pieces with fly-and-drive bracketing) is designed to be moved and assembled by one person (the rackmount and VSAT cases have wheels).
Popular with first responders and other emergency agencies, the Flyaway is a portable broadband hotspot that supports VoIP phone services for on-site personal.
The dish bag for the Flyaway has been designed with high strength material for rugged use. It may be easily shipped to any location.
All Flyaway systems come with a quick-release dish that requires no tools for assembly. The quick-release will shave minutes off assembly over the standard 4 bolt dish.
Toughsat Roof Rack  
Here the Flyaway is mounted on top of a Suburban. The Flyaway may be mounted on any kind of roof rack of any vehicle. This solution gives WiFi Hotspot connectivity to any location instantly.
The electronics case is 6RU front & 6RU back (19" by 19" deep). Included are the Toughsat TS2 ACU (1RU x 12" d), the iDirect Evolution X7 (1RU x 12" d), and an 8 AC plug power-conditioner (1RU x 15" d). The cable run length is 25' (7.6 meters). Longer 50' and 100' runs available. There is significant space available for adding additional equipment.
The Toughsat system is designed for extreme weather. Aluminum light weight construction and drain holes allow the case lid to be unaffected by rain. The rackmount electronics case may be sealed (with the lid) for a water resistant wireless "G" access point.
Mobility and flexibility. The waterproof case top and electronics are stored in a SUV's cargo space. The cable to the dish on the roof can be threaded through a slightly open window.
  Flyaway Compare
Operation of the Toughsat for deploy or stow, can either be from a connected computer, or by pressing a button on the front of the ACU. Everything is automatic and there is no configuration required. Here is a view of front and back of Toughsat TS2 ACU.
When compared with other Flyaway solutions, the Ground Control case size makes it a preferred solution because it is easy to move, transport, and operate by one person.
Toughsat Flyaway Power  
Both the Toughsat and the exposed bottom part of the case are designed for extreme environments and travel. Power can be supplied by a small mini-inverter.
The fly-and-drive system is perfect for streaming live video from sporting events. See more on video streaming services from Ground Control
Universal Bracketing   Quick Release Cables
The fly-and-drive bracketing will mount on most kinds of vehicle roof racks of most heights.
The connector block on the Flyaway case is easily accessed. The ACU connector is submarine rated, and all connectors have weather caps when not in use.
1.5 RU Rackmount Shelf with phones   Flyaway on a rooftop
Ground Control offers long-range cordless phones that are able to keep you connected up to 2 miles from the Flyaway case. Each phone handset is issued its own phone number and can place or take calls from anyone, including other handsets. These phones use the Ground Control VoIP phone service.
Since the Flyaway is an auto-acquire satellite dish, it can repoint from anywhere in a few minutes providing emergency backup Internet and phone to organizations from any location. Fixed satellite dishes need to be repointed by a certified satellite installer, which is not normally not quickly available after a hurricane.
Mobile Command Trailer - Toughsat XP    
Combine a Flyaway case with a T-100 self-contained trailer. This is the ultimate in communications flexibility. The T-100 trailer is manufactured by Ground Control. More Info

Our flagship mobile satellite system manufactured and supported by us.
Read more

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