Broadcast Media


Satellite connectivity for Broadcast Media

Ground Control helps Media partners break news first, from anywhere in the world with ubiquitous, satellite solutions.

We supply portable connectivity systems that enable truly mobile news desks, wifi hotspots to support store and forward options and handheld devices to better safeguard reporters.

From large scale media teams, to single freelance reporters, we help the press stay connected with their audiences and the studio.


Portable satellite solutions and secure, global connectivity - keeping your newsdesk connected

Safeguard reporters

Reporters can be exposed to real-life security risks. Promote diligent security practices with lightweight, small sized, tracking and messaging devices.

Keep citizens informed

With increasing competition and demand for real-time news, we keep press teams connected so they can broadcast live, as and when updates break.

Mobile newsdesk

We equip cars, trailers and RVs with portable satellite equipment, enabling rapid deployment and ensuring your team can move with the story.

Enabling satellite news gathering

Helping you stay ahead of the competition

With an increasing demand for real-time news, we help press teams report ahead of their competition, from the heart of the story.

So whether you're covering incidents taking place in remote areas, or after connectivity on-the-move while reporting on wildfires and earthquakes, we can help.