Toughsat Flyaway

Case-Based Mobile Satellite Internet

The portable Toughsat Flyaway mobile satellite system delivers Ground Control’s powerful Toughsat XP satellite solution in an easily transportable solution which can be quickly deployed at any location to provide a robust, high-speed internet and communications solution.

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Key Features

  • Complete, ready-to-go system including all components required for operation
  • Heavy-duty all-weather construction, fully designed and manufactured by Ground Control
  • Establishes a local area wireless network (100-foot radius) automatically
  • No requirement for specialist training to deploy or operate
  • Bundled with our performance iDirect service providing 20Mbps x 5Mbps Internet speeds
  • Service pricing available for Public Safety Organizations. SAFECOM-complaint
  • Works in extreme environments (rain, hail, hot, cold). The case lid is unaffected by weather
  • Ideal for VoIP phone service with low latency (500-650ms) iDirect. VoIP phone service
  • SNG rated to stream live video at guaranteed 4 x 4Mbps with our streaming services. Perfect for news stations or live event broadcasters
  • Excellent back-up Internet for emergency organizational use… activate Internet service anytime
  • Fly-And-Drive bracketing is universal, even for most vehicle roof racks, including rentals
  • 150 watts max draw (90w average). Flyaway may be powered by a $50 vehicle mini-inverter
  • .98m dish will withstand winds speeds of 20 MPH (32kph) without added weight
  • A powerful 6 watt transmitter (BUC)
  • All system bags/cases are under UPS-FedEx-DHL shipping weight limits

Tech Specification

  • Transmitter (BUC) Size (XP): 6 watts
  • Main Case Dimensions (LxWxH): 61.25″ x 21.75″ x 16″ (155.6 x 55.24 x 40.64 cm)
  • Main Case Loaded Weight (0.98 /1.2 m): 149 lbs (67.59kg) / 160 lbs (72.57kg)
  • Dish and Bag Dimensions (0.98 /1.2 m): 39″W x 4″D (99 x 10.16 cm) / 48″W x 5″D (122 x 12.7 cm)
  • Dish and Bag Loaded Weight (0.98 /1.2 m): 26 lbs (11.79 kg) / 35 lbs (15.88 kg)
  • Rackmount Electronics Case Dimensions (LxWxH): (6RU) 21.75″ x 24.75″ x 14 (55.24 x 62.86 x 35.56 cm)
  • Rackmount Electronics Case Loaded Weight: 33 lbs (14.97 kg)
  • Fly-and-Drive Bracket and Dolly Bag Dimensions (LxWxH): 62″ x 8″ x 8″ (158 x 20 x 20 cm)
  • Fly-and-Drive Bracket and Dolly Bag Loaded Weight: 28 lbs (13 kg)


Our Flyaway Toughsat is more than a traditional flyaway VSAT system, in that it is designed mount in ALL locations that mobile VSAT systems could be mounted, such as on ground, on top of a vehicle, truck, trailer, or even transported in the back of an SUV.

The multi-functional stabilization brackets work for both ground mounting and roof-rack “fly-and-drive” mounting… even on rental vehicles. And note this stabilizing bracketing is not required for ground mounting if there is no wind, making setup a breeze in minutes.

Since the Flyaway case is impervious to weather, secure it to any mobile surface such as a flatbed trailer. The case lid can be on or off as desired. The electronics are in their own rolling case and can be safely located and stored. A 50 foot cable run can place the electronics anywhere they are needed and the dish removed from foot traffic.

Installation on Trucks and Trailers

For semi-permanent installations on top of trucks and trailers, you may purchase the inexpensive mounting plate and affix this plate to any rig. Simply remove the 6 nuts that hold the Toughsat to the Flyaway case, and then fasten it mounting plate on the rig. Use the same cables and rolling rackmount equipment and you’ve got a fully functional “permanent” roof mounted mobile VSAT.

Total location flexibility – It’s a Toughsat… and can be operated by one person with one button connectivity.

Toughsat Flyaway Contents

Our complete, ready-to-go system includes:

  • The Toughsat XP .98 or 1.2 meter mobile system inside reinforced case (shippable).
  • The Toughsat TS2 ACU (1 RU) with integrated 4-port wireless router.
  • The iDirect Evolution X7 satellite router for 20 x 5 Mbps speeds.
  • Power conditioner (1 RU) for 8 AC plugs. Flyaway may be powered by small 150 watt inverter.
  • 25′ (7.6 m) cable run. Place electronics case at distance from dish. 50′ and 100′ runs available.
  • The rolling rackmount case (6 RU front 6RU back) for system electronics (shippable).
  • A taller 8RU rolling rackmount case available.
  • There is available space in case for customer electronics such as VPN or video encoder.
  • The .98 or 1.2 meter dish with reinforced, double stitched, heavy-duty shippable bag.
  • Fly-and-drive & ground mount bracketing with dolly in a heavy-duty bag (shipping compliant).
  • Quick-release dish – No tools needed for full assembly (if not using ground mount bracketing).
  • Optional Honda EU1000i ultra-quiet 1000 watt or EU2000i – 2000 watt portable generator.
  • Standard warranty – 1 year parts and on-site labor.
  • Extended 12 & 24 month warranties and lifetime radio electronics warranties available.


download.svgToughsat Flyaway Brochuredownload.svgToughsat Flyaway User Manualdownload.svgTS2 ACU Specifications

Useful Links

Toughsat Flyaway Photo Gallery

1.2m Flyaway Satellite Case
Toughsat Flyaway

Heavy Duty Shippable Bag

The 1.2 meter satellite dish in the weather resistant, heavy-duty shippable bag (48" diameter) behind the flyaway case. Note the quick-release dolly wheels for easy movement of the case over even or uneven terrain.

1.2 meter Flyaway
Toughsat Flyaway

1.2 meter or .98 meter

The 1.2 meter Flyaway Toughsat XP fits in the same sized case as the .98 meter. The 1.2 meter dish is 48" inches or 1.22 meters in diameter. The .98 meter dish is 39" inches or .99 meter in diameter. Both dishes have their own bags.

Fire and rescue emergency communications
Toughsat Flyaway

First Responders

Popular with first responders and other emergency agencies, the Flyaway is a portable broadband hotspot that supports VoIP phone services for on-site personal.

Fly and Drive VSAT
Toughsat Flyaway

Video Streaming

The fly-and-drive system is perfect for streaming live video from sporting events.

Fly and Drive VSAT Power
Toughsat Flyaway

Power Supply

Both the Toughsat and the exposed bottom part of the case are designed for extreme environments and travel. Power can be supplied by a small mini-inverter.

Fly and Drive Rackmount TS2
Toughsat TS2 Controller

No Configuration Required

Operation of the Toughsat for deploy or stow, can either be from a connected computer, or by pressing a button on the front of the ACU. Everything is automatic and there is no configuration required. Here is a view of front and back of Toughsat TS2 ACU.

Fly and Drive VSAT
Toughsat Flyaway

Mobility and Flexibility

The waterproof case top and electronics are stored in a SUV's cargo space. The cable to the dish on the roof can be threaded through a slightly open window.

Flyaway Comparison
Toughsat Flyaway

Much More Portable than Competitor Solutions

When compared with other Flyaway solutions, the Ground Control case size makes it a preferred solution because it is easy to move, transport, and operate by one person.

Flyaway on Ground
Toughsat Flyaway

Power Generation

The Flyaway is easily setup on the ground in minutes. Often the ground mounting bracketing is not necessary if there is no wind and the surface is even. Power to the Flyaway may be supplied by an optional 1000 or 2000 watt portable Honda generator, or by a 400 watt mini inverter.

Flyaway Quick Attach
Toughsat Flyaway

Quick-Release Dish

All Flyaway systems come with a quick-release dish that requires no tools for assembly. The quick-release will shave minutes off assembly over the standard 4 bolt dish.

Flyaway Quick Release Cables
Toughsat Flyaway

Easily Accessed Connector Block

The connector block on the Flyaway case is easily accessed. The ACU connector is submarine rated, and all connectors have weather caps when not in use.

Flyaway supporting radio broadcasts
Toughsat Flyaway

Radio Streaming

Here the Flyaway is being used by a radio station to stream their program from a festival.

Toughsat Flyaway on roof
Toughsat Flyaway

Benefits of Auto-Acquiring Satellite Dishes

Since the Flyaway is an auto-acquire satellite dish, it can repoint from anywhere in a few minutes providing emergency backup Internet and phone to organizations from any location. Fixed satellite dishes need to be repointed by a certified satellite installer, which is not normally not quickly available after a hurricane.

Toughsat Flyaway in Desert
Toughsat Flyaway

Broadband Connectivity

The Flyaway establishes a 100 foot radius wireless "G" access point for broadband connectivity to any in-range wireless device including smartphones and wireless computers. The WiFi range can be extended to half-mile with an optional high-gain antenna the we offer for $300.

Toughsat Flyaway Rackmount
Toughsat Flyaway

Extreme Weather Protection

The Toughsat system is designed for extreme weather. Aluminum light weight construction and drain holes allow the case lid to be unaffected by rain. The rackmount electronics case may be sealed (with the lid) for a water resistant wireless "G" access point.

Toughsat Flyaway in car
Toughsat Flyaway

Easily Transported by Car

The largest case of the Flyaway system is 62" (155cm) long and can fit in most SUV storage areas. To save space inside, you can also secure the all-weather case to a vehicle roof rack.

Toughsat Flyaway at Airport
Toughsat Flyaway

Emergency Services

The Flyaway Toughsat is often used with emergency services that need a quick and portable auto-pointing VSAT antenna for both high-speed Internet and voice (phone) communications.

Toughsat Flyaway Electronics Case
Toughsat Flyaway

Electronics Case

The electronics case is 6RU front & 6RU back (19" by 19" deep). Included are the Toughsat TS2 ACU (1RU x 12" d), the iDirect Evolution X7 (1RU x 12" d), and an 8 AC plug power-conditioner (1RU x 15" d). The cable run length is 25' (7.6 meters). Longer 50' and 100' runs available. There is significant space available for adding additional equipment.

Toughsat Flyaway Shipping Compliant Bag
Toughsat Flyaway Dish Bag

Ruggedized and Ready to Ship

The dish bag for the Flyaway has been designed with high strength material for rugged use. It may be easily shipped to any location.

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