Track, monitor and control all of your BGAN Terminals from any browser

BGAN Remote Terminal Management Portal

$19 per month per terminal + one-time activation fee – more

The BGAN Terminal Management Portal displays real-time information from one or more BGAN terminals in the field. Portal features include:

  • Usage totals in megabytes (updated every 10 minutes).
  • Current GPS location of any terminal on the world map (via Google Maps).
  • Wake-up or sleep any unmanned BGAN terminal.
  • Send SMS commands to any BGAN terminal.
  • Detailed log files of all activity, connectivity, usage, location.

While the portal is useful for single users, it’s ideal for clients with multiple mobile and fixed-location BGAN terminals such as the Hughes 9502. These remote terminals are normally unmanned, so remote monitoring and control is often a necessity.

Network operators can see the entire installed base (worldwide) from one screen and have real-time control over all equipment.


The screen above shows each BGAN SIM card (ICCID), the terminal type (icon), the name given each terminal, the customer number, and the phone number assigned to that terminal. Under ‘Data Sessions’, ‘0’ equals an inactive data session, ‘1’ equals an active data session, and any number greater than ‘1’ shows additional data sessions from other devices connected to that terminal. Also shown is the terminal IP address and the date the terminal was last online.

BGAN Terminal Details

Click on ‘Get Location’ and the portal will show the precise GPS of each of your terminals by superimposing a BGAN icon on the map as well details of that terminal. The left window shows the installed base and the right is for terminal details.



Below, the detail of a BGAN terminal includes GPS latitude and longitude, the signal quality of the BGAN connection (anything under 50 will become unstable), the spot-beam it’s connected under, the uptime of the data session, its IP address (dynamic or static), and the current amount of data transferred (upload/download) of the active data session.



Google Maps is used to show two BGAN 9201 terminals at this Florida location. You may click on any terminal icon to bring up details of that terminal.



Wake-up and Disconnect Options

At any time, you can send a command to wake-up or disconnect a BGAN terminal data session. This screen also gives the choice of what kind of data session to open (Standard IP or streaming). Simply click on the ‘Send’ button to make the change.



You also have the option of waking up devices connected to the BGAN terminal based on if they have a DHCP or static IP (or both).



Action History Overview

Any action that’s taken place for your installed base is recorded and shown on the history screen. You may drill down and select a single terminal for its independent history.



Historical Usage - System Control Messages

From the ‘History’ tab, select ‘System Control Messages’ to show a timeline usage of each session. This is insightful for understanding daily usage patters of BGAN terminals and calibrating them for the most efficient use of the network.



Other Management Functions

There are numerous other functions possible with our management solution, including:

  • Sending SMS message/command to the terminal. (The 9502 has numerous commands such
    as watchdog enable/disable, ping, PDP password settings, etc.) This SMS channel
    guarantees an SMS command is sent, while other providers may lose the message.
  • Get details on each terminal.
  • Wake-up or disconnect devices attached to your BGAN Terminal by ‘All’, ‘DHCP’ or ‘Static.
  • Select a standard IP or select a streaming speed of 32, 64, 128, 256 and 384Kbps speeds.
    (Useful for news organizations or others that require CIR on the data channel.)
  • Load firmware (Hughes 9502 and some other terminals).
  • Start a VNC session (virtual network computing).
  • Reboot the terminal.

Devices That Can Be Managed

Our management service can monitor all BGAN terminals and IsatPhones, including:

Security Considerations

For multi-unit orders, we recommend MPLS private routing. Many will test first using IPSec VPN to one of the Inmarsat satellite access stations in New York, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Italy, Amsterdam, or The Netherlands, and then switch over to MPLS for the duration. We can also issue a unique APN (access point name) that has no ingress to the internet for another layer of network security. More on BGAN M2M Network Security.

Terminal Portal Cost - $19 per Month + Setup Fee

Ground Control charges $19 per month per terminal. There’s a one-time $95 activation fee for one or more terminals per quote.

The portal management service may be activated at any time with any BGAN terminal that has been issued by Ground Control. There are no term limits and you may cancel at any time.