Rent a BGAN Terminal

BGAN Rentals are available for the Explorer 510, MCD-4800, Hughes 9202M, Hughes 9450-C11, Explorer 710, and the Hughes 9211.

Ground Control BGAN service is measured in Megabytes and should not be confused with “BGAN units” (It takes 9.1 BGAN units to equal 1 Megabyte). Should you require a service plan that covers streaming services, please contact us to tailor a plan to fit.

Monthly usage is based from the 1st of the month to the last day of the calendar month.

Plan Name:
100 MB – High Priority Routing
300 MB – High Priority Routing
600 MB – High Priority Routing
1,200 MB – High Priority Routing
1 GB - Consumer Grade
10 GB - Consumer Grade
Unlimited Use - Consumer Grade
Price (USD):
$525.00 + $10 per day
$1,467.00 + $10 per day
$2,820.00 + $10 per day (14 days free)
$5,639.00 + $10 per day (21 days free)
$1,660.00 + $10 per day (5 days free)
$3,269.00 + $10 per day (21 days free)
$4,555.00 (daily rental rate waived)
Inclusive Data (per month):
100 MB
300 MB
600 MB
1,200 MB
1 GB
10 GB
Additional MB Purchase:
$7.00 per MB
$7.00 per MB
$6.00 per MB
$6.00 per MB

BGAN Rental Policies

  • *Inmarsat reserves the right to slow speeds up to 128 Kbps if over 30,000 Megabytes are used in a month.
  • Incoming voice calls are free to subscriber, but the calling party will be charged at their provider’s rates to call to your satellite phone.
  • Phone calls billed $0.99/min to any landline or cellphone worldwide.
  • Analog-based voice calls over BGAN service are billed per minute and do not use available Megabytes, so there is no data usage cost when calling.
  • If you use the BGAN as a WiFi enabler for your smartphone, and make calls over VoIP, you will use your data allowance.
  • SMS texting billed $0.50 per outgoing text; free incoming texts.
  • All rental plans may purchase more Megabytes at listed overage rates, or top up with any plan offered.
  • SIM can be renewed with any plan at any time.
  • There is a late fee of $100-$200 if the terminal is received by Ground Control more than one day late.
  • Unused BGAN service at the end of the rental period is not refundable.
  • BGAN terminals operate in any country with the 4 Inmarsat satellites without any plan changes. No license or certification required.
  • Returned rental equipment must be operational. Renter is responsible for repairs, or for replacing inoperable or lost equipment.
  • Rental days begin on day of shipping and end upon Ground Control receiving the rented equipment.
  • Monthly usage is based from the 1st of the month to the last day of the calendar month.

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