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Oil & Gas - Satellite Communication Solutions
Drilling rigs, oil dereks, open land, open ocean... Industry takes place in locations not often traveled. Ground Control specializes in everything satellite, especially in no telecommunications regions. Our job is to make Internet and phone communication at your job site simple. Equipment we manufacture is one-button easy to operate and requires no user training or certification. Our motto is "We take care of complexities so that you can take care of business". Ground Control has worked with 100s of oil and gas sites throughout North America, and we're expanding a global presence in 2013.

Remote SCADA and M2M Monitoring

Single-Source Satellite Providers
We provide service for all of the equipment we offer, so if and when issues arise, we are your point of contact 24x7. Our various satellite networks support data, voice, video streaming, custom applications, VPN & private networking, and we give you the tools to necessary to monitor your connections and optimize your investment.

Oil & Gas Communications Solutions
Our broad line of fixed, mobile, carry portable and maritime systems satellite solutions are tailored to fit your unique location requirement.

Iridium PTT  
Iridium PTT Push-To-Talk - Global Radios
New technology in 2016! Iridium PTT radios communicate with other PTT phones at the touch of a button ANYWHERE ON THE GLOBE. No infrastructure to build out and service is 100% global. Maintain an instant com-link to a team from anywhere. Iridium PTT phones are also satellite telephones. A great new technology that provides radio service to all dead zones.

Iridium PTT Global Radios

Remote Communications Over Satellite - Hughes 9502 M2M  
Remote Equipment Monitoring & Control
Place Ethernet Ports anywhere on the planet with the Hughes 9502 BGAN satellite terminals. These terminals may run on less than one watt, operate globally in extreme environments, and cost as little as $47 a month for full-time connectivity
. Ideal for SCADA or M2M communication links, or anything that has an Ethernet port.
Link to Hughes 9502 M2M Solution
Other Satellite SCADA / M2M Solutions

Communications Trailers  
Fixed Transportable Motorized Satellite Dish
The SPA 1200 Fixed Location 1.2 meter motorized satellite dish is designed for harsh environments, and removed the need for a certified VSAT installer. Simply drop the SPA anywhere, power it on, and press the deploy button for Auto-Acquire broadband Internet connectivity. Use our VoIP solution for up to 15 standard phone lines.

Communications Trailers  
Communications Trailers
The Toughsat T-100 Communications Trailers will establish up to a half-mile Wi-Fi access point for any in-range device. These trailers are perfect for providing Internet and phone to a community of workers at any location.

Flyaway Toughsat System  
Case Based VSAT System
The "Flyaway" case-based Toughsat is a full size Toughsat .98 or 1.2 meter system that is easily moved and setup on the ground by one person for establishing a Wi-Fi access point. It's small enough to fit in the back of an SUV, or be mounted on top of on a vehicle roof rack.

Toughsat On Trailer  

Mobile Roof Mounted VSAT Solutions
Ground Control has a full line of mobile satellite dishes that can create a high performance, high-speed data connection for broadband Internet and phone to most any location on the globe..

VOIP Phone  
VoIP Phone Service over Satellite
Our iDirect VSAT satellite network is ideal for VoIP phone communication. Talking parties are often unaware they are speaking over a satellite link. We configure and test each phone for plug-and-play simplicity. We offer 1000 minutes (16.6 hours) for $49.95 per month and issue local numbers no matter your location in the globe.

Red Phone Satellite Phone  
Red Phone - Critical Voice Communication
$49 Annually - Includes Phone + Unlimited Calling
Stay connected with any other Red Phone, even during the most severe outages. Red Phones give your organization a critical voice connection no matter where they are located in North America using our satellite technology. Maintain a directory of other Red Phones that are now just a voice call away.

BGAN Pelican Case  
Portable Office - Global Broadband & Phone
Portable BGAN terminals will fit inside of a laptop case and may be operated by anyone for broadband Internet & phone...globally, and with only 1 service plan. The hardened case is excellent for all weather operation in extreme environments.

The MCD-4800 Global Internet  
Auto-Pointing Satellite Internet Case
If you don't wish manually point a satellite terminal, you may simply turn on the MCD-4800 "The Football" under an open sky. One minute later, this watertight case becomes a broadband satellite WiFi Hotspot for any in-range laptop, smartphone or tablet to connect with.

BGAN In-Motion System Link  
In-Motion Broadband Internet & Phone
In-Motion BGAN terminals mount on top of any vehicle roof with rubberized magnetic feet and provide Internet speeds of up to 432 Kbps... along with crystal clear phone communication. These satellite terminals operate on the move, or more often when parked to provide an instant WiFi hotspot, up to 100 meters from the terminal.

BGAN Link Service Banner  
Unlimited Use - BGAN Service
Inmarsat has introduced "BGAN LINK" for organizations that transfer between 2 to 30 Gigabytes of data or more in a month. BGAN Link terminals unlike VSAT dishes, can be installed by anyone, use very low power, don't have rain fade issues, and the service costs compete with VSAT service. It's time to take another look at BGAN for High-Usage locations.


Satellite Phone  
Satellite Phones with Internet
When cellular fails, satellite phones are the traditional fallback solution. Today's satellite phones have evolved to work with your smartphone for texting, email, and low speed Internet such as the new Iridium GO.

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