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  VSAT User Portal - iDirect Service
Real-time and historical reporting of all VSAT satellite systems
Client Login
Ground Control provides online access to your VSAT accounts for a wide array of insightful information that can help you track usage, system locations and troubleshoot issues before they become a problem. Please write for your login credentials into your VSAT portal.

VSAT Portal VSAT Mobile or Fixed Satellite

Portal Features (For both Fixed and Mobile satellite systems on the iDirect platform)
Graphical bar charts that display usage (received / transmitted / combined) over any period of time
bullet Historical usage, broken up into time slices to narrow in on problem high-usage times.
bullet List of satellite modems with online status light - Quick one-button detail view of any system
bullet Detailed single system bandwidth usage reports TCP Rx/Tx, UDB Rx/Tx, Other Rx/Tx
bullet Modem settings - Static IP, Netmask, Usable IP addresses, DHCP enabled/disabled, Max Speeds, CIR...
bullet Current activity - Signal To Noise ratio and bar chart that shows data transfer speeds over last 2 hours
bullet Current location - GPS location shows VSAT location on map (google maps)
bullet Important documents and files download page
bullet Communication Errors - Time stamped LLC and SCPC errors
bullet Connection quality graph - Signal to Noise ratio over the last 2 hours
bullet Power level graph - Shows transmitter and receiver power in dBm over the last 2 hours
bullet Reports - Download daily modem usage or modem usage summery from any time span - All systems - Excel .CSV file
bullet Portal User Profile - Update account settings such as name and password.

Below are some screenshot of the portal:

VSAT Portal - Usage Chart - All Systems

VSAT Portal Documents

iDirect list of available modems

All Modems Map

VSAT Portal - Modem Detail

Overall VSAP Portal Usage

Overall Usage Report 2

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