Fixed Satellite Dish Installation Services

Fixed Satellite Dish-Installation Services

For All Ground Control Satellite Equipment
Ground Control has a worldwide network of certified VSAT installers capable of simple or complex fixed and mobile installations.

Fixed installations are normally performed in a few hours, after a site survey has taken place. A site survey simply confirms that a desired installation location has a line-of-sight to the orbiting satellite. You may use our satellite look angle calculator to find the compass heading and elevation angle from your address (anywhere in the world) to perform your own site survey. Our most common satellite for North America is Galaxy 18, which is the default satellite on the calculator page.

Fixed VSAT installations can include ground system pole mounts, flat and shaped roofs non-penetrating roof mounts, and custom mounting solutions. Please call us to help you decide which installation is most effective for your location.

We have an extensive installation network in the United Stated and Canada.

Online Installation Training and Certification

Ground Control offers online VSAT satellite installation training and certification for $300 and the cost of tools for those purchasing a system. Certification is handy for organizations that wish to have an in-house certified iDirect or Galileo VSAT installer for their fixed or mobile systems.

More information on satellite VSAT installation training.