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Advanced connectivity for Oil & Gas exploration and production

Ground Control delivers remote connectivity solutions to power Oil & Gas IoT applications and support global, off-grid operations.

Delivering all the tools you need, to monitor your assets and optimize operations and your investment. From exploration to flowback testing, and drilling to recovery – we’ve got you covered at every stage of the oil well lifecycle.

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Serving the entire Oil & Gas supply chain

The Oil & Gas industry is in the midst of rapid change. Recent years have seen substantial operational improvements to the field through the collection of data from sensors, data recorders, digital equipment and SCADA control systems. All facilitated by advanced connectivity.

With reliable and timely receipt of critical data from all sites, and the ability to execute commands remotely, companies can increase production and safety, while reducing costs. Maximize equipment uptime with online remote monitoring and diagnostics tools, to diagnose problems before production time is lost, or worse, a breakdown occurs.

24/7 technical support

There’s a role for satellite connectivity throughout the well lifecycle: from exploration to drilling; fracking to flowback well tests; production, artificial lift and enhanced oil recovery. But as remote connectivity becomes increasingly vital, arguably, it also becomes more difficult to manage.

With Ground Control, you gain access to experienced field engineers, and fast and effective technical support on all the equipment we offer, on a 24/7 basis if required.

Ground Control deliver affordable satellite connectivity, providing a competitive advantage to those within the Oil & Gas sector

More reliable data

Enhance operation visibility with reliable, near-real-time data delivered via satellite connectivity. Tracking everything from drill-bit direction, to volume of wellhead, through a vast system of pipelines.

Better safety & security

Promote better field worker and engineer safety, limiting unnecessary travel and manual monitoring. Improve data security via systems with zero reliance on public infrastructure.

Better cost management

Ground Control offers turnkey data management and hardware solutions, to help companies achieve more profitable operations, through the reduction of NPT and waste, and exception reporting.

Reducing data transmission costs

In this on-demand webinar, recorded in October 2021, we look at 5 ways in which optimized connectivity – reckoned to add $250 billion of value to upstream Oil and Gas operations by 2030 – can be achieved.

You’re in safe hands

Ground Control has provided 16 years secure, uninterrupted connectivity to one of our clients maintaining a critical gas pipeline. In this time, despite the company upgrading their hardware regularly, the satellite connectivity has never failed.

Contact us today to book a no pressure discovery call with one of our oil and gas sector specialists, to learn more about the value add of better connectivity.