Short Burst Data Series

Truly Global Coverage

We’ve got you covered with the Ground Control Short Burst Data (SBD) product series. Utilizing the power of an Iridium modem and the Iridium satellite network, we ensure that your data, your assets and of course lives are in safe hands 24/7 anywhere on the earth.

When you send or receive small packets of data (hundreds of bytes) in difficult geographic areas, Iridium SBD may solve your problem. It uses the Iridium satellite network, which has truly global coverage, and provides a vital means of communication for M2M applications.


Flexible Connection Solution

Whether it’s getting data from a wind turbine in the middle of the ocean using the tiny RockBLOCK 9603, or ensuring your crew are safe in a critical aviation situation with the rugged RockAIR, Ground Control products provide the vital connectivity that you need.

Our SBD product series are ideal for remote weather stations, ocean drifters and buoys, monitoring of oil pipelines, controlling and reporting on equipment in the middle of nowhere. For basic telemetry and command/control applications where mobile signals don’t go – they’re ideal.

• Truly global operation, using the Iridium satellite network
• Ideal for M2M Applications
• Small form factor, low power requirements
• Can provide/suggest SBD equipment, or can provide airtime for existing equipment
• Happy to discuss your requirements
• Iridium SBD specialists.


Is SBD right for your project?

We are SBD experts; we've been designing and manufacturing devices that work on this network since 2005, and we're very well placed to help you find the right product and airtime for your requirements.

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