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iDirect Service Brochure
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3-piece Flyaway Toughsat System
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Flyaway fits in most vehicles
Flyaway fits in most vehicles
Flyaway fits in most vehicles
Flyaway Toughsat Beauty Shot

Ground Control has been working with Canadian businesses and organizations for mobile and stationary high-speed commercial grade Internet services since 2002.

Professional Grade Satellite Internet
service from Ground Control where High-Speed Low-Contention Low-Latency Net-Neutral Multi-User Application Friendly highly predictable connections are standard with all plans. Learn why professionals and organizations upgrade their satellite data & phone service with us. more

Introducing Dual Matrix Service

Ground Control is pleased to introduce an industry first with our Dual-Matrix, Dual-Satellite service. One service plan connects with two completely different satellites and satellite networks for numerous benefits such as redundancy or signal obstacle avoidance. Designed for our mobile dishes, one button push is all it takes to select and connect with a different satellite. more

North American Service Plans
Canada Satellite Footprint
AMC 9 Footprint Coverage Area
  Performance Satellite Internet Plans - Canada
North America on Galaxy 18 or AMC 9
Click on maps for more information
  Service Plans - For Mobile or Fixed Dishes Service Speed
Megabits per second
Monthly Price
 > iDirect 3 Gigabyte Service Magnifying Glass
       1 Year Term Includes 3 Gigabytes per month with No FAP
       Includes Dynamic Contention

3 Mbps x 1 Mbps
Usage over 3GB is
$0.19 per MB

 > iDirect 3 Gigabyte MAX Service Magnifying Glass
       1 Year Term Includes 3 Gigabytes per month with No FAP
       Includes Dynamic Contention

5 Mbps x 2 Mbps
Usage over 3GB is
$0.19 per MB

 > iDirect 9 Gigabyte Service Magnifying Glass
       1 Year Term Includes 9 Gigabytes per month with No FAP
       Includes Dynamic Contention

3 Mbps x 1 Mbps
Usage over 9GB is
$0.14 per MB

 > iDirect 9 Gigabyte MAX Service Magnifying Glass
       1 Year Term Includes 9 Gigabytes per month with No FAP
       Includes Dynamic Contention

5 Mbps x 2 Mbps
Usage over 9GB is
$0.14 per MB

 > iDirect 12 Gigabyte Service  Magnifying Glass
       1 Year Term Includes 12 Gigabytes per month with No FAP
       Includes Dynamic Contention

3 Mbps x 1 Mbps
Usage over 12GB is
$0.14 per MB

 > iDirect 12 Gigabyte MAX Service Magnifying Glass
       1 Year Term Includes 12 Gigabytes per month with No FAP
       Includes Dynamic Contention

5 Mbps x 2 Mbps
Usage over 12GB is
$0.14 per MB

 > iDirect 15 GB to 50 GB per Month Magnifying Glass
       1 Year Term for +15 Gigabytes per month with No FAP
       Includes Dynamic Contention

5 Mbps x 2 Mbps
 > iDirect Dedicated Magnifying Glass
       1 Year Term an unshared dedicated connection to
       the Internet or your HQ for a private satellite network.

20 Mbps x 7 Mbps
Unlimited Use


 Satellite Service Plan Add-Ons  
 > Add A Phone & Phone Service Magnifying Glass
       Use a phone over your iDirect satellite connection.
       Works like the phone on any desk. Great calling rates.
Includes 1000 minutes
each month
 > Month-To-Month iDirect Service Magnifying Glass
       Replace the 1 year term with a month-to-month plan.
       Suspend service any month, reactivate any month.

From $590 a month Info
 > Dual-Matrix Dual-Satellite Service Magnifying Glass
       For mobile dishes that require redundancy with 2 sats.
       Works with all iDirect plans in North America.

Add 20%
to Service Cost
 > IP Video Streaming Over Satellite Magnifying Glass
       Video Broadcasters can stream live video up to 4Mbps
       Purchase in 3 and 24 hour blocks anytime.

$1,500 for 3 Hours
at max upload speed
 > Occasional Use CIR Service Magnifying Glass
       On-Demand Full Speed channels for Video Conferencing.
       768 Kbps CIR speeds (in both directions)

$2,925 deposit Info
 > Backup Satellite Service Magnifying Glass
       Used as a secondary failover connection to the Internet
       when a primary data line fails.

Starting at $75 per day
Unlimited Use
 > Citrix Use & Specialty Applications Magnifying Glass
       Ground Control can support a wide variety of applications
       that must work over a satellite connection.

Varies Please Call
 > Add FoIP FAX Line Magnifying Glass
       If you are faxing over satellite, you will want to use the
       FoIP (Fax Over IP) service for an optimized connection.
$189/month Info
 > Advanced Satellite Networking Magnifying Glass
       Leased Line, MPLS, SCPC, Point-To-Point, Hybrid, VPN
       Co-Location, Ground Control supports your requirement.
Varies Info

 Public Safety Plans - Special Pricing for any Public Safety Organizations  
 > iDirect Mobile Emergency Service Magnifying Glass
       10 days unlimited use iDirect Internet service
       Additional unlimited days billed at $59 or $69 per day.

$279/mo for 3 x 1 Mbps
$389/mo for 5 x 2 Mbps
 > Other Emergency Plans Magnifying Glass
       Ground Control offers many other plans for organizations
       that are public safety related.

Varies Info
 > All plans listed are high-performance with dynamic contention. Speed is what we are all about.
 > Optional 1:1 CIR available at any speed with any service plan. Good for VoIP, or other required application.
 > All plans are for one year term (12 months) that converts to month-to-month billing at the end of term.
 > Use your existing satellite equipment with Ground Control.
 > All service goes through our teleports - 24 x 7 monitoring, power backup - multiple fiber paths.
 > 1 Static IP included with all accounts. Additional Static IPs are available.
 > 5 Mbps x 2 Mbps plans require a .98 meter dish or larger with a minimum 6 watt BUC (transmitter).
 > Video streaming over satellite is allowed on all plans.
 > Coverage maps are approximate signal service areas.
 > All speeds listed in Megabits per second (Mb or Mbps) or Kilobits per second (Kb or Kbps).
 > VOIP Service, VPN Service, Private Networking and many other services are available. Please Call.

Afghanistan Satellite VOIP  
VOIP Phones & Phone Service
$49.95/mo - includes 1000 free minutes each month
Super low-latency (500-650 milliseconds) with a "local" number to make and receive crystal clear calls over our iDirect satellite service. more

Questions?  800-773-7168 (U.S.)  |  +1-805-783-4600 (Int) |

  Dual Matrix Service
A Fully Redundant Satellite Infrastructure

Ground Control's two North American teleports service two different high-performance satellites that operate independent of each other. With the Dual Matrix Service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at any time, no matter the plan they subscribe to. more
Dual Satellites
Dual Teleports
Dual Hubs
Dual Networks
Dual Backbones

One Mobile Dish

Ask A Question or Request A Quote


Popular Equipment Solutions

iDirect Satellite Dish Systems - Complete Kits
Our most popular fixed satellite solution uses the Evolution X3 iDirect Gateway connected to our 1.2 Meter satellite dish with a 6 watt BUC (transmitter) on a Non-Penetrating mount.
Evolution X3 Satellite System

This is everything needed to create a working high-speed connection except for the installation that requires a certified installer.

Online Installation Certification - $300 plus toolbag (if tools are not owned)
Avoid the cost of installation by taking our online Installation Training & Certification course. Certified installers can assemble, point, and activate a satellite communication systems with Ground Control. The advantage of being a certified installer is no installation costs, or costly repointing (such as after a storm), or moving of a system to a new location. Please note that certification is offered only to those who are purchasing Ground Control satellite service.

Online Training

Ground Control does require the enrollee to own (or have access to) certain specialized satellite pointing tools. Enrollees may also purchase our certified installer tool bag that includes the tools necessary for satellite system installations.

Apply for the Ground Control Installation Training & Certification Course

Other Popular Satellite Equipment & Services

Motorized satellite dish system
Motorized Fixed Location Dish
Transportable 1.2 or 1.8 Meter Satellite System

This Auto-Acquire satellite dish requires no certified installer and can be moved to any location at any time. One-button operation by unskilled personnel mitigates issues of a dish being knocked offline from wind, or accidental moving. more

Case Based Solution
A Portable .98 or 1.2 Meter Satellite Internet Hotspot

Consider having a portable Case-Based mobile satellite system and store it until you require it. This solution is easily mounted on a roof of a building, or on top of a vehicle roof rack. more
T-100 Communications Trailer
A Mobile - Transportable Hotspot

Ground Control manufactures the Toughsat T-100 Multi-Purpose Satellite Communications Trailer to create a half-mile (.82 Kilometers) wireless access point for any in-range device. An instant communications portal for any location. more

Afghanistan Satellite VOIP  
VOIP Phones & Phone Service
$49.95/mo - includes 1000 free minutes each month
Super low-latency (500-650 milliseconds) with a "local" number to make and receive crystal clear calls over our iDirect satellite service. more

VPN For Satellite Internet  
VPN Virtual Private Networking
If you require a VPN, Ground Control's network will be compatible with many existing VPN solutions. We also sell the Encore series VPN for a cost effective solution. more

BGAN Terminals  
Portable Satellite Internet & Phone - Globally
Prices start at - $1,345 usd
BGAN Terminals are highly portable global broadband Internet devices that also offer standard phone service. Speed of BGAN terminals are up to 492 Kbps download and 448 Kbps upload. Excellent for any laptop or smartphone that need to connect to broadband Internet most anywhere on the planet.
BGAN Portable Terminals & Service

BGAN Link Service  
BGAN Link - Unlimited Internet & Phone
Monthly Unlimited Service
Consider a BGAN terminal for unlimited use for any one fixed location on the planet, including unlimited calling using SKYPE. BGAN Link is advertised as "all you can eat", and while speeds are not as fast as VSAT dishes, these terminals can be installed by anyone and used for most anything.

In-Motion Mobile Terminal  
Moving or Parked Satellite Internet with Wi-Fi
Priced starting at 5,595 usd
In-Motion terminals offer broadband Internet up to 444Kbps and may connect any authorized wireless device up to 200 meters, moving or parked. An excellent Internet hotspot for pubic events, nearby convoy vehicles, campsites, or anything that is within range of the antenna.
In-Motion or Parked Satellite Terminals

BGAN Hardened Case Solution  
Carry Case - BGAN Internet & Phone
Prices starting at $2,723 usd
A BGAN ready-case places a BGAN portable satellite terminal in a hardened all-weather case. Everything is included for creating a mobile office in any location in minutes. BGAN Ready Cases are excellent for backup communication and portability.
BGAN Hardened Cases

Satellite Phones  
Satellite Phones - Data Phone
Prices Starting At Price - $595 usd
Satellite phone may be used by anyone anywhere on the planet are are a reliable way of staying connected when no other means of communication is possible. With the Iridium Axcesspoint personal hotspot, low speed Internet is even available. Ground Control specializes in airtime and Internet service.
Satellite Phones

Remote Unmanned Internet  
Remote Monitoring & Control
Prices Starting At Price - $1,235 usd
Control unmanned equipment for $47 usd a month anywhere on the planet with a Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal. These fixed locations terminals operate on 4 watts of power 24 hours a day, and can relay any information from your equipment over the Inmarsat BGAN network. A Remote Ethernet port for any use.
Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal & BGAN M2M Service

Maritime Satellite Connectivity
Ground Control has a variety of Maritime satellite Internet solutions for both Phone and Internet connectivity. These terminals work globally, are easy to use, and can be operated by anyone.
Link to Maritime Services

The Football Global Hotspot  
MCD-4800 - An Auto-Pointing Hotspot In A Case
Prices Starting At Price - $12,995 usd
Simply place the closed MCD-4800 watertight case under an open sky, and turn it on. In a minute it automatically becomes a broadband satellite connection with a wireless access for any in-range device up to 6 hours on a single charge.
MCD-4800 Information

Questions?  800-773-7168 (U.S.)  |  +1-805-783-4600 (Int) |

  1.2 Meter Dish On Roof  
Flyaway Toughsat
This Ground Control 1.2 Meter satellite dish uses a 6Watt BUC (transmitter) for 5 Megabits per second download speeds by 2 Megabits per second upload speeds in North America. More on Satellite Equipment
Our Flagship Toughsat XP Mobile Satellite system is shown here in the Fly-And-Drive solution for portable High-Speed connectivity on any roof rack. More on Flyaway Toughsat
Flyaway Toughsat In The Desert
Oil & Gas Satellite Dish  
The Flyaway case-based Toughsat mobile satellite system is a portable .98 Meter dish with an integrated wireless "G" access point. The case can fit inside of an SUV or on top of a roof rack. Flyaway Toughsat Info
This 1.8 Meter satellite dish can be located in very remote locations where satellite signal strength may be weaker. More on Satellite Equipment
  1.2 Meter Satellite Dish on Roof Multiple Fiber Paths  
This 1.2 Meter Satellite Dish uses a 6 Watt BUC on a non-penetrating roof mount on a slightly slanted roof. Ground Control has many solutions for your mounting requirements. More on Satellite Equipment
Our North-American teleport (located in Napa Valley, CA) has redundant fiber lines to completely different backbones, protecting against terrestrial failures. More on Ground Control's teleport.
  iDirect Satellite Router Commercial Use of Toughsat  
Ground Control's satellite network uses the performance grade Evolution satellite gateways manufactured by iDirect. More on iDirect Routers
Ground Control can help you create a mobile command post or mobile classroom for broadband connectivity anywhere. - More Info

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