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Auto-Acquire Satellite Internet Terminals
Auto-Acquire satellite terminals operate while a vehicle or vessel is moving. Many however do use these terminals when parked or a port because they do not require any manual pointing after turning on. They connect in short order and all create a long-range WiFi Hotspot for any authorized devices. They are a true no-hassle, use-anywhere, high-speed mobile Internet & phone solution.

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Hughes 9450
Thales MissionLink Satellite Terminal Flat Panel Satellite Internet
Hughes 9450 Series Auto-Acquire BGAN
Hughes offers eight different versions of their popular in-motion BGAN terminals for any moving or parked requirement.


Equipment cost starts at -
Speeds -
Up to 492 Kbps
Wireless Hotspot - Yes
Coverage area - GLOBAL
(except for poles)
Phone - Yes
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MissionLINK Iridium Certus Terminal
100% global Internet & phone with up to 700 Kbps speeds. This product has been released in January 2019 and is reshaping the satellite industry.


Equipment cost -
Internet speeds - Up to 700 Kbps
Wireless Hotspot - Yes
Coverage area - 100% GLOBAL
Phone - Yes with 3 lines
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High-Speed Flat-Panel Satellite Antenna
Ground Control now offers the Kymeta Flat-Panel VSAT solution that blows the speed off of every other in-motion terminal we offer.


Equipment cost -
Please Call
Internet speeds - 2 Mbps x 5 Mbps
Wireless Hotspot - Yes
Coverage area - N America, Europe, Middle East Phone - Yes via VoIP
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MCD-4800 BGAN Terminal
Explorer 323 Link
MCD-4800 Auto-Acquire BGAN
The MCD-4800 BGAN terminal nicknamed "The Football", is an auto-pointing Portable Global Satellite Hotspot for land and sea operation.


Equipment cost -
Speeds -
Up to 464 Kbps
Wireless Hotspot - Yes - 100 meter range
Coverage area - GLOBAL
(except for poles)
Phone - Yes
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MCD-MissionLINK - 100% Global
The ruggedized case-based MissionLINK terminal (manufactured by Ground Control), is a carry-portable global office for Internet & phone.


Equipment cost -
$12,995 - more
Speeds -
Up to 700 Kbps
Wireless Hotspot - Yes with a 300 meter range
Coverage area - 100% of the globe
Phone - Yes - up to 3 phone lines
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Explorer 323
The one-piece low-profile 3.82" high auto-acquire 323 BGAN terminal offers speeds of up to 200 Kbps speeds on Standard or BGAN M2M service.


Equipment cost - $3,495
Speeds -
Up to 200 Kbps
Wireless Hotspot - Yes
Coverage area - GLOBAL
(except for poles)
Phone - Yes
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