Solve Renewable Energy Connectivity Challenges

If you operate wind farms, solar power sites or hydroelectric plants in remote locations, and need a cost-effective, reliable means of extracting sensor data, satellite IoT can help. Ground Control’s affordable, turnkey satellite solutions deliver real-time data with no reliance on cellular or fiber. We can help to bring your critical renewable data home, wherever it is in the world.

We design and build satellite transceivers, and work with multiple satellite operators such as Iridium and Inmarsat to ensure that we can offer you the ideal combination of coverage, latency, cost, interoperability and form factor.


Working with renewable energy providers to enhance data visibility and monitoring through reliable IoT technologies

Total global coverage

Fiber and cellular coverage can be limited. Only satellite has truly global reach, which allows Ground Control to reach your hydroelectric plants, wind farms and remote energy sites with ease.

No need for local infrastructure

Ground Control satellite solutions can be powered by battery or solar energy, so there's no requirement for cables or communication towers to provide quality, reliable service with maximum uptime.

Resilient, reliable technology

Never worry about adverse weather, power outages, natural disasters, or network congestion disrupting your real-time data retrieval. Satellite communications are extremely reliable.

Expert with 20 years experience

Ground Control service 4,500 customers across 120 countries worldwide. With complete satellite connectivity solutions for any renewable, power or energy situation and applications, can help connect your data, assets and people.

Essential satellite solutions for remote renewable operations

BGAN M2M - Cobham Explorer 540

BGAN M2M is an IP-based service so the Explorer 540 is immediately interoperable with many existing infrastructure projects - including wind farms, solar sites and hydroelectric plants. Ideal for permanent installation in remote locations, it will operate on solar power or a battery for years.

Cobham Explorer 540

RockREMOTE Rugged - Industrial IoT Communications

RockREMOTE Rugged is a waterproof, reliable solution for remote IoT challenges. It offers cellular, IP-based and message-based connectivity, providing a highly flexible solution for both legacy and future applications. 100% global coverage.

RockREMOTE Rugged

RockBLOCK - Send and receive messages from anywhere on Earth

Utilizing the Short Burst Data (SBD) element of the Iridium Satellite Network, the RockBLOCK 9603 is at versatile and popular device. It's designed primarily for product developers and system integrators where space inside an enclosures is at a premium.

RockBLOCK 9603

We can help solve your renewable connectivity challenges

When you need accurate data retrieval from remote renewable sites, so you know the output of your wind turbines, hydroelectric plant or solar farms, look no further than Ground Control. At any time of day or night - and from anywhere - achieve 100% reliable connectivity for critical data monitoring. With hybrid cellular and satellite connectivity solutions too, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your communication or connectivity needs, we can help. So get in touch today.